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Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

I do love you. Madly. If I haven't said so before, I...

... oh wait. I did. In fact, I think I have a shrine to your sense of humor around here someplace.


Awww, thanks. :)

(Is the FW virgin sacrifice this Tuesday or next Tuesday? I forget which week we're off.)

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OMG, Achilles/Patroclus: Theirloveissonotfoolinganyone!

I think this is the best one yet. I fangirl you, and offer you the neighbor's my babies.

That is so brilliant. Hahahahahaha! Too funny. Great job.

Hee! I can't wait to see this movie now.



Dude, you HAVE to see it. Sean Bean is one of the best things in it, quite frankly.

You rock, that was great!

HECTOR: *reads the paper, gets a shoeshine*

He really did take his sweet-ass time getting out there to die.

> He really did take his sweet-ass time getting out there to die.

Wouldn't you? :)


so menelaos and agamemnon die at troy???

and paris lives and gets helen??????

to quote agamemnon, OMGWTF?

Pretty much. Unless Paris and Briseis died in a fiery explosion of canon-rape on the way back to the Sekrit Tunnel that we just didn't get to see. I don't know.

yay! that was fun AND saved me [time of the movie minus 15 minutes]

I broke down and read this one, too. Jesus Christ you're funny.

(I actually spoke to Jesus Christ and he totally agrees. He mentioned something about The Passion in fifteen minutes, but I told him that would be in bad taste, and he said, "Yeah, but Mel Gibson? Seriously bugs my ass. And what's up with Mr. Jim 'I Won't Get Naked Ever' Caviziel or however the fuck it's spelled? No sense of humor." That Jesus, he's a card.)

I'm living for the next one. You've created a junkie, I hope you know.


Now I just need to get a paying job doing this.

(Hi, Jesus!)

ahaha, omg, this is totally the best one. *luffs+men*

Aaahh this is like the best one so far, right. I haven't seen Troy, but I really really want to, and want to even more now. SQUEE yeah.

Leave it to you to write the most kick-ass review I have ever stumbled on LiveJournal.

I loved it a lot, and would be glad if you write more like this.

Hee, thanks. This is the fourth one I've written, I think--there's a link at the top of the entry to the other three. I recommend the Van Helsing, myself.

*falls over laughing*

And I haven't even seen this one!

Oh, it was so beautiful. *Wipes tear*

They should have just done it like this. With the hip divot shot.

Hee, awesome. Now I can wait until it hits cable.

Someone called for a copyeditor? *dramatic superhero entrance music*

Your instincts are correct: The rule is: for names ending in S, put 's EXCEPT IF:

a. the S is unpronounced. (Descartes')
b. The S sound is in the form of an "eez" sound (Ganges', Xerxes', Achilles')
c. some other stuff.

Under (b) Achilles' is correct.

See Chacago Manual of Style, Vol. 15, rule 7.20, page 283.

*unfurls cape and flies off*

However, should it be Paris's and Menelaus's? Because Paris' didn't look any more right to me than Achilles's did. (Sigh.)

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I love!

*groans* why do i smell a sequel? the Odyssey T___T
damn i think i'll still end up watching this.

I hope not... since they offed Menelaus they'd have to skip the scene where Telemachus visits the very unhappily reunited Menalaus and Helen ;)

Um, I have one other question, and it's kind of a serious one:

Was the absolutely ridiculous amount of blue in the Trojans' clothing a nod to the fact that they export indigo, or something like that (making it really the only historically accurate fact in the movie), or was it so they would be visually identifiable to the moviegoer?

I haven't read much about the production, so I can hope that it's 1) the indigo, but I can't be sure. I suspect it acted as more of a visual identifier, like you say. Except once the movie kicked into gear it was more like, "Trojans in blue, and everyone else in random shit."

Nice to know that Sean Bean gets to live in this movie. . .

Now I'm just debating whether to go watch the movie or catch it in the second run movie place.


Achilles and Patroclus were only cousins -- right.

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<Nice to know that Sean Bean gets to live in this movie. . .</i>

LOL that's the same thing I said...

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Water, meet screen. I hope you'll get to know each other intimately.

I hate to say this, but when the movie started up with the Sean Bean voiceover--that was my actual first thought. "Yay! It's Boromir! Hi, Boromir!"

*is ashamed*

funniest shit evah.

best two lines?
i think i want some lembas and I DO SOMETHING RIGHT AND PEOPLE STILL YELL AT ME!!!

great job, yo.


Totally agree!! ;D

Hector is whittling a highly symbolic wooden horse for his infant son.

Actually, it was a lion, but it's still symbolic cuz of the whole thing.. you know... Achilles' "There are no pacts between lions and men."


Loved this. A lot. Saw this movie 6 hours ago and thought there were copious amounts of man-kissing. Achilles/Patroclus, Achilles/Odysseus, Achilles/Hector, Achilles/Paris, Hector/Paris... I was having FUN.

Ohhhh... it *was* a lion, wasn't it? I remember the baby chewing on it now. I just got to the part where Odysseus sees some guy whittling a horse and went SYMBOLIC WHITTLING OMG.

Ahahahahahaha! *insert enough ahahaha's to cover 15 minutes*

Wow. Do you have ANY idea how damn funny that is?

I haven't laughed this hard since... well I usually laugh this hard when reading these things you write but....

*wipes away tears*

The ENTIRE time I was watching Troy I was going "I wonder what Cleo will write about this?" I basically busted my ass out to see this before you could write this 15-minute thing. Go me!

I basically busted my ass out to see this before you could write this 15-minute thing.

Awww! Go you! Seriously, two movie weekends in a row is, like, a record for me. You have until my mom drags me to The Day After Tomorrow to rest up. :)

HECTOR: Does it not even bother you that you're killing hundreds of men with wives and families?

ACHILLES: See, that's why it's a good thing that your brother's a total whore.

HECTOR: . . .

OMG! Sooo funny!


Ooo, who's that in the icon?


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