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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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*tiny scream*
msauvage purple
The Avengers in Fifteen Minutes.

1) I think this one took me the longest time to write ever (SIX WEEKS) barring maybe the year-long meltdown that was the writing of the ten parodies for the book.

2) Two Fifteen Minuteses is already twice as many as I put out last year; I am regular in my irregularity. (Maybe it was the anemia. I don't know.) I can't promise anything but soldiering through the next/last Twilight movie just to say that I finished something.

3) This one went long, even after I valiantly chopped off 350 words. I don't think anyone will actually care, given that The Avengers is like the 3rd highest-grossing ass-long movie of all time or whatever.

4) The new LJ "like"/"repost" function seems automatically throw a "liked" entry by someone else into your journal feed in a way that is much more like Tumblr's auto-credit-giving reblog function and a lot less like stealing my stuff, so I tentatively endorse this. OBSERVE:

(ETA: The LJ Like option seems to be making a few people angry, so... not so much with that. I'm taking the LJ repost part off and leaving Twitter/Facebook/G+ on, since I'm not hearing any complaints about that.)

However, I think, once it's in your friends list, it only shows up that one time—so people won't get spammed with 300 reposts of the same entry. In order to test that, I have reblogged my own Prometheus thing to see what happens. Sorry for any confusion.


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*scampers off to read*

It turned out beautifully. You did good!

I love you so much for doing this. I am going to go read it write now and have many moments of pure fangirl joy. XD

OMFG YES THANK YOU SO MUCH ILU FOR THIS <333 I haven't even read it yet and I'm throwing flowers at your feet.

Also: ...huh, so Holmes wasn't just pulling something out of his ass with the "baritsu". Good to know.

My question is whether Conan Doyle left the first T out on purpose.

People do say he was notoriously absent-minded. He forgot he married Watson off, for fuck's sake. lol

Which story was that? (I just finished reading the complete stories and novels, and it seemed like after a few post-marriage stories where Watson specifies that he's writing about something that happened in his bachelor days, he just starts jumping around and the chronology gets confused.)

He definitely forgot Watson's first name (John vs James) and when he killed off Mrs Watson, though - there's two stories that definitively occur after Holmes's return that reference Watson being married even though he was supposed to be widowed during Holmes's disappearance.)

I love the Holmes scholars who try to reconcile everything with the phantom second marriage (and second bereavement, poor Watson!) and the idea that his name is John Hamish (Scottish for James) Watson.

(Deleted comment)
Well, now someone's (mildly) cursing at me because the entry showed up on their friends page? I feel slightly chagrined. But mostly aglow with Woodchuck.

(Deleted comment)
My first experience with Woodchuck (in my 20s) was not so good. It was all they had, and I tossed it back like apple juice. Did I mention that I rarely drink? And that my first real awareness it wasn't apple juice was when my cheeks started to burn and my stomach to twist?

I've had it since, and it's much better when I'm expecting it. I'm still a cheap one-bottle drunk, though.

Loki be damned, I will kneel to you! That turned around a really terrible day with the kitten and the vet and the Silkwood Shower and I thank you

Oh, awesomeness! And this one's for a movie I've actually seen (even though I saw it for the first time after everyone else had seen it twice)!

*trots happily off to read*

'Bartitsu' sounds like a martial art based off of Girls Gone Wild videos.

Simply amazing as always ;) Gave me many LOL moments which gained me questionable looks from my husband who had no idea why I was LOL'ing to myself!

"Baritsu" is actually called "Bartitsu"?
Thanks for teaching me my "learn something new fact everyday" for today!
I will probably keep thinking of it as "Baritsu" because that's what I learned in Sherlock Holmes and books are never wrong, right?

My sympathies to you re: everyone who's been just horrible to you about this repost mess.
Yes, LJ has behaved badly of late, but that's really not an excuse to do the same (or worse).

(Deleted comment)
Movie In 15 Minutes "Deleted Scenes" edition?

It could happen.

Yes! I would love to see a "director's cut" of this m15m. :-)

And much squeeful fun was had. Thank you, Miss Cleo, my husband and I enjoyed this every bit as much as we enjoyed the movie.

You did fabolus job.Nicely written.The way you write its quit unique stay bless

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