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Sad news
msauvage purple
I keep not wanting to tell people but needing to tell people. Sam passed away somewhat unexpectedly yesterday afternoon--somewhat, because we'd been expecting the other shoe to drop for a full year, but you just never quite expect someday to be now. Maybe I'll talk about it at more length later. I'm just too tired to get into it right now, except to say that he was happy and peaceful.

I put together a couple of pages of pictures, if only as backup in case I lose the original files. These are the last two pictures I took of him, with my mother--he decided to rally for about half an hour to make everyone smile one last time, I think. (Pictured: tummy rub.) Read more...Collapse )

I may or may not be around much today. I already have a doctor's appointment scheduled (sigh), so I'll be gone for that anyway. I may sit around on Twitter for a while, I don't know. It's like, I feel terrible about--well, everything, really--but I don't really know what else to do with myself.

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He knows he was loved. You have another angel guarding over you. My condolences.

My sympathies to you and your family. I always loved reading about your petite lap bear. He looked so much like my Mimi who passed a few years back. Always put a smile on my face to see his picture and remember her too. *hugs*

I am so sorry for your loss. Even when you are expecting it, it is still hard. The first week is the hardest in my experience. Just try to distract yourself and cry when you need to. Sam was an adorable and cheerful little dude and we all know that you gave him a good life. He was part of your family.

My advice is to keep his things but put them out of sight for now. Create a memorial of some kind. My dog Agnes died in October and I still haven't put together hers but I have photos and her collar to use.

Best wishes for you in this difficult time.

Re: sorry for your loss

It's very comforting to have some sort of small memorial, at least for me. When our retriever died a few years ago, our vet was kind enough to make a mold of his paw print to send to us after some time had passed. It's nice to have that on a shelf with his collar and ashes, and I made a photo book of our favorite pictures of him.

I'm so sorry for your loss. *hugs* to you and your family

I'm so sorry, Cleo. We know Sam was a sweetheart, with a special personality. Losing a pet is inevitable but always so hard to go through.

I'm so sorry for your loss. :(

My mental image of Sam was always the photo you have second from the bottom here, after his spring trip to the doggie barber, looking like a tiny ambassador from the planet Plushutron. So cute. I'm glad he went peacefully.

Oh Cleo, I'm so sorry. Losing a pet is so difficult to cope with. Our family lost a dog three years ago to seizures, and I still miss him every day. I couldn't help but smile every time you posted a photo of Sam. He knew how much he was loved, and maybe some comfort can be taken from the fact that it was a peaceful passing.

I'm so sorry for your loss Cleo. *Hugs*

Losing a pet is so hard, especially when you love them as much as you loved Sam.

My thoughts are with you.

I'm so sorry. Your posts about him always made me smile. Such a sweet, petite lap bear.

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Sam's pictures always brightened my day, especially after he'd gotten his haircut -- the cutest little ball of fluff with such a grin on his face. He will be missed.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

I'm so sorry for your loss. I always loved your Sam posts. I know how much he will be missed.

All of us animal lovers understand and are there with you. Thank you for being good to him.

So sorry for your loss. He's the sweetest-looking dog.