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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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The Daily Something
marie sleep
@SmartBitches: For @cleolinda and her dubstep fever, which I think she passed to me today: [ANIMALS TALKING IN ALL CAPS link, yesss]

@SmartBitches: Seriously, @cleolinda, passing on your low grade dubstep fever was TOTALLY UNCOOL. I will have my revenge! After a nap.

@cleolinda: mmcha mmcha mmcha mmcha WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP

@SmartBitches: *whimper whimper CHU CHU CHU*

The Les Miserables movie is getting Amanda Seyfried for Cosette ("In the musical, the character is the daughter of Fantine, who is set to be played by Anne Hathaway") and Taylor Swift has been offered Eponine, to the consternation of all Twitter. "Also already attached to the film are Hugh Jackman (as Jean Valjean), Helena Bonham Carter, Russell Crowe, and Sacha Baron Cohen," and director Tom Hooper wants to film them singing it live, rather than lip-syncing, and all I know about Les Mis is that all the theater kids were obsessed with it and Valjean like steals a loaf of bread or something so Javert chases him endlessly for umpteen thousand years because sometimes justice is not just, so if someone drops that reference I'll get it, and nothing else. Well, a friend of mine used to play "Master of the House" a lot. Wait, I think I remember Claire Danes in a huge bonnet. Okay, I'm reading the summary on Wikipedia now, and I'm getting "French uprising, not the Revolution like I thought; pretty girls suffer." So, what I'm saying is, I should have a blessedly uncomplicated movie experience, free of any previous stagings. Huzzah!

Meanwhile: LITTLE GIRL IN A CROCHETED YODA HAT FOR YOU TO BUY (the hat, not the girl) (I mean, I guess you can make an offer?).

I am tired. *flop*

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Wow, that...movie sounds like a hot mess. And I love several (though not all) of those people, but really. I am no big Les Miz fan, but I get the indignation. That's pretty much all you need to know, though. And also there's a saucy little kid who's sort of like a badass French version of Manny from Modern Family, and also Valjean & Javert are super gay for each other. I do recommend the 1935 movie--not a musical, but it's pretty good. And also this.

This sounds like I want to see it.

Can they just recast the movie with NPH and Jason Segel RIGHT DAMN NOW? That's the most flawless video ever made. I've seen it like 90 times.

If there's any slash potential in Les Mis it does not come from Valjean and Javert but from Les Amis, sorry.

Edited at 2012-01-05 03:45 am (UTC)

And if you can hunt down a version of the miniseries with Depardieu and Malkovich, that's the way to go. There's a six hour version in French and a three hour version in English, either one will work.

Oh my yes! Watched that in French class a million years ago, loved it. I really need to get around to reading the original book.

Now, now. There can be slash potential from both sides.:)

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