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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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msauvage purple
There is a Les Mis trailer.

As previously noted, I only have a passing, culturally-osmoted (that is a perfectly cromulent word) knowledge of this whole thing, so I'll be going in without any need to compare it to anything. Also, if this turns out to be good, I'm going to (cynically?) call Best Picture nomination, possibly winner, right now.

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Until they mentioned Russell Crowe.

No way, no how.

(maybe when it's released on DVD...)

It's funny, 'cause it's only when they showed Russell Crowe that I started to get into it. I think he'll be fantastic as Javert.

I think Crowe will make a great Javert. And OMG I'm ready for this. Saw the musical twice, it's amazing, so hopefully the movie is equally so.

Also, if this turns out to be good, I'm going to (cynically?) call Best Picture nomination, possibly winner, right now.

Because... giant historical costume epic + super-serious subject matter + (possibly) reminder of the Great Days of the Hollywood Musical (i.e. Sound of Music, etc.) = Oscar?

Yeah, I could see that being the case.

As directed by Oscar-winner Tom Hooper and starring a number of nominees/winners. Also, unlike the superhero movie(s) they'll feel obligated to nominate, it's *CLASSY,* but unlike the low-budget indie movies, it's ~IMPORTANT.~

(Which is not to take away anything from those movies. I just enjoy how predictable the Oscars (usually) are.)

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Yes! Except that corner of my brain is nine and wants to be a pit orchestra player when it grows up.

Sorry, please can you put the trailer behind a cut? It's autoplaying.

Somehow it's set to autoplay every time I load my friends page. Is everyone experiencing that, or is it just me? Other videos don't do that for me.

Put it behind a cut, sorry. Other people are having that happen, but I actually had a hard time getting it to play, so I didn't realize.

As someone who is more than a little obsessed with the musical, I think it looks FANTASTIC! I've seriously been wishing for a movie of the musical version ever since my high school's production of it, and Anne Hathaway's singing "I Dreamed A Dream" just makes me so happy and I'm kind of incoherent now, so apologies. ^_^;

I will say that Russel Crowe isn't exactly who I'd picture as Javert (my hypothetical cast always had Phillip Quast), but I'm sure he'll surprise everyone.

Also, even though there were just a few snippets of it, I was really happy of the bits with the barricade and the "Lovely Ladies" number.

Uggghhh, Anne Hathaway does not have the voice for Fantine. And it's not like this is difficult to figure out--compared to the 10th anniversary version or even Susan Boyle, Hathaway's lack of power and that tremulous, ill-timed vibrato are grating. Her voice does seem better since being in Woman in White (bleck), but I would not be surprised if she had the weakest voice in the cast (even Seyfried is a better singer--see Mamma Mia--and, come on, HUGH JACKMAN lkjasdlfjiljasdfj). Although I'm also side-eying Russell Crowe. Does...does he sing? Stars is one of my favorite songs, guys! Don't let me down!

That said...it does look visually STUNNING, and it's about time they made this into a movie.

Russell Crowe, IIRC is one of those actors who had a vanity rock band and is therefore considered a singer. Sorry to get all cynical on you, but I kind of lost all patience with the idea that someone with that background could sing legit after Johnny Depp's totally not a freaking baritone Sweeney Todd. I'm willing to sit and hope that Crowe's acting carries the part, because I think he's hugely talented in that area, but I'm not going to pretend there's much of a possibility he can sing it properly.

Like Anne Hathaway? Not a big voice. But I think she did pretty well delivering with what she had. And that'll probably be what we all have to settle for.

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OMG So this was the second musical I ever saw live (the first was Annie) . I didn't really appreciate it until I was older and it came through town again. The music is amazing and I think the movie may actually do it justice.

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Les Mis is on my list of books to read and musicals to see one day ... I wonder if I should read the book before seeing the movie.

Ummmmm, well, I think, having read the book before seeing the musical, it doesn't really matter. It's Hugo, and Hugo likes his LONG ASS digressions into seemingly (and actually) fairly irrelevant things to give more layers and texture to the story. The musical does a GREAT job (I think) of taking a ridiculously long story and distilling it down to the through-line. The musical sort of exists as a separate entity andyou don't need to read the book to get a complete story.

That said, I enjoyed the book, very much.

I'm non-cynically calling it. :-) This looks GOOD. I know the stage version backwards, forwards, and sideways, and though I could nitpick about a detail or two, this is making me think Hooper & Co. have hit it out of the park.

I am beyond excited about this. It was a brilliant move to make us all expect Taylor Swift to be in this, tbh. It lowered expectations enough that I honestly can't complain (I never really expect movie musicals to have the same level of powerhouse vocals as the stage shows these days). I will totally be there opening weekend

Yep, it's autoplaying.

I'm torn. On the one hand, it sounds really really good... on the other, I know they'll be cutting A LOT to get it into a reasonable movie length (the musical's easily close to four hours long, and it already trimmed the book down as much as it could) and my favorite song's "Stars", which typically gets a verse cut in the high school version.

I was very apprehensive about this going in, but I'm pleasantly surprised by how much the trailer actually makes me look forward to the movie. And yeah, Anne Hathaway isn't the best Fantine, vocal-wise, but I kind of like that she isn't perfect? IDK. I will definitely be seeing this in the theatre, though!


Sacha Baron Cohen ... Thénardier

Helena Bonham Carter ... Madame Thénardier


I actually loved Anne Hathaway's voice in this. Yeah, it's not perfect, but it's emotional. And I had a visceral emotional reaction to hearing her sing it.

I can not wait to hear Jackman & Crowe sing Confrontation. *goosebumps*

Sacha Baron Cohen ... Thénardier

Helena Bonham Carter ... Madame Thénardier

How the DEVIL did I miss that? Much as I despise SBC's acting in his own characters (Borat, etc.), when he's given material someone else wrote, he's actually pretty fantastic. He was one of the bright spots in Sweeney Todd, in my opinion.

I agree about Anne Hathaway's voice. It's not the loud and proud that I'm used to from the cast recording or 10th anniversary concert, but that's a really hard song to do well, and I thought she did a good job.

If they screw up Confrontation...it's easily my favorite song in the show, and I remain unconvinced about Russell Crowe.