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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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A few things
The new Made of Fail is up, wherein Dayna, George, J.D. DeMotte and I discuss The Dark Knight Rises. And Kitten War.

Meanwhile, foresthouse interviewed me for Comicmix on the subject of comic book movies, on a topic also brought up on the show: So, fan who doesn't read comics, how do comic-book movies actually work out for you? Basically, I'm an excellent interview, if by "excellent" you mean "never, ever shuts up." I think this time we are presenting it as a feature, not a bug.

Also, there is a new James Bond trailer. This is important. There is nothing better than what happens at 2:16. That said, I'm not sure why Javier Bardem's hair can't ever have nice things.

P.S. You remember Prometheus in Fifteen Minutes, and that particular moment when I was like, "The Adventures of [Spoiler and Spoiler's Spoiler in a Spoiler]: I'd watch it"? IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN. \;;;/

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Heh. I don't know that it was a prediction so much as taking an idea to a logical conclusion. I'm just extremely pleased they're actually DOING it.

(Also, SPOILER, five bucks says they figure out a way in-story to reattach his head pretty quickly. Although I feel like it would be hilarious and totally worth it if the solution was some duct tape and twine and loose wiring CGI'd in.)

I saw the Skyfall trailer when I saw TDKR and, my hand to God, I let out an audible squeal. And maybe clapped. Fortunately, all my friends are aware of my unhealthy attraction to Daniel Craig so they just ignored me. They're too kind. :D

SAMESIES. I almost raged because I didn't get a Man of Steel trailer, but I was placated by Bond. :D

Well, Implausibly Young Q has won me over, at least. And it looks like this one will deal with the relationship between Bond and M, which I am crazy about! Too bad about Javier Bardem, though.

Also: that personalized gun will be used to frame Bond for something within 15 minutes, right?

I don't know exactly what they're going to do with it, but yeah, the moment he was explaining that, I was like, "It's a Walther PlotPointK 7.65 mm!" Possibly he will drop it and he and a villain will wrestle for it but OH LOOK ONLY HE CAN FIRE IT! BOND IS SAVED!

I'm entirely too excited by the idea that "The Adventures of [Spoiler and Spoiler's Spoiler in a Spoiler]" is going to happen.

SO too excited. It's like someone's going to spend $100 million to make a real movie out of someone's crack fic on Tumblr, I can't even handle it. Like the only thing that could be better is if she tamed Shaw Junior and took him with them and he was their pilot. Seriously, I can sit here all day and come up with nutty things for them to do, I'll even do it free of charge.

P.S. You remember Prometheus in Fifteen Minutes, and that particular moment when I was like, "The Adventures of [Spoiler and Spoiler's Spoiler in a Spoiler]: I'd watch it"?

HEEE, I am looking forward to The Further Adventures of David's Head so much. (I hope it continues to travel in the duffel bag, because trope.)

I KNOW FOR REAL RIGHT. I especially like the two of them going off and having further wackadoo no-sense-making adventures together, with no one else to rely on, at the point in their relationship (I use the term loosely) where the movie ended, because it was COMPLETELY FUCKED UP. The ride to Engineer Planet had to be breathtakingly awkward.

Actually, I kind of hope Shaw figures out a way to sort-of reattach his head, and every now and then it starts falling off again.

From the article: "(How could I even afford it? Do they have comics in libraries?)"

Yes. Most do, anyways. And since everything these days is geared towards collecting in trade paperback form a few months down the road, most of the books are one or two arcs long and easy enough to jump in and out of with minimal confusion.

It's really helped me drag myself back into something resembling current comic knowledge. Although I don't think I like DC's New 52 any better in bound form than I do in the individual issues I've read.

Hm. That might could help me catch up on some of the classic arcs, then. Given how little background I have, I'd rather read things that are touchstones, as it were, and wait to see which of the current releases hold up over time.

(I hear the next X-Men movie is Days of Future Past? And this is a huge deal and just saying the title is a spoiler? And there is time travel? I... sure, why not?)


eeeeee! \o/


Of course it won't come out for at least another two years and we'll all probably whine about it when it does. \;;;\ /;;;/ ~;;;~ \;;;\ /;;;/

I feel it's a shame hilarious mixups involving Shaw, her bowling bag, and David's head will almost certainly not appear in Prometheus 2: The Squidening.

Is it bad that when I read "There is nothing better than what happens at 2:16", I thought: "OMG corgis!" Though what it is is indeed wonderful. :)

2:16 is perfection.

And I already like the new Q _way_ more than John Cleese.

Had to rewatch the trailer to be sure, but I had a good idea as to what was meant by it.

And, yes. THAT is a Bond moment. Nobody does it better, if you'll pardon the expression.

"That said, I'm not sure why Javier Bardem's hair can't ever have nice things."

I know. His hair was so fracking scary in No Country for Old Men. No hair has ever been that disturbing.

Unrelated to anything else here, since I haven't seen you link to this already, I wanted make sure you knew about this. THIS IS A THING.

Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later

I'm sure you're busy right now, but I thought you said you were gonna do a Deathly Hallows in 15 minutes? Hope you reply.

I read the interview at Comicmix and I totally sympathize with you on the "WHERE DO I START IN COMICS" thing. I always wanted to start reading superhero comics but there was just too many options. Then last year I took a "Modern American Superhero" course as an English elective and it gave me kinda a basic understanding of some of the more famous heroes. Then I just started reading writers or characters that the prof mentioned as good, so that got me started. But seriously, the more comics you read the more writers and characters you find that you like, and then you just chase them around. So getting started is hard but if you just kinda "surf" over the stuff you don't get, eventually you have enough knowledge to have a general idea of where you are. I guess. XD
ANYWAY the whole point of this was that I was going to encourage you to use your public library, because they do sometimes have comics. :D I mostly use my library for my now full-fledged comics habit.

I bought some samples of BPAL awhile back and it's taking forever to use them all. I was thinking of buying a perfume oil room diffuser and remembered you talking about using one. Is there a particular one you recommend?