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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Mmm, January blarg
msauvage purple
I'm not going to say straight out that I'm going to try to post every single day this year, but I'd like to post more often. And some days, that may involve a single link, if that's all I can manage. We'll call it The Daily Something.

@thehairpin: So, When Exactly Is a Dubstep?

@cleolinda: I still have no idea what a/the/wtf dubstep is, except that people seem to use it as an insult, like "hipster." #getoffmylawn

@cleolinda: omg if Skream's remix of "In for the Kill" is dubstep and I have that, that means that THE DUBSTEP IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE

@cleolinda: Welp, looks like I do, in fact, have a low-grade fever. Off to go lie down. I blame the dubstep.

@iduguphergrave: Little do most people know that dubstep fever is actually a more evolved strain of disco fever. Do not resist.

@Ceilidhann: When they said the rhythm was gonna get you, they weren't kidding.

@cleolinda: #athingthatishappening RT @Ceilidhann: Benefit reading for Twilight the Musical. So... this is a real thing.

@cleolinda: If it includes a rousing rendition of "Love Bites," I will fly up there and see it. #oddsinmyfavor

@cleolinda: That may be the fever talking. Or the dubstep.

@tylizard: I don't know about that but the site says there is a score called "Watch Out For That VAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!"

@Ceilidhann: There better be Spider Man style wire work. And a camp villain number.

@cleolinda: The wire work would still probably be better than the first movie's. I mean, God bless it, but yeah.

@Ceilidhann: Where's Julie Taymor when you need her?

@NoelCT: Just imagine the effect of 20 disco balls and Edward's sequined bodysuit during the big sparkle reveal.

@cleolinda: "And today, in a tragic sparkle explosion on the set of Julie Taymor's Twilight: The Musical..."

SPEAKING OF SPARKLE EXPLOSIONS someone linked me to Nerd Lacquer nail polish on Etsy but only this afternoon did I comprehend that it is BASED IN ALABAMA? Just a glance at the color library indicates there are colors for--what, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who ("No, this product is not bigger on the inside"), Hitchhiker's Guide, Monty Python, Firefly, and--? Not sure what else. The next time I get to treat myself, I'll have to try a blue or something.

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I'm glad you're posting again!

I still have no idea what the hell dubstep is and why everyone hates it. I read the Wikipedia entry and I watched some dubstep remix of "Pumped Up Kicks" and I still don't get it. WHAT IS IT AND WHY IS IT RUINING MUSIC?

Okay, to be fair, "Pumped Up Kicks" is a pretty messed up song to begin with, if you listen to the lyrics, so distracting you with great dancing seems like a fair compromise. :)

For the longest time, I couldn't tell why the kids with the pumped up kicks had to outrun the BumpIt

It's a veritable '80s exercise program!

Okay..here's my stab at it. Dubstep is electronic dance music. The most notable thing about dubstep is the use of "drops", which are breaks in the music featuring low frequency (bass heavy) electronic sounds. In some ways I feel like dubstep is the love child of 8-bit style electronica and drum and base. Or like a slower, heavier big beat (think Chemical Brothers but heavier and slower).

The "drop" sound is frequently described as being like a deep "wub wub wub wub" and generally it's supposed to sound heavy and aggressive, not light and ethereal like say. I like dubstep, but I recognize it's polarizing. The drive to make every heavier and more impressive sounding "drops" can feel kind of assaultive to many people. Used without taste, some dubstep can feel overly mechanical, lacking in melodic progression, noisy, computer-y. Some find the drop simply breaks songs up in a way that ruins the flow for them (similar to the way some people hate rap interludes in pop songs). Personally, I like dubstep for the contrasting sound textures, I think in some ways it's similar to the quiet/loud/quiet dynamic games some of the better grunge producers played to pep up hard rock in the 90s. I find I often like dubstep remixes of pop and dance songs more than pure, original dubstep compositions, probably because they tend to have better vocals and melodies.

If you read articles about dubstep you'll probably see "Skrillex" the stage name of a guy names Sonny Moore mentioned a lot, he's kind of the poster child for the subgenre right now. He's rather adorably nerdy in most interviews.

Here are 5 dubstep songs I like (of course, this may merely demonstrate to you why dubstep is so hatable, hah.):

1. Robyn remix:


2. Enya remix, I believe?


3. Skrillex. Creepy video, but satisfying I think:


4. Katy Perry remix:


5. Noisses -End Of: I always feel like a great fanvid could be made of this song. Dunno what the source material would be though. Probably an action movie. Or..Xena or Legend of the Seeker or something:


Well, that sure helped me. Thanks!

I will read the dubstep stuff later but OH GOD YOUR ICON IS AWESOME. Now I really want jasmine tea.

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