Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Ohhhh, my head is of the hurt. Whyyyyy? Ow.

Before I go lie down and stew in a bottle of Tylenol, I bring you:

maeritrae's Van Helsing Drinking Game.

From mcee: Deleted scenes from Troy (a link I stole from andrealyn).

Another Troy parody I found wandering around banalando: The Troy Parody to End All Troy Parodies.

Priam: You actually like the girl, right? Because I’m going to be really sore if you don’t.

Paris: Yes…I love her like you love buildings and plant life.

Priam: Oh. Cool! Take this, my wimpier son. You might need it to whoop a bitch ass.

Paris: Whoa. So cool. So SHINY.

Priam: Don’t touch the sharp end.

Paris: I’m not THAT stupid!

Priam: Yes. Yes you are.


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