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The Daily Something: At least we're winning
msauvage purple
Welp, one week into 2012 and already I've blown my perfect LJ attendance. (It was the weekend! I had no concept of space or time! I was on the moon! With Steve!)

Not much to report tonight. I came downstairs and there was food EVERYWHERE. Chicken fries, jalapeño hummus, cheese and those buttery crackers (wait, chicken fries?), strawberries and apple slices and pineapple chunks (like, not fried chicken, fries made out of chicken?), and that was in addition to Actual Dinner. Obviously, this means that some sort of Game must be On. Apparently there is some sort of championship game on tonight, between us and LSU. Something. Is Tebow involved? Tebow's not in college football anymore, I guess. However, birthday and Christmas have allowed me to lay in a stock of purple nail polish, so I will be applying a second coat of Hell to the No in the blessed quiet of the Fortress of Solitude. Which is simply a place in our hearts at the moment, but I do believe I have chosen what I want for my actual secret lair: a DOME HOME.

(I particularly like the white one with the balcony. Y'all come on by, I'll tell the frickin' laser sharks you're coming.)

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ILU for that Eddie Izzard reference. Also, what is this delightful thing called jalapeño hummus and why is it not in my life?

Eddie izzard quote FTW

also, of course a dome home is perfect for you!
it is like a hobbit house but above ground so you can still get your sunshine!

(wait, chicken fries?)

That was my reaction the first time I saw them. I think Burger King invented them. I rapidly decided they were a good idea. CHICKEN FRIES. "Yes, I want fries with my fries. THIS IS AMERICA I CAN DO WHAT I WANT."

Or a Pizzburger (Pizza and burger). I'd have those in heartbeat. It's artery choking delicious.

Will it have a moat for the frickin' laser sharks? Or big aquariums like those ones at the Rainforest Cafe franchise? If you've never been to one, they always have a big arch of aquarium tank separating the restaurant part from the store part, which you have to walk under to get to your table. With fake coral. Quite pretty, but nothing says "Mad Genius" like an arch filled with sharks, their lasers pointing at your visitors, silently judging them. The judgment is always "delicious".

... Why yes, I am putting a bit too much thought into this joke, why do you ask?

Hm, I like this aquarium idea. Moats aren't terribly hygienic, for one.

Put it somewhere where all the visitors have to pass by/under a lot. That way it'll have to be included in the inevitable biopic. Imagine the laser-sharkquarium CGI technology!

I'm not all that into football either. Living in the South that's like a sacrilege or something. I usually just watch the Super Bowl and that's mostly for the commercials. I'm such a girl.

I think a Dome Home would be a nifty idea for a Fortress of Solitude. We had a geodesic dome in our area a ways back. I dunno if it's still there or not. It was too small to make a very good fortress though.

Dome homes would freak me out, I can't stand when the ceiling curves like that over my head.

See, though, I would have a really big one. You'd barely notice the curve.

Chicken fries are a delicious part of a balanced breakfast, and in a pinch you can use them as tiny edible building materials. Then you can pretend you're a really unorthodox Doozer.

. . .Anyway. +5 points for the Eddie Izzard reference.

And my ideal lair would be deep underground, since it would be harder for enemies to infiltrate. And by "enemies" I mean "Mormons and Jehova's Witnessess", and by "infiltrate" I mean "Wake me up at balls-early-o'clock in the morning to sell me on their particular flavor of teh jesus".

Edited at 2012-01-10 04:58 am (UTC)

Those nail polish colors, I want them. I want them and also to buy fancy cheeses. Adulthood is just the land of impossible choices and everything being sad all the time.

I kind of love it when funny people that I like from one part of the internet like other funny people I like from something else. It makes me feel like maybe I too could be a funny person. Also, I had Eddie Izzard on the brain tonight.

I'm not sure this makes sense, but you are full of awesome.

Did Steve tell you that? What's he got to do with it? What kind of rapping name is STEVE?

I brought Flight of the Conchords to your Eddie Izzard party, I hope that's cool.

At a party, I prefer to be upstairs in the room with the coats doing Latin.

Fuck yeah Buckminster Fuller! :D

Your football musings sound like my football musings. I'm usually only vaguely aware of what sports season we're in at any given time and not really sure when one ends or another begins. I suspect I am not one of the cool kids.

You and the frickin' laser sharks have fun, now!

Appropriate icon is appropriate.

I want a Dome Home, too. Or one of those tiny houses with wheels.

I would love a tiny house -- easiest chore list ever -- but I would need another tiny house just for my books. Or possibly I could build a second tiny house OUT of my books.

I could build a tiny house out of my books, too. Seriously.

Plus then we would have to buy more books because all our books would be in the walls.

Of course I'd buy more books for that very reason.

That's a pretty shade of purple. I'm partial to Stop Stocking me, although I think it was a seasonal. Right now I'm waiting for my Star Trek nail polish to arrive from that link you provided earlier this week.

Dome homes are really neat. The girlfriend and I have settled on our dream home: earthbound hobbit hole. It's just going to take some planning to find the right chunk of land, and then figure out how to get the hobbit hole in there. But, we will persevere! I want an earthbound home, probably because I'm already living in the underground basement here.

If you can bare the slightly bad website - http://www.naturalspacesdomes.com/

They have tours of several dome homes in MN in the spring and fall. It is AMAZING. Found the home of my dreams! It was even for sale! Too bad I live in Michigan. :)

My dad built his own dome and lived in it for about 6 years with my mom. Until they had kids. Then they had to tear it down, because it wasn't really... up to code... per se...
But Bucky Fuller is my dad's hero!

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