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What I did on my summer staycation

So. Emily (foresthouse) came to visit for a few days and we ate our way through the restaurants of Homewood (the new Which Wich was hands down our favorite, although Dave's Pizza was also excellent) (although my favorite Chinese restaurant, the Dragon, CLOSED FOREVER the day after we had lunch there), and then we watched The Hunger Games while she sewed on her DragonCon costumes and OMG PROMETHEUS ON THE HOTEL TV BECAUSE THAT IS A THING THEY ACTUALLY DO


@foresthouse: THERE IS NO EMOTICON FOR HOW HAPPY CLEO IS RIGHT NOW. RT @Eviey @cleolinda @foresthouse there is no emoticon for how jealous I am right now.

@foresthouse: Although this might work: \;;;\ /;;;/ ~;;;~ \;;;\ /;;;/

@cleolinda: "You told me this was a crazy movie," says @foresthouse to me, "but I'm only just now understanding how crazy it IS."

@foresthouse: She is now shrieking "DAVID STOP TOUCHING THAT!!" and laughing hysterically.

I was mostly clappy-hands because now she can read Prometheus in Fifteen Minutes (I refrained from doing a live recitation of it) AND THEN THEY EVEN COMPED OUR RIDICULOUSLY PRICED MOVIES BECAUSE HOTEL ROOMS ARE THE BEST and we also saw The Bourne Legacy in an actual movie theater and slept a lot and also she taught me how to play pool. And then I went home, promptly came down with a terrible sore throat in the middle of last night which turned into a chest cold and a twisted knee because... somehow. However, I interrupt my death blarg because there is something you need to see.

@Tonnerdoll: The Fall Holiday Release is NOW LIVE!! Place your pre orders now and get FREE SHIPPING!!

@cleolinda: *SCREAM* RT @Tonnerdoll: @foresthouse u have 2 tell @cleolinda her #Katniss has arrived! ^kv


no seriously, what is air and do you know where I can get some, I am having a hard time breathing with this cold and all

Also, there are more Vampire Diaries dolls and a Disney Rapunzel and Deathly Hallows Ron Weasley and a steampunk Wonder Woman and Awkwardly Timed Wedding Bella Swan, if you are interested.

@blu22_: That reminds me, I finished re-reading [Secret Life of Dolls] the other day and meant to ask you if you were going to be continuing in the future.

@cleolinda: I will be. I've just been sick (anemic) and life has gotten in the way. I feel like I left off two months ago; time crept up on me.

It's one for the Christmas list (and I'm so behind on the story--I haven't even introduced my beloved Tonner Alice, who stands beneficently on my desk, yet--that a wait doesn't really matter), but Tonner Katniss will join the gang eventually. Probably like ten years from now, by the time I get that far.

@kitsunewill: Anna would try to gank the bow, then Katniss would flip her shit and Galadriel would start drinking early.

@cleolinda: "She shoots the squirrels right through the eye, every time." "...She can stay."

Then that thing happened where you are kind of run-on-sentence giddy and recovering from fun but then something serious happens and you are somewhat at sea with the record-needle-scratch suddenness of the tone change. My stepfather had had some health issues that I didn't mention, and spent a few days in the hospital several weeks ago. It's worse now, and he's going to have to have a fairly major surgery next week--stomach issues, not cancer or anything, but still a little scary. People usually give me the side-eye when they realize I don't live on my own, but at least I'll be here to help take care of him when he gets home. He's also just been laid off from work ("displaced" is the term they use nowadays) so... taking time off isn't an issue, at least...? I guess. I'm in "clinging to fun that was had in order to ward off anxiety" mode at this point. Things are not great, but we will be okay. I've had a lot of health and money issues to deal with for... well, a long time now. Several months, maybe a year or longer, honestly. Hence the infrequency of LJ entries, and why some of the ongoing series-type posts just... stopped. I'm going to try to post more, maybe start with more Varney the Vampire for the tip jar, put up an e-book of the Twilight book entries, annotate some more Fifteen Minutes(es), I don't know. We'll see. Also, I haven't done it yet, but I'm going to have to turn on ads here on LJ. It is what it is, I guess. You do what you can, and try to keep your chin up as you do it.

ETA: Ah, my stepfather's come back from the doctor; it looks like he'll have to have a CAT scan to be sure, but not surgery now. So we've got that going for us.

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