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I LOVE The Turn of the Screw, but it took me a long time to sort out my feelings about it. I first read it in the eighth grade, which was not a particularly good time to be introduced to the concept of unreliable narrators. My teacher at the time also told us that the story either definitively proved that ghosts existed or that that they didn't, which is a rather... lofty goal for fiction. I read it multiple times trying to figure out where the hell the proof was and eventually decided that my teacher was bonkers. I read it again in college and appreciated it a whole lot more. I lean towards the "governess is crazy" theory, myself, but I adore the ambiguity.

I also watched The Innocents around the same time, which had an added freakout benefit for me, as Deborah Kerr looks amazingly like my mom. It's got some interesting precedents for The Others, too.

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