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Occupation: Girl

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PSA: No Oscar liveblog
msauvage purple
I'm going to go ahead and call off the liveblog now because I hurt my back Wednesday morning--not horribly, but a really persistent, painfully uncomfortable strain in my lower back. The kind where it's not like you need surgery or something... but you need a lot of ice and a lot of lying very still. I can't even get into a good position to read a book or watch a movie, that's how annoying this is. (I bent down to pet Shelby, who was between my feet, and something decided to hate me when I raised up again. I spent the first day yelling from my bed, "This is so POINTLESS and IGNORANT," which is the word my mother and I use to mean "I feel like an idiot for screwing up something this simple.") Basically, I'm afraid I either won't be able to sit up and speed-type for four hours straight, or I'll make the injury worse by trying. Also, I have just gotten some Cyclobenzaprine (same thing as Flexeril?), a muscle relaxant that may or may not knock me out until Monday anyway. It seems better to just assume I will not be in blogging form.

Given that pretty much everyone these days livetweetblogs award shows, I don't think this is a need that will go unmet. If I am conscious, I could always try to write something up the day afterwards, who knows. At this point, I would be happy just to be able to watch the show. If I can fing at all, I will probably be on Twitter.

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Thanks. One time I wrenched my ankle either by basically standing still or taking one step down the front steps, I can't remember which. So much fun.

Back injuries bite so hard. I'm so sorry you're going through that and hope it resolves soon.

Aww! On the one hand, I was looking forward to your liveblog! On the other hand -- I did something mysterious to my lower back a few weeks ago and it's been mildly HELL ever since, so boy, do I ever hear you! Hope it gets better soon! :(

It's fine. Hope you feel better Monday! Or sooner, sooner is always good.

I did something very similar to my back a few years ago that cost me a looooot of money in chiropractic visits to repair. I hope you feel better soon!

Thanks, touchpad, for being a butt and posting before I was ready.

Edited at 2013-02-23 06:17 am (UTC)

Augh, back stuff is the worst. [sends heating pad and painkillers]

Aw, Cleo, I'm sorry. I threw out my back recently, so I (literally) feel your pain. We'll miss you, but the important thing is that you get your rest and don't make things worse. Praying you feel better very soon.

And just know that, although there are other award show livetweetbloggers, no one livetweetblogs better than you.

I know everyone has different body chemistry but maybe this will help in some small way.
I hurt my lower back somehow in late 2011 and after much experimentation, the correct combination of drugs was sussed out:
1) Midol Complete (OTC, includes a muscle relaxant)
2) Cyclobenzaprine (Rx, I see you're already taking that)
3) Toradol (Rx, anti-inflamatory, improved mobility)
The three beauties helped tame the small black hole of hate and pain that had taken up residence in my lower back.
Get better!

1) O rly? This time around I had been taking just plain painkiller Midol because it was ibuprofen and I could stack it on top of Aleve (naproxen)--I hoard and cherish Midol Complete for all the other PMS bullshit. And here I should have been taking it THIS WHOLE TIME.

2) I have not yet taken the Cyclo yet, because I keep thinking of things I need to do before I possibly pass out. Also, I have a deep terror of babbling uncontrollably, which I hear can be a side effect. I'm about to take a quarter of a 10 mg tablet just to see what happens.

I'm sorry to hear this -- and I mean about your back injury, not your Oscars liveblog not happening, as much as I enjoy reading those.

I hope you get better soon, and if you don't, that you go and see a doctor about it. I'm probably speaking the obvious here and I'd probably suggest seeing a doctor about it even if the pain as well as mobility do improve.

Also, I should point out, in case you're not aware about it already, that lying very still for hours on end can make low back pain worse and more likely to last longer: so take medications and start moving again asap (obviously to the extent that you can, don't overwork yourself!); try changing your position when you're in bed, use pillows (under your knees or between your legs when you're lying on the side) if you feel it provides comfort.

Finally, I'm sure I don't need to remind you that, but as I remember you take other medications (not sure what you're currently on), make sure that cyclobenzaprine is something you can actually take no problem.

Edited at 2013-02-23 02:40 pm (UTC)

Yeah, I've actually been having Mandatory Sitting Up Time (well, after the first couple of days when I couldn't) at my desk or the kitchen table, changing positions in bed, sometimes lying on my side, pillows under my knees, etc. So it's not lying *flat* very still, necessarily; it's lying (or sitting) in whatever position not doing anything to make it worse.

Remember to use hot as well as cold. Hot will relax the muscles around the injury, which tense up to protect it, and cold will numb the pain.* You should alternate between them

*autocorrect changed this to 'the heroin'. I suppose that's another, slightly hardcore, option. :p

See, at first everyone told me to use heat, so I did, and that made it worse. So then I used ice, and that seemed to help (it's more the right side of my lower back than the entire thing now), and I managed to get a couple of long hot showers in there. I don't know, I'm sort of playing it by ear (back?) at this point.

Oddly, sitting in the recliner with a blanket folded under my back and watching an hour of Argo seems to have been most helpful. *head tilt*

I will miss your liveblog (I don't twit - that's my technological line in the sand - get off my lawn!!!!!!!!), but it's substantially more important that you get better.

when I hurt my knee, my massage therapist had me ice it, sit in a hot epsom salt bath and then ice it again. it flushes the blood thru the injury. also, epsom salt baths are the bomb! I guess it's because of the magnesium in the epsom salts? anyway, I highly recommend it, assuming you can get in and out of the tub w/o aggrevating your sore back.

best wishes for a quick recovery.

My chiropractor recommends the same thing, alternating heating and icing. But a heating pad will do the trick nicely if you can't get in the tub.

Alternate with heat and then get a massage. For reals.

I hope you feel better soon!