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Grammys discussion post
msauvage purple
I don't generally liveblog music awards, but if y'all want to gather round and talk about it, feel free. I'm sure it'll be... something... given that Whitney Houston passed away last night.

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the Grammys just started with a prayer.

I wow.

Also, what has LL Cool J done lately?

I think he's on that NCIS LA show with Chris O'Donnell.

"Grammy Executive Producer Ken Ehrlich told ABC that, “I think people deserve a second chance, you know. If you’ll note, [Chris Brown] has not been on the Grammys for the past few years and it may have taken us a while to kind of get over the fact that we were the victim of what happened.” "

So I'm gonna just leave that one there as my general opinion to anything even remotely Grammy related. The Grammy's were the victims, guys. Not the woman he beat up. Amount of respect is now nil.

Yeahhhh. I saw that article. My TV is on mute right now.

All I want is a picture of Niki Minaj keeping Taylor Swift warm under her cloak of awesome. I can just imagine her going "Oh, Taylor sweetie, you need to come to the dark side, we have capes"
Then they could become a super hero duo.
I have put entirely too much thought into this in the last few minutes...

See now, with fairy tales being so huge this year, I thought her cloak was maybe a Little Red Riding Hood tribute. I'm not sure what Lady Gaga was thinking with her get-up, but that's normal.

Whose idea was it to pair Rihanna and Coldplay? In what world do their styles of music match up?

They have a song together, so I guess it was their idea.

Rats. I thought you'd be liveblogging tonight.

Re: Grammy Liveblogging

Aw. I really just blog the Globes, the SAGs, and the Oscars, traditionally. I don't keep up with TV or music as closely, so I'm pretty useless otherwise.

for some reason, when they said "joe walsh" i was not expecting Joe Walsh from the fricking eagles. i don't know which other joe walsh i was expecting, but it was a 'woah!' moment.

I read that name and my first thought is actually John Walsh from America's Most Wanted.

two things:

1) did anyone else have flashbacks to Batman Forever when Coldplay performed with all that neon black-light writing?

2) what was the name of the duo that performed right before Taylor? because they have my vote for best performance of the night. i was all, "oh, look, harmonies!"

The Civil Wars. They are awesomeness. :)

I do like Katy Perry's blue crimped hair, and raspberry candy lipstick. And wow Springsteen still can sing!

Was it just me, or did they totally skip Etta and Cornelius in their memoriam thing?

Did I miss it?

After the break LL made a statement about Don Cornelius.

Etta was honored with a song earlier but both seem to have been not in the montage.

Just making sure I didn't miss anything. I know they were both honored separately, but it's weird that they weren't included.

I think they were too soon to put in a montage. If it is the same as the one played in the Oscars, there is a cut off date for when one can get in.

(Deleted comment)
Jennifer Hudson sang "I Will Always Love You" on a near-black stage. But they also folded in the rest of the In Memoriam by putting up photos of all those they were noting as she sang. (They had done a separate In Memoriam segment before this, ending with Whitney. Jennifer Hudson took the stage at the end of that.) It was simple and hard to find fault with, and probably the best choice considering the timing.

I skipped the Grammys in favor of watching the BAFTA awards on BBC America for the first time. I will say I enjoyed it more than the American awards show, it seemed more relaxed.
We need to put in a movement to oust Gervais and bring in Stephen Fry. He has a much better brand of humor.

But the highlight of the night was Meryl Streep loosing a shoe, and Colin Firth giving it back to her.

The Chris Brown thing scared the crap out of me, particularly since THIS exploded afterwards.

I am the Valentine Fairy! You have been Valentined! :D

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