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Heads up

In theory, I will, in fact, be doing an Oscar liveblog in the grand old tradition. I have been having some health problems, though, and since we're talking about blood pressure spikes and dizzy spells, it's a little harder to just shrug it off. Less seriously, I'm mostly in panic mode because we've got a Billy Crystal song/montage/whatever it is he does coming up, and those are hell to recap in progress. ("I can't understand what he's singing! Now he's interacting with footage of a movie I have not seen! Drag, really? OH GOD WHAT IS HE DOING WITH THAT HORSE?!") Anyway. I will do my best.

@fuggirls: PLEASE, Hollywood, stop enabling Sacha Baron Cohen. "The Dictator" looks SO TERRIBLE. OMG. -H #oscars

@StessRingold: @fuggirls @cleolinda Did you see him "accidentally" spill Kim Jong-Il's ashes on Ryan Seacrest? Yeah. Please just stop, you are not funny.

@particle_p: I don't know, ashing Seacrest raises my opinion of Baron Cohen.

@cleolinda: I will say, the bit at the end of the Dictator trailer where he starts shooting the other runners made my mother laugh.

@fuggirls: A Fug National is at the Oscars and apparently E!'s security team is PISSED about the SBC stunt. - J

Oh dear.

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