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Occupation: Girl

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msauvage purple
BREAKING: Publicist Kristen Foster says singer Whitney Houston has died at age 48.

Oh God, you guys, she still has a remake of Sparkle with Jordin Sparks coming out and I can't find a news channel with any NEWS on!

Okay, MSNBC saw fit to break into Lockup long enough to REPORT SOME DAMN NEWS.

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Everyone has the same AP wire text. DUDE. What HAPPENED?!

I mean sure, I can speculate, but come on!

barely! I ran right over to CNN and all they had was a "breaking news" headline

Who would ever have guessed Bobby would outlive her? So, so sad.


ABC broke in to their coverage and it's all over facebook, but no one has any details yet. Just the announcement and confirmation.

Apparently she was discovered at the Beverly Hilton Hotel by Ray J (Brandy's brother and the costar of Kim Kardashian's sex tape) who she was allegedly seeing.

And now CNN has Dr. Drew on. Lord, why.

Okay, apparently that bit about Ray J is not entirely true? Supposedly the publicist for Whitney found her before Ray J did. Obviously the details are pretty shaky at this moment at time.

I am completely gobsmacked. I mean. WHAT? I know she'd had some really rough patches in the past but I thought she was pretty much over all that.

I feel weirdly heartbroken because "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)" was the first single I ever really liked. I had the tape.

Bye, Whitney. You were enjoyed. :(

I remember watching that video with my mom way back in the day. She was just so happy and vibrant. And the neon!

I feel weirdly heartbroken because "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)" was the first single I ever really liked.

Me too. It was so fun and upbeat, and the video so colourful. I didn't stay a fan, not really, but I always had a soft spot for that song.

This is so surprising and sad! :(

Very sad. Godspeed Whitney.

There were just pictures of her out and about last night. This is so shocking, but weirdly not shocking in a very sad way.

I just keep thinking about the Grammys tomorrow. Lord, no one working on that is sleeping tonight.

You know whoever's in charge of the memorial videos is just shitting themselves.

Im guessing they're going to try an do something bigger than just add her to the video. I dunno if theres enough time for that though.

But I would like to see a tribute song or something maybe.

Edit: according to this: http://www.hypable.com/music/2012/02/11/breaking-singer-whitney-houston-passes-away-at-48/

There is a tribute of some sort happening tomorrow.

Edited at 2012-02-12 06:19 am (UTC)

Sad. What a loss that she never recovered from her demons.

I've literally been in tears over this for the past hour, I did not expect this one coming at all

it's crazy considering how young she is. My mom and I are watching the news on it right now.

What the bloody blithering hell.

What's happening to all the artists?! D:

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