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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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I should probably say something interesting, but I was having some blood pressure problems on Oscar weekend (stress-related), and then once I got through that, I caught my mother's cold, and then I got over it but she gave it to my stepfather and apparently I caught a completely separate iteration of it from him, because I spontaneously came down with a chest cold, including sore throat and hacking cough, at about 6:38 last night (the friend I was on the phone with can confirm this. "HACK! I think I just swallowed something wrong...? What is thACKHACKHACKHACKHARRRRRFFFFFFF"). My point is: Cinna (who I can't get to embed for the life of me).

Also, Katniss takes on Mugatu, to the shock of Wes Bentley's beard.

So. In conclusion, not doing too well at the moment, but keep on keepin' on. Also, Cinna.

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Yaaaay! Cinna's my favorite character and from the clip I don't think LK is going to disappoint. And the second clip is badass. Yay!

Cinna! *loves* From that clip, it looks like Lenny Kravitz will be perfect. He's got a gentle way about him, and he's gorgeous.

And, yeah, that one guy does look like Mugatu, doesn't he? A HG/Zoolander mashup could very well be the best thing ever. Oh, man. That one'll stick with me.

If it's any consolation (and it's probably not) I caught a cold from the girl I was sharing a room with last month at our Guide leader training weekend. It's not completely gone (yet!) and I still have the cough, which makes telling over excited dogs, Guides and Brownies what to do very tricky. If I have to throw biscuits at the girls (like I do the dogs) to get their attention, so help me I will do it!

CINNA! I'm looking forward to seeing The Hunger Games now.

See, I've had a mild but chronic cough for a while now. Like, a few years. Apparently it's both a possible side effect of Lamictal and anemia (I know I had it before I had the anemia). It's worse now with the chest cold and do not want and so on, but... it's never going to go away, because I always have one. :(

Now that's interesting because I was on Remicade for a while during the Crohns flare and apparently it's the kind of drug that can make old lung problems reappear so there would be lots of questions before every infusion about did anyone in the family have TB or had a cough. So I'm wondering now if this might be a kind of side effect because this cough just won't go away.

Isn't it really really annoying when medication we take to keep us going day to day ends up causing other problems?! Side effects can go to the devil!!


God I hope this movie lives up to my expectations.

I should probably keep those expectations low rather than high, but it's seriously like watching the book as it played out in my head.


The more I see, the less it looks like there's anything screwed up. yay!

Seriously, I just started reading these. And the second scene? Is literally the last part I read.

Ugh, my ancient (8.5 year old) laptop will not play either video. Will have to wait for the BF to get home and unlock his newer computer. I wanna see it!

I really want to read these books, but I'm trying to decide if I want to wait until after I've seen the movies, so that they aren't a disappointment. Movies that I've read the book of first always let me down.

first things first- hope you get better soon

for a minute when I read the title I thought you meant- Hack, as in "my computer got hacked"

the actual "hack" doesnt sound much better choice. have you tried taking spoonfuls of honey? they help with throat issues- if you're congested and phelgm chockedful. and onions and garlic are pretty fantastic in helping with infections, colds, and the stuff.

I admit, I'm nowhere near a fan of these as i am to harry potter, narnia, lotr.... (mainly because they're on such a bleak subject and the last book was even worse than DH on the deaths count)

but the movie is making me ridiculously excited. mainly because everything looks so close to perfect.

(still a itty bitty mad/sad at no madge and no avox, but everything else is So perfect)

i'm beginning to think this will be one of those perfect adaptation movies.

So excited!!


No Avox? I could understand the Madge thing because it works to have that cement the sweetness between Prim and Rue but no Avox? Boooo.


Same here. I liked the first book well enough, never cared to read beyond that. But the movie looks AWESOME.

Sorry you caught the Death Cold of Death there, Cleo. I've been having massive allergy issues thanks to the wonderful yo-yo weather we have down here in Florida.

And thank you for sharing the Hunger Games links of awesome! My dad said he's been reading the books recently and has come to really enjoy them, although he says he doesn't want to seem weird being a man in his 60's enjoying books for teenagers.

And I like the new layout for your Tumblr. I've been trying to find one that I like, but so far haven't. Oh well...

YEAH KATNISS! Also yes- Cinna is amazing. Also, I don't know if I can handle this movie. *cries in corner for many dead fictional children*

I love how 'Hunger Games' is spawning related works. There's a cook book! [just google hunger games cookbook ^_^]. Now one of my science fiction club just published an unofficial guide: 'Katniss the Cat Tail ... an unauthoriZed Guide to the Hunger Games' [by Vallerie Estelle Frankel]. It's self-published, but it looks more 'pro' than the book she did for McFarland Press: 'Buffy & the Heroine's Journey' [which she reported is now out, 2 months early].

I know 'Hunger Games' has a LOT of competition to becoming insanely popular, but with Harry Potter having run its course - and the 'Twilight' series kinda jumping the shark [after turning it into a sparkly shark and giving it furry babies] - I -really- hope the movie does well by the series.


This is one of my favorite unofficial HG items so far. A group of teenagers create their own cornucopia music video and it is adorable in a demented sort of way.

Hey can't wait for The Hunger Games, any chance of deathly hallows in 15 mins?

Cinna is the baddest bitch in town. Lenny Kravitz is perfect.

I'm not trying to get too excited for The Hunger Games, because I have no idea how it's going to translate into a movie. But, the videos I've seen, the official ones anyway, look really ,really

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