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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Setting the bar

[Image description from my Tumblr: a grassy obstacle course with a set of white bars that dogs are supposed to jump over, because apparently this is something we do. Like, it’s not enough that dogs have to deal with the fact that they’re not cats and therefore have to actually give a fuck about things. OMG BELOVED MASTER YOU WERE GONE FOR FIIIIIIVE MINUUUUUTES I THOUGHT YOU WOULD NEVER COME BACK. And your cat’s like, I hope you brought food, peon. No, we’re going to make them run around and over and through completely random obstacles for our approval, because existential anxiety is the fate of the dog.

But this corgi? This corgi is different. This photo has been taken at just the right split-second moment: right as this corgi sails over the bars, all four stumpy little legs in the air, he raises his right paw to the viewer, looks you in the eye, and winks. Like, the only reason he is not giving you finger guns right now is that he does not have fingers.

Macro text, classic white-with-black-outline Impact font: “sup.” And so I challenge you, in this new year, to make like this corgi and, with smooth joy, not give a fuck. *finger guns*]

S’up, 2012.

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Happy New Year, Cleo. Hope things are smoother sailing for you in 2012.

I'm tempted to make this my background image.

Here's to a better year than 2011, for all of us.

Very well, I shall add Not Giving a Fuck to my new year's resolutions.

Happiest of New Years to you, lady!

LOL, your take on dogs and cats is funny, but sometimes dogs can be like "IF YOU DON'T GIVE ME A TASK I WILL DESTROY THE HOUSE *AND* YOUR SANITY!" so I totally get the mazes and the training. I fortunately have dogs who could give not one iota of fuck about doing tasks, just in us sharing cheese and rubbing bellies. I don't have to do all that training shit. ;D Phantom finger gun puppy is adorable.

May the new year be full of fluffy doggies and happiness, instead of... whatever the hell 2011 was full of.

Like chickadees, I think corgis have developed cuteness as a evolutionary survival mechanism.

'Sup? I love the pic. Some dogs would design those obstacle courses if they could. Corgis, rat terriers and Aussie sheepdogs would be complaining, 'this is too easy, make it harder!'.

And Shelties would be all, "Where are my sheep? We need some sheep in this thing! I HAVE TO HERD SOMETHING, PEOPLE."

My official position on 2012 is thus:
We are scheduled for an apocalypse, so anything that happens has got to be better than that!


I shall finger gun 2012 now. :)

Happy New Year!


Also, my experience is that dogs dig obstacle courses, not least because they involve treats.

Finger guns backatcha, followed by two very sincere thumbs up.

Like, the only reason he is not giving you finger guns right now is that he does not have fingers.
Thank you for continuing to make me laugh. Happy New Year, Cleo.

BWA! Now I'm gonna be finger-gunning all over the place.

And that's because corgis are AWESOME!