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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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I don't even know, you guys
pallas cat - *catface*
@mikeryan: At halftime, I hope Madonna plays "Gambler" from the Vision Quest soundtrack. Just that. No explanation.

@cleolinda: How bad is it? I can't find the remote.

@particle_p: @cleolinda OMG EXCELLENT TURN THIS ON. She went with a quasi Roman theme, as kind of an obvious jab at the proceedings. ;-)


@cleolinda: I DON'T KNOW HOW TO TURN ON THE FANCY CABLE!! RT @particle_p: Now she is dancing on a giant boom box with people who look like Ron Jeremy.

@Salome: @cleolinda You also missed where NBC13 temporarily hit their "technical difficulties" button.

@mattchew03: M.I.A. flipping off the camera, in GIF form. http://bit.ly/wRIKV3

(Wait, what the hell else is going on there?)

@marcusgilmer: We can all blame MIA when we're subjected to an Amy Grant halftime show next year.

@DSylvan: Turned on the show just in time to see Madonna doing the Party Rock dance. My brain is leaking out my ears now.

@cleolinda: @DSylvan Oh, so that's why my sister died and ascended into heaven.

@cleolinda: It... kind of looks like a hoedown? RT @sbnation: Madonna shufflin' gif? Yeah, just click it. http://bit.ly/xl0l9d

@Salome: If I see one more tweet saying some variation of "Lady Gaga looks old," I will turn this internet around.

@cleolinda: Oh well. What I'm imagining is probably infinitely more... something.

@particle_p: @cleolinda No, this is a WONDERFUL DISASTER, your imagination is NOT UP TO IT.

@noir_nucifera: @cleolinda CEE-LO IS THERE

@cleolinda: OH FUCK ALL Y'ALL!! WHERE IS MY REMOTE!?! RT @hells_mells: @cleolinda OH MY GOD SHE IS DOING LIKE A PRAYER NOW

@Salome: OMG. OMG shut up. You will all be silent during "Like A Prayer."


@noir_nucifera: @cleolinda @hells_mells He has snatched Madge's vocal wig and is slaying the hell out of "Like A Prayer"

@SmartBitches: RT @blytheaar: Cee Lo looks like he teaches at disco Hogwarts.

@elwhite: @cleolinda OK. She just fell through a trap door?

@hells_mells: @cleolinda She just did the Wicked Witch exit. I have no words.

@jjloa: @cleolinda she ended it with a giant 'world peace' sign, if that makes it feel more ... Something.

@cleolinda: You could tell me literally anything right now about what supposedly just happened and I think I would believe it.

@Queenofthedorks: @cleolinda I dunno are you imaging roman legions, sailor moon, egyptian queens, Ceelo green, a marching band and the cast from sister act?

@cleolinda: See?

@EccentricFlower: @cleolinda She is not making any of that up.

@Salome: That was soooooo cheesy and overwrought...and I looked like this during the whole thing: tinyurl.com/6vqc8qv

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My automatic response to the opening was to start singing this in my head.

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