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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Heads up
yahoo oscars green
In theory, I will, in fact, be doing an Oscar liveblog in the grand old tradition. I have been having some health problems, though, and since we're talking about blood pressure spikes and dizzy spells, it's a little harder to just shrug it off. Less seriously, I'm mostly in panic mode because we've got a Billy Crystal song/montage/whatever it is he does coming up, and those are hell to recap in progress. ("I can't understand what he's singing! Now he's interacting with footage of a movie I have not seen! Drag, really? OH GOD WHAT IS HE DOING WITH THAT HORSE?!") Anyway. I will do my best.

@fuggirls: PLEASE, Hollywood, stop enabling Sacha Baron Cohen. "The Dictator" looks SO TERRIBLE. OMG. -H #oscars

@StessRingold: @fuggirls @cleolinda Did you see him "accidentally" spill Kim Jong-Il's ashes on Ryan Seacrest? Yeah. Please just stop, you are not funny.

@particle_p: I don't know, ashing Seacrest raises my opinion of Baron Cohen.

@cleolinda: I will say, the bit at the end of the Dictator trailer where he starts shooting the other runners made my mother laugh.

@fuggirls: A Fug National is at the Oscars and apparently E!'s security team is PISSED about the SBC stunt. - J

Oh dear.

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Wishing you a quick recovery! No worries about the liveblog, you'll do GREAT. You always do.

Whatever you can manage to recap will be wonderful, I'm sure. Personally, I don't care about the Billy Crystal song/montage/whatever, and I can go to the Fug girls for fashion recaps. I mostly love your snark about stuff like forced presenter banter and funny acceptance speeches and spotlighting of random stars in the audience...

Ugh, I can't believe that SBC stunt, especially after he proved he could do understated and subtle in Hugo. Way to undo all of that.

He was so charming in Hugo. I remember kind of dreading his character when I went to see Hugo, but he ended up being one of my favorite things about the film. IMO, he was on his best behavior because he wanted to impress Scorsese.

Take care of yourself -- we're secondary. But you'll do fine, whatever happens,

Apparently the Cirque du Soleil are supposed to be back...

I might actually watch if that's the case (past couple years I haven't watched but have read your recap stuff)...

Was Hugh Jackman busy?

I'm not sure Hugh Jackman hosting would be the same without Dan Harmon helping to write his songs, and Harmon's pretty busy these days. :P

Cleolinda, I hope you take it easy & not worry too much about blogging -- dizzy spells & blood pressure spikes sound serious.

It's stress-related, so I know why it's happening. Can't really elaborate, but... yeah. All I can really do is be careful.

I love your liveblogs, but I too know how frustrating blood pressure swings and dizziness are (had a flareup of vertigo last week), so I add my voice to the chorus of "feel better FIRST, liveblog if you're up to it." We can always fing to our hearts' contents in the comments ;)

In tangential news, I am watching an online ABC stream that is apparently Turkish. The show itself is in English with no subtitles, but the commercials are in Turkish - and are mostly for other ABC shows, but translated. It's pretty funny.

Correction: it's an NBC Turkey feed that I guess has the rights to show the Oscars? Maybe there's no ABC in Turkey. The shows being advertised during the commercial breaks are a weird mix of American and British shows from a variety of channels. It's like grab-bag television.

Please Welcome! Cleolinda Jones!

Seriously, though, if you aren't up to liveblogging this time, don't stress over it. Hope your blood pressure stops messing around.

hugo just got two oscars in a row...

HP got robbed for art direction. :(

HP won't get anything, either, because I think the only other award it's up for is Visual Effects which they'll give to Rise of the Planet of the Apes as consolation for not nominating Serkis for Best Actor. :/

Please feel better. *gentle hugs and lots of chocolates* I love your liveblog, but if you can't this evening, then you can't.

Hope you feel better.

And also yes- SBC needs to just stop already. Sometimes offensive can be funny, but his brand of it is just awful and he needs to cut it the hell out.

I am actually kind of curious about the reception the SBC's stunt - most of the people who I've seen mentioning it online and on tv in the UK thought it was pretty funny. When I finally got around to seeing it for myself, yeah, it was kind of amusing - the airwaves haven't been so saturated with his latest character yet that it's just annoying.

On the other hand, all of the reaction that I've seen on the other side of the pond seems to be more of the "What the hell?"/unacceptable behaviour/unfunny flavour.

So is it the Oscars as an event where this kind of wacky hijinks is unwelcome or is it SBC generally that has lost the US audience?

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