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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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To interrupt your time-delayed Olympics for a moment
Good evening, peoples of the internet. Because I am doing an interview that necessitates a list of comic-book-movies-related entries on my journal, or at least as many as I can locate, this is it.

Oddly, I seem to have not done too terribly many Movies in Fifteen Minutes writeups on comic book movies. The first Spider-Man (2002) is in the the book; online, I posted The Avengers in Fifteen Minutes most recently, and I'm guessing that 300, V for Vendetta, and Wanted count as graphic novels or limited series comics or I don't even know movies? Is there an arbitration committee for this?

Often, but not always, when I go see a movie, I post a movie discussion entry. Speaking of The Avengers, we had two discussion entries on that. We touched briefly on The Amazing Spider-Man earlier this month and discussed it more in the comments than the entry itself. I was also able to dig up where we discussed Iron Man and Iron Man 2 back in the day; I did see Captain America, but I don't see any bloggish mention of it. (I watched the Thor DVD two weeks after I first saw The Avengers. YOU MAY DISCUSS IT HERE AND NOW IF IT PLEASES YOU.) There's an X-Men: First Class post in there, but apparently I was too disgusted by X-Men: The Last Stand to even speak of it. On the DC side, we have... The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. And... that's it, I guess. Man, DC is eating Marvel Studios' dust, for real.

Wait, wait--there was also Watchmen, and a really great podcast discussion we did on Made of Fail. Speaking of which, we just recorded an episode on The Dark Knight Rises a few days ago, so that should be up soonish.

Meanwhile, to give this entry entertainment value, here is not a video of actual James Bond and the actual Queen and actual corgis because the IOC will not let us have nice things, but rather, JK Rowling reading a bedtime story to the whole world.

I genuinely considered sneaking a picture of Giant Death Puppet Voldemort in here. You can thank me in the morning.

Thank you for your time.

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(Deleted comment)
What would you expect from the IOC who attempts to set rules about how one may link to Olympics websites, and what one may say about them, and whether one may even use the term "Olympics"?

(this needed to be here, sorry)


They should have accompanied Bond to see the Queen. Also, possibly jumped out of the helicopter.

The Queen is not amused by the IOC's fuckery.

"Look at all of these counties that I used to own."

The Queen meme is the best thing ever.

What got me the most was that in my broadcast (Australia), they showed Great Britain entering the arena, and then a cut to THIS.


So basically, the opening ceremonies attempted to reenact The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in its entirety...?

I'd really like to say something about it, but I figure there would be some major (well, depending on whether you still follow the League stuff) spoilers... which the ceremonies seem to... hint at (but then, I wasn't actually watching much Olympic stuff, so...)

I saw it on the German site though...weren't you the one that Tweeted that link?

Well, I posted the video on Tumblr as well, but they've since swooped in and taken it down.

IOC = bastards, sez this Ravelry member.

You would think that an event that is based on community would be more open to sharing, but the IOC are the most proprietary jerkstores.

(Deleted comment)
I don't understand NBC's reasoning on this, why people need to give the name of their cable provider to gain access. Maybe there's a technical reason for it that I'm not aware of, but it seems exclusionary.

Not only that, but you have to HAVE CABLE. I have internet and phone, but not cable. I can't watch it.

Here's the Queen and Bond segment on Vimeo, hope it's not blocked!

I have yet to find the Bedtime Story segment that *isn't* on the official site. AUGH.

So if I may ask, what did you think of Thor?

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