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To interrupt your time-delayed Olympics for a moment

Good evening, peoples of the internet. Because I am doing an interview that necessitates a list of comic-book-movies-related entries on my journal, or at least as many as I can locate, this is it.

Oddly, I seem to have not done too terribly many Movies in Fifteen Minutes writeups on comic book movies. The first Spider-Man (2002) is in the the book; online, I posted The Avengers in Fifteen Minutes most recently, and I'm guessing that 300, V for Vendetta, and Wanted count as graphic novels or limited series comics or I don't even know movies? Is there an arbitration committee for this?

Often, but not always, when I go see a movie, I post a movie discussion entry. Speaking of The Avengers, we had two discussion entries on that. We touched briefly on The Amazing Spider-Man earlier this month and discussed it more in the comments than the entry itself. I was also able to dig up where we discussed Iron Man and Iron Man 2 back in the day; I did see Captain America, but I don't see any bloggish mention of it. (I watched the Thor DVD two weeks after I first saw The Avengers. YOU MAY DISCUSS IT HERE AND NOW IF IT PLEASES YOU.) There's an X-Men: First Class post in there, but apparently I was too disgusted by X-Men: The Last Stand to even speak of it. On the DC side, we have... The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. And... that's it, I guess. Man, DC is eating Marvel Studios' dust, for real.

Wait, wait--there was also Watchmen, and a really great podcast discussion we did on Made of Fail. Speaking of which, we just recorded an episode on The Dark Knight Rises a few days ago, so that should be up soonish.

Meanwhile, to give this entry entertainment value, here is not a video of actual James Bond and the actual Queen and actual corgis because the IOC will not let us have nice things, but rather, JK Rowling reading a bedtime story to the whole world.

I genuinely considered sneaking a picture of Giant Death Puppet Voldemort in here. You can thank me in the morning.

Thank you for your time.

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