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Vladimir and I are talking on IM. Topic: how Elf stomped both Master and Commander: The Far Side of This Title and Matrix Revolutions this weekend (as I said it would). Problem: ever since the announcement of this movie, I have been able to hear nothing but Depeche Mode's "Master and Servant," which is basically a bouncy little ode to the joys of S&M, playing in my head whenever I see/hear/read anything about this movie. And given that Billy Boyd is in this movie, I am fighting the hobbit imagery as we speak. To the death. And losing.

("Let's play! Master and servant!")

Tried to take a nap this afternoon. Didn't work, despite the fact that I only had two hours of sleep last night. Desperately need to start cleaning off my hard drive (again) because it's crammed within its last 100 mb with movie stills and MP3s. Have a lot to get done for class this week, but it's not as bad as last week. It's more like, "Let's let it build up a couple more hours to really get that panic energy going."
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