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The Daily Something
marie sleep
@SmartBitches: For @cleolinda and her dubstep fever, which I think she passed to me today: [ANIMALS TALKING IN ALL CAPS link, yesss]

@SmartBitches: Seriously, @cleolinda, passing on your low grade dubstep fever was TOTALLY UNCOOL. I will have my revenge! After a nap.

@cleolinda: mmcha mmcha mmcha mmcha WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP

@SmartBitches: *whimper whimper CHU CHU CHU*

The Les Miserables movie is getting Amanda Seyfried for Cosette ("In the musical, the character is the daughter of Fantine, who is set to be played by Anne Hathaway") and Taylor Swift has been offered Eponine, to the consternation of all Twitter. "Also already attached to the film are Hugh Jackman (as Jean Valjean), Helena Bonham Carter, Russell Crowe, and Sacha Baron Cohen," and director Tom Hooper wants to film them singing it live, rather than lip-syncing, and all I know about Les Mis is that all the theater kids were obsessed with it and Valjean like steals a loaf of bread or something so Javert chases him endlessly for umpteen thousand years because sometimes justice is not just, so if someone drops that reference I'll get it, and nothing else. Well, a friend of mine used to play "Master of the House" a lot. Wait, I think I remember Claire Danes in a huge bonnet. Okay, I'm reading the summary on Wikipedia now, and I'm getting "French uprising, not the Revolution like I thought; pretty girls suffer." So, what I'm saying is, I should have a blessedly uncomplicated movie experience, free of any previous stagings. Huzzah!

Meanwhile: LITTLE GIRL IN A CROCHETED YODA HAT FOR YOU TO BUY (the hat, not the girl) (I mean, I guess you can make an offer?).

I am tired. *flop*

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Whenever someone asks me what Les Mis is about, I just say "redemption", because mentioning anything more than that requires way too much explanation. It's worse than trying to explain what happens in Breaking Dawn to a Twilight noob.

Well, yes, because things actually HAPPEN in Les Mis.

For the life of me I can't figure out why they're not pulling more from the current Broadway/West End/etc. casts. I mean, I know why they aren't, I just wish they would :C

Also, Taylor Swift, pleaseno

I'm really, *really* leery of the Russell Crowe casting. I mean, he may have had a band...but so did Gerard Butler at one point, I think, and we all saw what happened to the Phantom. Given that at one point, Javert and Valjean must sing in counterpoint to each other - i just don't think he can stand up to Hugh Jackman's stage-born brand of awesome.

And as I have always loved Javert as a character - yeah, Distinctly less than thrilled.

I KNOW RIGHT?? Javert is my favorite in Les Mis and I'm really WORRIED about this. I mean, if Crowe can pull it off I have no problems with it then -- but I worried about whether or not he CAN. And if that one song Javert duets with Valjean (man, I can't think of the title, but you know the one I'm talking about: "ValJEAN, at LAST, we see each other plain ...") gets messed up because Crowe _can't actually sing_, I will cry because it's like my favorite part of the whole musical.

I have wanted a movie version of this play for years, and I'm a bit concerned they're gonna, y'know, blow it.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Taylor Swift's music isn't at all my bag, but whatever. My actual problem is that she can't carry a tune in a bucket. I seriously can't believe her handlers have allowed her to sing live on television on multiple occasions.

At this point I'm excited to see Anne Hathaway as Fantine, but that's about it. Adapting Les Mis into a movie is just a poor idea, anyway. And from what I know of the score (and I am a musical theatre nerd)and looking at this cast list I can only weep along with the Musical Theatre Gods.

Anne Hathaway will be my shining beacon of light in this film. I hope. Maybe Amanda Seyfried as well since she apparently has opera training (but Emmy Rossum of Phantom fame also had "opera training", so...).

Wasn't Seyfried in Mamma Mia? I don't remember her if she was to be perfectly honest. Not that that's a sign she can sing well. To quote my sister, "Well, Pierce Brosnon ~sang~ in Mamma Mia, too. So, there's that."

(Deleted comment)
Yay Amanda Seyfried! She's a terrific actress (I've loved her since Veronica Mars), she can sing, and she's perfect for Cosette. She might actually make me like Cosette a little bit.

Taylor Swift, on the other hand. Why. Just. No.

I'm a pretty massive Les Mis obsesser. This sums up the musical pretty well, IMHO:


TAYLOR SWIFT?!?? As Eponine?? Can Swift act?!? Do we know?? I am totally okay with her being in the movie as long as she can act. I'm just worried she can't, because I've never heard of her doing it before. ARGH.

I still can't get my brain after the idea of Russell Crowe being Javert. I mean I'm sure it will be fine and it is probably even perfect casting; I just _can't get my mind around it_.

However, Aaron Tevit is going to be in it and I love him so that makes up for all KINDS of worries. I am actually getting really excited for this movie ...

"Wait, I think I remember Claire Danes in a huge bonnet."

For some reason, I really, really love this. Maybe because I vaguely remember Claire Danes in a huge bonnet. XD

This cast list is causing me to wail and gnash my teeth. D: My inner theater geek is very, very unhappy.

ok i just checked on youtube, and no, russell crowe cant sing, they will have to really work on him. gravelly which is a great quality for rock, but he's kind of flat.
and i really wanted to defend him.

what I'm saying is, I should have a blessedly uncomplicated movie experience, free of any previous stagings.

I find it genuinely interesting that you want to see the movie without any previous knowledge of the musical--starting with a blank slate.

(Although, I'm chopping at the bit to give you recommendations about how to know the musical better, especially since it's one of those shows that is constantly evolving and hasn't had the same script for the past 25+ years.)

Well, I figure that it'll be a valuable perspective when the movie comes out, if only for being different. You know how people say, "I envy you, I wish I could experience it for the first time again"? That. And I fully expect it probably won't be as good as stage versions, but I can then enjoy those afterwards without them haunting my experience of the movie. There are so many things I do approach as a fan of the original (book, whatever) that it's refreshing not to have adaptation anxiety.

I admit the Schadenfreude part of me finds the Taylor Swift thing amusing. (Guys, they're going to have to reloop all the singing ANYWAY. No sound pickup on a set is THAT good.)

Be happy that Hollywood name requirements let them pull Hugh Jackman out of the hat--at least he can sing in addition to being a 'name.' Remember, it could be Gerard Butler.

(Basically: Valjean steals bread, breaking a window in the process which even today would make it a more serious crime, does his time, then jumps parole. Javert's actually after him on the parole-jumping violation and apparently because he either has nothing better to do for twelve years or his superiors actually think he's an idiot and this is a great way to keep him occupied doing something harmless and away from anything important.)

(Deleted comment)
TAYLOR SWIFT? What the #$%$#%? I'm sorry, there must be about fifty million other people who could sing that part and be better actresses. WHAT. I mean, I know they're trying to pull in the pre-teen crowd or whatever, but holy moly.

all i know about les mis is basically what you've covered already and http://harkavagrant.com/index.php?id=288 but you make me very excited to see it anyway!

I think Les Miz is actually set in or around that time period you said you were having trouble understanding for your Black Ribbon research a little while back. When there was a new government every other week.

Casting-wise, if this were a straight adaptation of the novel, I'd think this was good casting choice. Everyone mostly looks and is capable of acting like I think the characters should look and act. I can even see Taylor Swift as Eponine, looks-wise. But vocals-wise, I don't know. I think Hugh and Anne can pull it off, but I've never heard Russel Crowe sing and Cosette is a very, very operatic part that I don't know if Amanda Seyfried has the voice for that. She has a lovelyvoice, but Cosette is a challenging part. And I don't think Taylor has a chance of pulling it off, and I like Taylor. If I were going to choose a teeny-bopper for Eponine, I think I'd go with Demi Lovato. I think she'd have the pipes and acting skills for it.

You'd think once you had Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe and Anne Hathaway on board and you were adapting the greatest musical ever created that you'd have enough built in mojo to cast some actual Broadway folks for the smaller roles.

And wait, can Eddie Redmayne sing? I have no reference for this.

At least I have certain knowledge that Aaron Tveit has good pipes.

Editing to Add: Despite the above rant, I'm actually fairly excited for this. I am certainly willing to give them to the benefit of the doubt.

Edited at 2012-01-05 08:58 pm (UTC)

*eagerly awaits "Les Miserables in 15 minutes"...*