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So I saw Prometheus
msauvage purple
@cleolinda: TODAY \;;;/

@cleolinda: #leavingthehouseomg on the Good Ship Nobody Dies in ten minutes; have not figured out a Cthulhu Doing the Cabbage Patch emoticon

@cleolinda: IT HAS BEEN SEEN. FIVE TENTACLES UP. \;;;\ /;;;/ ~;;;~ \;;;\ /;;;/ #prometheus

@cleolinda: I have a few distinct thoughts about wtf the movie was trying to do, and as soon as I get home, I will explain. WOOOOOOOO

@cleolinda: We will go into the spoiler linkspam I have been saving sight unseen and my feels, as the kids say, about the overall series later.

I want to be as vague as possible with the spoilers, but--responses to this movie seem so violently mixed that, when I had a sudden epiphany as the movie ended, I felt like people might go into it with different expectations if they approached it a particular way. For one thing, none of the Alien movies are anything like the others, if you think about it. I always thought Alien itself was kind of slow until I read that Ridley Scott thought of it as "a haunted house movie," and then I got it. Whereas Aliens is kind of a war movie, by contrast. (I think I've only seen #3 and #4 once each, when they originally came out; I can't really say what "secret" genre they might be.) I like that they're all different. I didn't want this to be a remake of Alien; I wanted to see the filmmakers think of yet another take on the story. In fact, there is a movie I really love, in a wildly different genre, that Prometheus reminded me of:

MILD SPOILERS Read more...Collapse )


Actually, you know why I was really open to whatever was going to happen in this movie, most likely? Because I had read THIS, this COMPLETELY WACKADOO alleged plot rundown, several months ago. These are, like, Alternate Universe Reverse Spoilers, in the sense that none of this happens at all: Read more...Collapse )


BE WARNED THAT THE COMMENTS WILL BE A WILD FRONTIER OF SPOILERS, although I kind of hope people try to stay vague enough that others will still want to go see the movie so we have even more people to talk about it with. I'll post the spoiler linkspam on, I don't know, Monday? We can get into it then.

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*leaves comment without reading post because I havent seen it yet*

but my MOM did and she said "it was stupid, a rip off of aliens"
...oh, MOM! :)

It's interesting to me that a lot of commentary I've seen regards unanswered questions and faith, things like that. I ended up putting the pieces together a different way, perhaps, but again it's just a theory.

To me it seems like the Engineers were terraforming planets via self-protein-sacrifice-to-black-slime, which resulted, on Earth at least, in humanity. Which they then apparently went back and visited in different eras (35,000 BCE, 2000 BCE, etc). And then, around year 0, they accidentally created a lifeform that got out of control and killed everyone. (Possibly a xenomorph, considering the weirdly-accurate murals and wall reliefs, which only leads me to believe that as often as they make a successfully Engineer 2.0 society, they also make a Death to Engineers Xenomorph society?!) So they decide that everything they've ever made is a huge risk to their own existence, since it mutates, and is no longer pure Engineer DNA, so when the humans show up like HEY DAD DO YOU REMEMBER ME they're all like SHIT NO GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME YOU FACE-STABBING BASTARDS.

So, in a sense, the humans got the exact response that David and Charlie were talking about, and also Charlie and Shaw.

However, that's just my own interpretation of putting the pieces together, not sure if it's worth anything.

Also-also, between Shaw Jr. and the fake spoilers, I cannot unassociate that thing with the movie Evolution.