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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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(Supposedly this will run in front of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but since the trailer wasn't released until today, I DIDN'T GET TO SEE IT, FNARR. You guys, I don't think you know how much I love the first two Alien movies. Particularly the second one. My mother loves them and was trying to get me to watch Aliens when I was like SIX and I kept running away screaming from the mere title sequence, until finally we watched it ALL THE TIMES. So I was afraid this would be some pointless bullshit but it looks badass. Not sure what's going on with Michael Fassblonder there; I think I'm more excited to see Noomi Rapace. Although I can't figure out where Guy Pearce and Patrick Wilson even are.)

(My mother, just now: "I have no idea what I even just saw. PLAY IT AGAIN.")

@Annaleen: Prometheus trailer has me filled with awe and glee. Reminds me of Russian SF movie Solaris for some reason.

@cleolinda: Mine's the USS Everyone Gets Home Safe. RT @scottEweinberg: Prometheus. Icarus. Daedalus. Parsimonious. #badnamesforspaceships

@cleolinda: The No Aliens Allowed. The Nobody Dies. The Sunshine Unicorn. The Punch and Pie. #myscifispaceship

@AnnLarimer: The Cantexplode #myscifispaceship

@millibeau: The Huge Shiny Not Compensating For Anything. #myscifispaceship

@annejumps: The She's Fast Enough For You Old Man #myscifispaceship

@Salome: The "SHE'S A Rebel," AKA The Hated By Fangirls And Fanboys AKA the USS Misogyny Bait #myscifispaceship

@Eviey: The I Swear To Whatever Omnipotent Deity You Believe In If You Give Me Any Lip I Will Turn This Ship Around #myscifispaceship

@cleolinda: The Nobody Goes Outside. The No You Can't Come Back In With Alien On Your Face. The Going Home Right Now. #myscifispaceship

@alliancesjr: The USS Keep It On Lockdown And Tow It Into The Authorities Like We Planned

@alliancesjr: Although on a serious note, I do like how HALO's ship names are poetic. "In Amber Clad" "Pillar of Autumn" "Forward Unto Dawn"

@alliancesjr: Nobody really knows what a pillar of autumn IS, but it's damned poetic nonetheless.

@cleolinda: At least none of them are deeply foreshadowed mythological figures, you know?

@alliancesjr: Agreed. I prefer naming them after prominent historical figures. Like the USS Patrick Henry. #amidoingthisright

@cleolinda: The USS Benedict Arnold. The USS Richard Nixon. The USS Evel Knievel. #amidoingthisright

@alliancesjr: If I get a ship, I'm naming it the "Second Star To The Right."

@alliancesjr: And the next ship in my fleet will be the "No Your Other Right"

Meanwhile I have seen threeeeeee movieeees this week but I am also tired and still trying to write them up. One of them I am just kind of like "Eh, I just really liked the third one better"; another, dreading the wave of "WELL BUT HE'S NO BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH" comments, because, seriously, you guys, they're both no Jeremy Brett so I need you to focus; the other-other is the one I'm writing up at some length. But then I feel bad about not writing up the other two like I didn't like them at all. Also,

@cleolinda: It's a good thing I stayed through the credits, because that way fewer people saw me go down like a sack of potatoes when I missed a step.

I have hurt myself again. I was going down the steps in the dark, you know, between the rows of seats, and SOMEHOW a step just IS NOT THERE, my ankle collapses, and I go down hard on my right knee--the one I twisted a while back. Fortunately, "collapsed" seemed to mean "like a folding chair! look, it's totally okay now!" and I bruised my dignity more than anything. But then I wake up this morning, knowing I'm going to finally feel the damage... and it's my left leg, the one with the foot that stayed on the top step; I must have overstretched the upper thigh muscles. So now I'm hobbling around trying to ice the OTHER damn leg. But I figure that muscle strain is still better than screwing up my joints, so.


I will take two Reese's Treeses and call you in the morning, I guess.

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Watched the original two for the first time back-to-back. Really unfair, in retrospect; they're two absolutely different flicks with different aspirations that just happen to take place in the same universe. But I agree -- Aliens will always have a spot in my upper echelon of cinematic awesome. Holy God did the last half-hour or so of that film just scream on past. Or was that me when Hicks peeked in the ceiling?

And I have no idea what the hell is going on in that trailer, other than OMG SPAEC JOCKIE. Still, Prometheus? I guess Alien Zero and This Will Not End Well were already taken?

This winter has had better trailers than most winters have had movies.

I watched the Prometheus trailer back-to-back with the Alien 1979 teaser and eeeeeeeee I am so excited for this:

(will never get used to Fassblonder though.)

I KNEW those screechy noises sounded familiar... :)

I remember a promo for Alien that was just the egg and nothing else... the crack, the glow, and that was all I needed to know that no, I'm not seeing that anytime soon (I was five or six). Then I saw it when I was twelve and it became one of my favorites of all time...

I am waaaaaay too chicken shit to watch any of the Alien movies. I think it's the Body Horror that does it for me. That and the Gorn are my major squicks. Which is why I avoid most horror movies.

Mom and I are planning epic movie marathons the day after Christmas. We want to see Sherlock for the second time, Alvin and the Chipmunks (yes) and I plan to see Dragon Tattoo while she sees Mission Impossible. I think it's mostly to find something to do on our day off, but also to distract her from the anniversary of my sister's death, so that's good.

I have fond memories of going to the movie theater with my mom and brother to see "The Iron Giant," which was our first trip to the movie theater after my father had died. It was a wonderfully hilarious, sweet little film that took us outside of ourselves for an hour and a half, and it's remained one of my favorite flicks to this day partly because of that. Movies can be truly good at that.

Hope you both get through the day okay. Anniversaries are hard. My condolences.

I think The No You Can't Come Back In With Alien On Your Face is my favorite.

Sorry to hear about your injury! If you can get hold of some arnica gel, it's really good for muscle strain.

OMG. Aliens is one of my all-time favorite movies. I hope they don't make this all about the men. Otherwise, it looks amazing.

I really think the Rapace and Theron characters are supposed to be the main ones. I don't know if the leaked summary I read is legit or not.

I am totally stealing that entire Twitter convo and pasting it into my LJ, because FACEHUGGER.

(No, AutoCorrect, I did not mean to type condo. Seriously.)

ETA: At the moment my ship is The Oh FFS Just Stop And Ask For Directions.

Edited at 2011-12-23 02:05 am (UTC)

A lot of those ship names would fit right in with Iain M. Banks' Culture novels (which I love).

A list of said names includes things like "Poke It With A Stick", "Funny, It Worked Last Time", and "You'll Clean That Up Before You Leave".

Edited at 2011-12-23 02:07 am (UTC)

What, no "Gravitas Rainbow"?

(Deleted comment)
I wasn't wild about it either. I thought it was fine but forgettable, and I never got around to watching the third episode.

(Deleted comment)
Don't forget this other movie, Haywire, which I saw the trailer for in front of two different movies this week. Seriously, there are only movies you have not found him in yet.

(Deleted comment)
In her book The History of Hell, Alice K. Turner drew parallels between Ripley going back to save Newt and "Inanna's Descent into the Underworld" if I remember correctly... describing the Queen Xenomorph as "a monstrous Ereshkigal."

I seem to remember that one of the ships on Star Trek: TNG was the Crazy Horse. And in Starship Troopers there was the Rodger Young...

I have a soft spot for the Alien series entire (yes, even the oddball Alien: Resurrection... otherwise I wouldn't have got the oddly named "Quadrilogy"), but the first is still my favorite of the bunch.

This new trailer gives me a sort of "At the Mountains of Madness" vibe... only in space.

Alien Resurrection does have a certain charm, dosen't it? There's a general feeling of, "Screw it, worst has happened, time to be BADASS" and tounge in cheek humor that's a definite relief after the angst of Alien3.

They had me at "Michael Fassbender" :)

my brother showed me those movies to desensitise me when I was about... maybe 3? and I'm so scarred I still can't watch the trailers without hyperventilating

to desensitize me

Well, that clearly worked.

dreading the wave of "WELL BUT HE'S NO BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH" comments, because, seriously, you guys, they're both no Jeremy Brett so I need you to focus

This'll probably sound odd, but: this made me feel a whole lot better, somehow. I'm a huge (HUGE) fan of the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes films (put it this way: after twenty years of trying to get into the Conan Doyle stories, the first Ritchie film came along and then I finally, FINALLY dived into the original stories, and have since become a big fan of them) -- but I do not have any particular desire to watch the new BBC "Sherlock" series. And this seems to be perceived as a moral failing on my part by many people, because I keep getting informed that I HAVE to watch it, it is so very AWESOME, and while the latter part of that thought process may very well be true, it doesn't really have anything to do with the former, but I am frustrating multiple friends with my lack of interest all the same. But I don't know what to tell them, other than: I'm just not interested; _please_ stop, well, _nagging_ me.

So why does this reassure me? Well, just ... PERSPECTIVE, I guess. I've got my favorite interpretation of Holmes, and my friends have theirs -- but Brett's still THE guy, so let's just call it even, eh?

(... I totally know that's not at ALL what your point was; but this random interpretation on my part is cheering me up, so I hope you don't mind me having it. :D)

OH AND ALSO: I find it reassuring in another way, namely -- everybody always gushes about the Basil Rathbone version of HOlmes, and while I enjoy Rathbone well enough, Nigel Bruce's interpretation of Watson tends to send me up a wall. Watson is very nearly my favorite character in the stories, and seeing a filmed version of Watson in which he's turned into Stupid Watson drives me BANANAS. (This is *not* a slam against Bruce, who was of course just playing the character as written; rather, it's a slam against their insistence in often writing the poor doctor that way.) So seeing someone champion another version as the definitive one makes me sort of happy. ^___^

I actually took home for the holidays a collection of Jeremy Brett DVDs from the library and am about to pop my first one into the DVD player ("The Boscombe Valley Mystery" adaptation, I think, since I just finished reading that story a little while ago), and I am very excited to see this possibly-definitive-to-me-too version of Sherlock Holmes. (And, hopefully, a more intelligent Watson?)

Oh, this and a half! I used to lap up the old movies, but Watson drove me crazy. He was such a total idiot.

I adored the Brett version of Holmes. I was very young when they first aired, and kind of impressionable. I think it was very probably love.

That said, I was pleasantly surprised by the BBC's new version.

I, too, was exposed to Alien and Aliens at a young age (thanks HBO!). Once I could sleep again, I found I really enjoyed them! CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE.