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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Mmm, January blarg
msauvage purple
I'm not going to say straight out that I'm going to try to post every single day this year, but I'd like to post more often. And some days, that may involve a single link, if that's all I can manage. We'll call it The Daily Something.

@thehairpin: So, When Exactly Is a Dubstep?

@cleolinda: I still have no idea what a/the/wtf dubstep is, except that people seem to use it as an insult, like "hipster." #getoffmylawn

@cleolinda: omg if Skream's remix of "In for the Kill" is dubstep and I have that, that means that THE DUBSTEP IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE

@cleolinda: Welp, looks like I do, in fact, have a low-grade fever. Off to go lie down. I blame the dubstep.

@iduguphergrave: Little do most people know that dubstep fever is actually a more evolved strain of disco fever. Do not resist.

@Ceilidhann: When they said the rhythm was gonna get you, they weren't kidding.

@cleolinda: #athingthatishappening RT @Ceilidhann: Benefit reading for Twilight the Musical. So... this is a real thing.

@cleolinda: If it includes a rousing rendition of "Love Bites," I will fly up there and see it. #oddsinmyfavor

@cleolinda: That may be the fever talking. Or the dubstep.

@tylizard: I don't know about that but the site says there is a score called "Watch Out For That VAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!"

@Ceilidhann: There better be Spider Man style wire work. And a camp villain number.

@cleolinda: The wire work would still probably be better than the first movie's. I mean, God bless it, but yeah.

@Ceilidhann: Where's Julie Taymor when you need her?

@NoelCT: Just imagine the effect of 20 disco balls and Edward's sequined bodysuit during the big sparkle reveal.

@cleolinda: "And today, in a tragic sparkle explosion on the set of Julie Taymor's Twilight: The Musical..."

SPEAKING OF SPARKLE EXPLOSIONS someone linked me to Nerd Lacquer nail polish on Etsy but only this afternoon did I comprehend that it is BASED IN ALABAMA? Just a glance at the color library indicates there are colors for--what, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who ("No, this product is not bigger on the inside"), Hitchhiker's Guide, Monty Python, Firefly, and--? Not sure what else. The next time I get to treat myself, I'll have to try a blue or something.

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I'm by no means an aficionado of dubstep, but Marquese Scott has some phenomenal dance moves that either are dubstep or are danced to dubstep, like so:

Ha, that is literally the only dubstep thing I have watched.

(Deleted comment)
I'm glad you're posting again!

I still have no idea what the hell dubstep is and why everyone hates it. I read the Wikipedia entry and I watched some dubstep remix of "Pumped Up Kicks" and I still don't get it. WHAT IS IT AND WHY IS IT RUINING MUSIC?

Okay, to be fair, "Pumped Up Kicks" is a pretty messed up song to begin with, if you listen to the lyrics, so distracting you with great dancing seems like a fair compromise. :)

I am all but forced to buy the Mad Man with a Box trio from NerdLacquer now. Thanks for the link to them, Cleo -- they have a lot of lovely polishes.

(Deleted comment)
"Outed by a Probot"

I think that's a reference to the probe droid on Hoth?

Oh, my...my fingers ordered "I Aim to Misbehave" before my higher brain functions kicked in (to be fair, they would have probably done the same thing).

Mine too!!! along with Argentum. I couldn't resist.

"tragic sparkle explosion".

That is all.

You guys! The Twilight: The Musical lyrics are AMAZING! If you've ever wanted to hear Bella Swan whine in harmony, this is apparently the play for you, but Edward's lyrics might literally kill me from laughter.

First I will slaughter all the kids in the front row
Then I will kill her, but my dad can never know
I'll take her arm, I'll take her leg, I'll kill her slow
It will be messy; blood will splatter to and fro.
I'll show you anaphase when I rip you in two
A blood-type taste-test is my favorite kind to do
You've a recessive gene for becoming my food
Time for extinction and the species will be you
It's time to die!

....You're kidding, right? Please tell me these are not actual lyrics.

The Twilight the Musical Bella is actually a decent singer. o.0 Woah.

Dubsteb is a branch off of trance. It's like the lovechild of trance and hiphop beats with a bit of techno flavoring.

I'm not going to say straight out that I'm going to try to post every single day this year, but I'd like to post more often.

This is actually my plan too! Blog More.


I don't really "get" dubstep, and couldn't discern it from a particularly noisy hole in the ground, but so far as I can tell my favored electronica artists (BT, for instance) aren't really known for it so I'm not too worried at the moment.

Now if only someone hadn't introduced me to VNV Nation last month, I might not now be working my way backward through their catalog at an ridiculous pace...

Edited at 2012-01-04 06:15 am (UTC)

Ungggh, dubstep = RAAAGE. My husband loves it, for reasons utterly unfathomable to me, and insists on cranking up the base on his computer's sub-woofers so that my entire house rattles. -_-;

I cannot support the combination of Weeping Angels and daleks with glitter. Or Jayne Cobb and glitter. Or most of the other stuff those polishes are based on and glitter. Seriously, why the glitter obsession.





(Sorry, I ordered two immediately. Because...GLITTER!!!!)

I'm still in love with the Fug Girls' idea of Twilight as an ice show. So perfect!

Hope you feel better soon.