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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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And the kitchen sink
1) Bella Swan: vampiring better than you since *checks watch* 2008. This is the same teaser that ran in front of The Hunger Games, so you may have already seen it (stop poaching Katniss's deer, BELLA).

2) Meanwhile, shit got real: The Hunger Games' box office crushes the Twilight movies. All of them.

3) I seem to have hit a hypomanic upswing; mine, as I've explained before, are pretty mild. The only thing someone would really notice from the outside is that I'm a bit more upbeat, enthusiastic, and talkative--but when a movie I've really been looking forward to comes out, that doesn't seem out of place. (Honestly, I've started wondering--as I've said before--if you can trigger manic moods. If nothing else, I think it suddenly being SUMMER IN THE MIDDLE OF MARCH gave me an overdose of natural light, and that may have caused it as well. As I recall, my most pronounced upswings are almost always in the spring and summer.) Otherwise, I'm outwardly calm, but as I've gotten older, I've been edging further and further into mild mania, and the happy creative bursts have been "evolving" into something less comfortable. The upside at the lower hypomanic end is that I feel happy and creative (verging on hypergraphic); at the high, verging-on-manic end, I feel overcaffeinated, impatient, and irritable, I have all these ideas but I can't concentrate or focus, I have a hard time sleeping, and I don't want to eat. I have a sample of BPAL's Safari blend, and a dab on the back of each hand (so I can smell it while I'm typing) seems to have centered me a bit. Once I was able to actually focus, I got 1600 words written in a couple of hours last night (there's your hypergraphia), but it took me all day to be able to concentrate that long.

On the other hand, you get wackadoo flights of fancy like the mandatory Panem TV schedule, and like this:

@cleolinda: WHY IS THIS STILL HAPPENING RT @NikkiFinke: Hugh Dancy To Star In NBC Series ‘Hannibal’

@cleolinda: Look, save some time. Modern-day Sherlock Holmes hunts Hannibal Lecter. In a dystopia. With a vampire. An alien vampire.

@cleolinda: The alien vampire is on the run from a beauty pageant to the death. Also, Sherlock is a werewolf. His brother is a steampunk faerie.

@writingfreak88: No alien ninja turtles?

@cleolinda: His housekeeper is an alien robot turtle. Also, there is a mall tour.

@raidswindmills: Don't forget, we have to shoe-horn in an historical figure. Ben Franklin seems like the Ghost-Busting type, don't you think?

@cleolinda: In a season finale, it turns out they are the reincarnations of Abraham Lincoln and Jack the Ripper. Watson is still an alien vampire.

@cleolinda: Seriously, people. Call me. We can make this happen. \mn/

@cleolinda: SHIT! RT @scbecker: Okay, but where does Pride and Prejudice come into it, again? And is there a zombie?

@cleolinda: There are zombies in the beauty pageant. That's why it's to the death. SOLVED

@cleolinda: GAH! Uh--they're into bondage? At Downton Abbey. RT @shipublic: And what about the brooding fallen angels?

@cleolinda: You are reading my mind. RT @FelicityDisco: And I assume you've got Ryan Gosling as the lead and Taylor Swift on the soundtrack, right?




@cleolinda: Snow White is Irene Adler. Or maybe she's Clarice. OR MAYBE SHE'S BOTH SINCE THERE ARE TWO.

@raidswindmills: Wait, wait, I'm getting confused. If Sherlock is a Werewolf, does that mean he never wears a shirt? Also ONLY 7 DWARVES. Pfft.

@Kappa_Tau_Kappa: He IS the hound of Baskerville.

@cleolinda: Hm. Sherlock... well, shirtless is probably for the best. I just don't know how we get zombie makeouts past the censors.

@cleolinda: Oh! If it's just gore we can squeak that by. RT @darklorelei: They're just eating each others' faces!

@scbecker: The promotional nail polishes and Tonner dolls are going to be fantastic.

@caroflanagan: I...would watch that and buy the boxset and start a fan tumblr dedicated to it.


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Wow, that is a really terrible ring.

Yeah, I still can't get over how terrible it is.

I laughed through the trailer. My companions did not appreciate that, apparently they are actually fans.

So did I. My boyfriend is not a fan, so he was not upset. However, he may have given me the side-eye when I sheepishly admitted afterwards that I need to see that movie. *ahem*

Yes, but what will it be CALLED? The Mystery of the Twilight Hunger Pack and the Seven Robotic Fairy Ninjas?

In keeping with the short name trend, we will just call it "Pastiche".

Maybe it's because I just took a Latin exam but when I saw this: "Hugh Dancy To Star In NBC Series ‘Hannibal’" I got really excited. Then you mentioned it was Hannibal Lecter and not Hannibal "I hate Rome, I will destroy her by crossing the Alps with a bunch of elephants and men!" I'm slightly disappointed.

I screamed like a crazy person when I saw that box office take headline, negl. TAKE THAT, SPARKLEPIRES.

What I'm curious to see is whether Twilight fans will try to rally in November and get a bigger opening weekend.

My nieces and I giggled uncontrollably through the Twilight preview, and we got looks.

And then when Katniss and Peeta woke up in the cave and he said something like, "We're better," I whispered to the girls, "They're the same temperature now."

Because obviously that is the key to romance.

Somewhere Anakin Skywalker is silently thanking Edward for coming up with a line that will knock "I don't like sand" out of first place on the Dumbest Come-Ons of All Time list.

Why is Bella all dressed up to hunt? Unless - oh, I guess this is right after she wakes up or whatever?

Also, in news of the weird, I understand that Hunger Games actually comes in second for first weekend international box office in 2012 (so far). Number One? John Carter.

Because Alice, that's why. Oh, Alice.

(Aw! Bless John Carter.)

Edited at 2012-03-26 07:49 pm (UTC)

Yes, you can trigger a manic upswing. It happens to me if I stay up (unintentionally) for 20+ hours, or watch something on TV that triggers a bouncy/sassy/snappy feeling in me.

[unsolicited medical advice] It seems like you're swinging from super-depressed to hypomanic. I would suggest discussing this with your psychiatrist. Either increase your lamictal dose (you're on Lamictal, right?) or add something like Seroquel, which I find helps level out my depression AND helps put me to sleep at night so I don't get those 24-hour wakefulness-induced manic episodes. Just my two bipolar cents. [/unsolicited medical advice]

BTW, that trailer... Wow. Somehow they've made the fourth movie even stupider seeming than the last three. Which is an amazing accomplishment, IMO. I think I'd rather have red hot pokers thrust in my eyes than watch Bella's red eyes on screen.

(*now cogitating on whether ALL cents are technically bipolar because of the heads/tails thing, and whether having two of them technically gives you quadripolarness. Or quadripolarbears. And oh god I did not get enough sleep last night.*)

Did I- did I just see Kristin showing a bit of emotion at the end there? For about a tenth of a second it looks like she did. O_O I must need my glasses.

Have you seen the trailer for The Host yet?

As for the steampunk thing, I think I would pay to see that as a movie. I really would. It sounds rather hilarious.

Edited at 2012-03-26 05:11 pm (UTC)

I liked the music they used for it and i actually liked that book (i got it to read on the beach one year for vacation) the trailer was sort of meh otherwise (yes it is only a teaser but still...)

Ah, so that's what that deer comment was about! I saw The Hunger Games this weekend, but arrived at the theater half an hour late. Shame, but it was good enough I'm willing to see it again, if only for the trailers.

Seriously, Twilight's costuming department needs help, that ring is ridiculously tacky and the wedding dress was just bland.

Edited at 2012-03-26 06:14 pm (UTC)

No one likes that ring. The worst part is that it's very close to the way it's described in the books. It was Edward's mother's ring; he's sentimental, so sue him. He didn't pick that shit out. It might have been better if the thing looked like actual diamonds instead of paste.

Love the steampunk film idea. Can't comment on THG - haven't read or seen it, though it's exciting to see a fandom I don't belong to having such fun.

Yeah, you can trigger mania--I have to be careful about getting enough sleep and can't drink caffeine at all. Heck, I even have to watch what time I take meds that have caffeine in them! And this weird spring is certainly enough to do it.

HEY, WHOA, SLOW YOUR ROLL--it's Hugh Dancy! He's lovely! And I talked to him at the Strand once! Ergo, this show will not suck!

...OK, yeah, it might, but I may still tune in just to look at him. Also, is it weird that I have considerably more respect and affection for the Hunger Games fandom because of the muted scoffs and laughter that greeted the Breaking Dawn trailer on Friday night? Because I do.



Where's your m15m discoverer's buddy who's combing the internets for screenplay ideas? WHERE I ask you?

I love the Bella deer hunting cracks. But let's talk about Snow White and the Huntsman. I know it's a shameless ploy to pull teenagers into the theater, but it looks so cool. It doesn't look like it has the same blatant Twilight love triangle mirroring that the Red Riding Hood adaptation had, although it does seem like Kristen's Snow character might possess lingering animal-taming Mary Sue qualities from Bella. It's got some awesome looking monsters- that one troll-yak thing almost looked like something from Pan's Labyrinth, but then there's the slight silliness of Kristen Stewart being "fairer" than Charlize Theron. She's gorgeous, but she doesn't have Theron's otherworldly glamorous something. But Thor...!

Can it possibly be as awesome as I'm thinking? Am I silly to hope?

And then two Snow White interpretations? Within months of each other? I have to say this sounded terrible, and it's still silly, but they both look amazing in totally different ways that I love. I might be able to have my silly swashbuckling-epic monster-strong heroine cake and eat it too.

I dont care about the hate-rade people think it's "cool" to hate on Kstewart. her Snow white movie Look AWESOME!!! and i'm so looking forward to see it. more than once.

(also a bit of hope, based on the trailer alone- that people will Stop saying she only has one expression- because in that trailer I counted three different ones- including a smiling one)

as for the "fairer" issue- I Always took it as meaning "INNER" beauty. it's obvious that no matter how beautiful the evil queen is on the Outside, she's completely rotten on the inside. so that's how I take the Kstewart Snow white is more beautiful than Theron's evil queen- Inner beauty not outer beauty.

(and i'm talking about the characters- not Kstewart as a person/actress- which has no place in the discussion as it is Snow white vs evil queen- not kstewart vs theron)

Did anyone else see the Host teaser right before the Twilight trailer at the Hunger Games? I was not aware that there were Host fan girls but the girl in the row in front of me freaked the fuck out during that teaser.

They didn't run it in my theater, and I couldn't bring myself to watch it online. Saoirse Ronan is great, and I hear the Host book is actually a lot better (possibly because Meyer had had some writing experience by that time), but... I just can't.