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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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I probably need to say some things. I am still very tired from a persistent fevery death blarg, however. NONETHELESS the Dark Shadows trailer is out and it is not what any of us expected and I kind of love Eva Green it.

ALSO IN OTHER NEWS they keep putting out Prometheus trailers--twenty seconds! A FULL MINUTE! Two and a half minutes sometime later today!--and for real, Christopher Nolan needs to step up his trailer game because The Dark Knight is one of my favorite movies but I would pretty much chew my own arm off and hit Batman in the face with it if he were standing between me and this movie.

Also-also, all the reviews and Twitter comments from people who saw The Hunger Games at its premiere last week indicate that all persons involved have knocked it out of the park. My understanding is that Tonner will preview their Katniss doll (!!!!) the week the movie comes out. I am working on many things to post, like Secret Life and Varney and what-all, but: fevery death blarg. My health has not been good for a long while now. However, I obviously have to hang on until I see The Hobbit, so we ought to be good for a while. IT IS A GREAT TIME TO BE ALIVE.

ETA: ahhhhhhhh I just watched the full trailer when it went live, go to go.amctheatres.com/prometheus and it'll be at the end of the Q&A replay, omg some movie site post it nowwwww

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We firmly endorse you staying alive.


Mad Hatter Jack Sparrow Vampire, that is my beloved. I'm making plans to so see Dark Shadows, even though I never saw the original series. I just need a little dormouse with rum.

The Dark Shadows trailer had me at "Super Fly."


OMG, that Dark Shadows trailer looks fantastic. Funny and awesome. I am putting this on the top of my list now.

Okay, Prometheus looks really excellent and that is exactly why I'll be waiting for DVD where I can watch it in nice safe 5 min chunks.

I'm simultaneously horrified and delighted at the Dark Shadows trailer. It's sacrilege to the canon but it's really funny and well done sacrilege. I do wish though that a franchise other than Star Trek took doing a movie based on a chunk of my childhood seriously.

I really don't know what to make of Dark Shadows, that is a whole new brand of camp that neither tv show was and... I don't know if I like it. Eva looks like the best thing about it.

See, I have zero connection to either of the TV versions, except for maybe thirty seconds of the '90s reboot, so this is completely painless for me. I almost wonder if this is a better way to go than trying to be like either of the two TV shows and disappointing people for not quite getting it right. Like, don't even try to replicate it, and put the shows out on DVD.

I'm actually looking forward to Dark Shadows now.

Hurray! You are alive and will continue to be so!

My belief is that the world will not end in 2012 because The Hobbit: There and Back Again comes out at the end of 2013, and by God we are seeing that movie. Dammit. If anything can stave off the apocalypse, it's Tolkien fans.

Tolkien Fans: Saving You From The Apocalypse Through Sheer Willpower. :D

I know I'm looking forward to seeing Dark Shadows now, but I'm not sure if my mom will be. She grew up watching the original soap opera after school every day and something tells me this is...not what she expected.

It's okay, we can just go see The Hunger Games instead. The reviews are NOT HELPING THIS WAIT OMG.


I'm kind of put out that they are making it a comedy. I watched the original when I was a pre-schooler and it scared the bejeezus out of me. I don't want it to be a comedy.

Agreed. I kinda of want to find Tim Burton and smack him in the nose with a rolled up newspaper going 'bad director, no cookie'!

Cleo, you should definitely take care of yourself. We'll still be here when you're not dying of the plague.

Dark Shadows looks...um...like the opposite of the kind of campy that the show was? I didn't watch it, but I'm really not compelled to watch this either. Especially since I can only see a creepy vampire Willy Wonka.

On the other hand, I don't love and adore the Alien series. In fact, I've only seen the first one, although I rather liked it. Prometheus looks amazing. It feels like it's in the same verse. I'm looking forward to seeing that one.

Yeah, see, there are only two Alien movies and they are awesome. WHAT'S THAT I SAID THERE ARE ONLY TWO ALIEN MOVIES I CAN'T HEARRRR YOUUUUUU

So excited for Dark Shadows. My mom was a fan of the show-- used to scare her like woah, and I realized they have a few seasons up on Netflix, sooo that's gonna be a project of mine at some point soon.

I also heard it's going to be a lot darker then the trailer shows-- they're trying to market it to everyone and because right now Johnny Depp is seen as a comedic actor. So there's that.

BUT HUNGER GAMES. I'm actively avoiding reviews. I cannot wait. I'm going with a few friends in costume and in character. Considering we're going to come to the theater with a stock pile of cheese buns and sugar cubes, it's going to be a grand time.

Yay! I'm also going in costume (I was going to be Effie, but my wigs aren't right, so I'm going to be a generic Capitol denizen rooting for District 12). I have a Gotye/Kimbra concert a few hours before so I'm trying to do both and yet still get to the theater a couple of hours early to get a non-neck-wrenching seat.

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They may just be playing up the campy '70s parts to get a summer movie audience's attention, I don't know. Eva Green's grin just CRACKS ME UP, though.

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