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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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I don't even know, you guys
pallas cat - *catface*
@mikeryan: At halftime, I hope Madonna plays "Gambler" from the Vision Quest soundtrack. Just that. No explanation.

@cleolinda: How bad is it? I can't find the remote.

@particle_p: @cleolinda OMG EXCELLENT TURN THIS ON. She went with a quasi Roman theme, as kind of an obvious jab at the proceedings. ;-)


@cleolinda: I DON'T KNOW HOW TO TURN ON THE FANCY CABLE!! RT @particle_p: Now she is dancing on a giant boom box with people who look like Ron Jeremy.

@Salome: @cleolinda You also missed where NBC13 temporarily hit their "technical difficulties" button.

@mattchew03: M.I.A. flipping off the camera, in GIF form. http://bit.ly/wRIKV3

(Wait, what the hell else is going on there?)

@marcusgilmer: We can all blame MIA when we're subjected to an Amy Grant halftime show next year.

@DSylvan: Turned on the show just in time to see Madonna doing the Party Rock dance. My brain is leaking out my ears now.

@cleolinda: @DSylvan Oh, so that's why my sister died and ascended into heaven.

@cleolinda: It... kind of looks like a hoedown? RT @sbnation: Madonna shufflin' gif? Yeah, just click it. http://bit.ly/xl0l9d

@Salome: If I see one more tweet saying some variation of "Lady Gaga looks old," I will turn this internet around.

@cleolinda: Oh well. What I'm imagining is probably infinitely more... something.

@particle_p: @cleolinda No, this is a WONDERFUL DISASTER, your imagination is NOT UP TO IT.

@noir_nucifera: @cleolinda CEE-LO IS THERE

@cleolinda: OH FUCK ALL Y'ALL!! WHERE IS MY REMOTE!?! RT @hells_mells: @cleolinda OH MY GOD SHE IS DOING LIKE A PRAYER NOW

@Salome: OMG. OMG shut up. You will all be silent during "Like A Prayer."


@noir_nucifera: @cleolinda @hells_mells He has snatched Madge's vocal wig and is slaying the hell out of "Like A Prayer"

@SmartBitches: RT @blytheaar: Cee Lo looks like he teaches at disco Hogwarts.

@elwhite: @cleolinda OK. She just fell through a trap door?

@hells_mells: @cleolinda She just did the Wicked Witch exit. I have no words.

@jjloa: @cleolinda she ended it with a giant 'world peace' sign, if that makes it feel more ... Something.

@cleolinda: You could tell me literally anything right now about what supposedly just happened and I think I would believe it.

@Queenofthedorks: @cleolinda I dunno are you imaging roman legions, sailor moon, egyptian queens, Ceelo green, a marching band and the cast from sister act?

@cleolinda: See?

@EccentricFlower: @cleolinda She is not making any of that up.

@Salome: That was soooooo cheesy and overwrought...and I looked like this during the whole thing: tinyurl.com/6vqc8qv

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The part where the opening bit reminded the entire internet of Luminosity's vid was the best part.

That half time show was everything I could have wanted and MORE.

Also: Cee Lo looks like he teaches at disco Hogwarts.

LOL FOREVER. I wonder what subject he would teach at disco hogwarts?

I so read that as Cee Lo looks like he teaches disco at Hogwart...

(Deleted comment)
Well, my sister's obsessed with LMFAO and blasted them for about seven hours straight yesterday, so I would have kicked in the TV if I had had it on.



As I said on twitter, no one can ever doubt Cee Lo's commitment to sparkle motion.:)

Cee Lo brings the fabulous sparkle. I puffy heart Cee Lo.

I dunno if I buy that--Katy Perry and Lady Gaga both got famous at around same time, and Katy's early costumes weren't exactly subtle, either. Rihanna started on the crazy-weird costume thing around the time she was doing "Disturbia", which predates Gaga (and some of her costume craziness, like the bedazzled eyepatch she wore to one show, turned out to be ways to hide that her boyfriend was hitting her). And Bey basically started the current round fo the "popstars don't need pants" trend--though her videos certainly got weirder after Gaga.

I didn't expect the first place Super Bowl halftime show videos would show up on my friend list would be here.

ngl I really liked the show. I could take or leave the new single (I like Nicki and M.I.A.'s part the best) but I'm looking forward to the album. And you can never go wrong with Vogue.

Well, it depends. The year they had Prince, I was all in up in that. I like Tom Petty, but he just did a greatest hits show, nothing wonderful batshit insane. Who have they had since, I can't even remember?

If they're going to commit to the whole marching in lock step with improbable costuming thing, I think they could learn some things from the North Koreans.

World Peace through synchronized fascism. With sparkles.

Was that Shera's hat she was wearing in the beginning? I half expected her to scream "Princess of POWWWAHHHH!" What a letdown. :)

It was somewhere in the neighborhood of She-Ra, Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra, and a Valkyrie, I don't even know.

I thought Madonna's headdress at the beginning totally looked She-Ra ish....

I wrote "Hoedown!" on Facebook at that same point in the proceedings. I am honored to have had the same thought as Cleo!!

I'm imagining that Madonna fell through that trap door into a tank of water while Christian Bale tried to break her out. And then she died.

We were glad we didn't skip it!
Man can SING!!

This whole thing was amazing just because of how weird it was, I love it. Also I'm really proud of the fact that they got a bunch of IU and highschool drumline kids for the "marching band", although the percussion was pre-recorded by a drum corps' drumline! (The Cadets)

It was Avon, Center Grove, Franklin Central, and Fishers who were in the HS drumlines. I competed against them in Bands of America. They're good.

My automatic response to the opening was to start singing this in my head.

That Madonna gif is… oddly mesmerizing. Dance, Madonna, dance!