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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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@Tonnerdoll: The Hunger Games Concept Sketches...Check it! What do you think, you all? We can totally do this justice!

@cleolinda: WAIT DOES THAT MEAN THERE WILL BE A KATNISS DOLL? please Santa I have been ever so good

@Tonnerdoll: Cleo, we definitely have The Hunger Games license, so one would hope that Katniss is in the works! ^kv #dollchat

("kv" is Kevin--Tonner Kevin, if you will--who's also @mediasres on Twitter and usually runs the @Tonnerdoll feed. They're pretty dedicated to the whole #dollchat thing--actually, I think the next one is tonight--and talking with collectors, so don't get too impressed with my ~connections.~)

I don't really have anything interesting to say, I just thought this was Relevant to Our Interests.

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That would be great.

I am not usually one to buy $100 dolls, but I might make an exception this once.

Speaking of dolls...

It is largely because of SLoD that I broke down and bought my first Ellowyne for my birthday last month. I love her but now I can sense a deep, money-draining addiction coming on (I have a brunette and now there should be a blonde! And a redhead! And they need pretty clothes! OMG LOOK AT THE CLOTHES THAT THEY AREN'T MAKING ANY MORE EBAY EBAY EBAY). So I don't know whether to thank you or curse you!

(No really, thank you. This doll has made me happier than anything bought for my birthday for the past three years, including a PS3.)

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YOU NEED A KATNISS DOLL!! Legolas and Katniss would totally be hunting buddies.

holy crap this would be AMAZING. i think it would be hilarious to see her react to his dudebro-ness, honestly, lol.

I just wish I dared make another doll order, period. It's not Tonner's fault; it's the fault of the UPS disaster I just went through that took over a month to resolve.

Long story short: I ordered two things (one from Tonner and one from WI, which essentially means it's all from the same place), and they got delivered on the same day to.... somewhere, which was not my address. UPS' records showed it was left at the wrong house number, even though it was right on the shipping confirmation. I had to call them three times before anyone even agreed to start a trace (the first two times it was "call the people who sent it" and UPS did nothing); then there was a series of pleasant but repetitively uninformative calls with customer service. I suspect they tell the receiver less than they tell the shipper, but either way about all I knew was when the investigation was supposed to end. At one point I did speak briefly with the driver, after waiting for five days for him to come back and pick up the tag he'd left on the door and I'd left comments on (to confirm, again, that I hadn't received anything). He told me the address was truncated on the packages, which was still a different number than where they claimed it got left, and they said they were trying to get a hold of the people who got it but "couldn't find a phone number," etc. In the meantime, I kept getting asked until as recently as last Wednesday to confirm whether or not I got the packages. I told them at least seven times, on the phone and in writing, that I didn't. It's December. I made the order in fucking October.

Tonner finally sent out replacements, basically after I told them in a fit of frustration that UPS had asked me (again) if I'd gotten replacements, and at that point the answer was no. They've really been quite nice about everything, but I'm not sure why UPS' investigation has taken so long or why it took so long to get a resolution either which way. It's been a long, painful process, and now I'm feeling gunshy. There's something I really wanted to get from WI's sale that's going on right now. I'm feeling afraid to do it. And I hate that. :\

Edited at 2011-12-14 01:43 am (UTC)

Ugh, I've heard from a lot of people who have had bad experiences with UPS lately.

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Awwww. But YOU have The Laugh. :P *pats you*

He's also a Made of Fail fan from what I've gathered, so bonus!!

I mentioned to them that I think they should make a Lisbeth Salander doll. I'd be alllll up in that.

That's actually how he found me--he was talking to Dayna about Green Lantern and she was like, "Man, there is someone you NEED to talk to..."

The thing is, Tonner as a company is so about "the power of play" that I don't know that they'd take on an R-rated movie (and Dragon Tattoo is a very hard R. I mean, what--"Lisbeth Salander Character Figure in Guardian's Office Rape Outfit"?). I suspect this is the reason they never got the True Blood license, even though people begged them on Facebook for dolls. I think tons of people will do Lisbeth repaints, but I doubt Tonner would actually put out an official doll. Total speculation on my part, though.

I can't even imagine how the Shelfian's are going to react to a Katniss, but it will be epic and beautiful!

Oh, Happy birthday Cleo xxx


I just need them to include a bow and arrows. I need this to live.

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or d-drag queen dressed by bob mackie

Okay, so some of those designs are cool; others are just godawful. Still, the idea of a Katniss doll makes me want to shriek with joy.

...This coming from someone who wasn't remotely interested in dolls until I started reading SLoD.

Hey! I heard it was your birthday! Happy birthday!

(Now, related to actual post: OMG I NEED A KATNISS DOLL IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW. Also how great is that cover of "The Immigrant Song?" Totally listened to it today to pump me up for an exam.)

Thank you!

Yeah, I'd ripped the song from the first trailer and been listening to it since... whenever that trailer came out. I was a bit overexcited about the soundtrack coming out.

BCB Generation FTMFW. Wow.