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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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A follow-up
msauvage purple
You know, I don't actually want a new fandom endeavor to take over my LJ, but 1) can't really think of anything else to say at the moment 2) at least it's not Twilight.

(Wait, no, #1 is not entirely true. ATTENTION: Des Hommes et des Chatons is the best Tumblr ever. Also, always winter but never Stoker, I am so sad.)

They're rerunning the Hannibal pilot tonight, if you either got interested from reading the recap or now want to watch it and then read the recap.

We ended up having some super-interesting discussions in the comments. (Since we still had some logic questions, here's the short, untangled version of what happened.) (WARNING: There are some book/movie spoilers in the other threads that are probably relevant to later seasons of the show.) Also, I realized that I remember way less of Red Dragon than I thought I did and just broke down and ordered a copy of the book, which I haven't read in like 15-20 years when I was a teenager because when did I get so old?

Also, right when I'd decided it probably wasn't lung sausage... it was lung sausage.


@cinemablend: Matt Damon Aims To Change The World In Explosive First Trailer For Elysium

@comingsoonnet: Three More Posters for Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby

@TheAVClub: BBC America and BBC original recipe to partner on miniseries version of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

@cinemablend: Fast & Furious 6's Luke Evans To Star In Dracula

@EW: 'Ringworld' miniseries in the works at Syfy -- EXCLUSIVE

Meanwhile, I hunger. If only the thought of food didn't make me feel a smidge queasy these days.

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Your last line reminds me of the statement of Anthony Hopkins' in Bram Stoker's Dracula where Van Helsing says:

I starve! Feed me!

I've always immediately thought of Hannibal Lecter.

Grey :)

My mom served sausage for breakfast the morning after your recap. True story. I've never tried so hard to completely clear my mind and not think about anything while eating sausage.

Here's my question: what was filming that scene like for Hugh Dancy?

You might find this bit of Hannibal fanart relevent to your interests: Will and a puppy!

Also, I have decided that some scenes in Hannibal may be Will's reconstructions after the fact even if we see them more or less in real time. Hobb's daughter visiting him at the work site (same scene twice), Hannibal massaging the lungs and then cooking them. Literal dream logic, as it were. Show may contradict me soon but right now it makes more sense than Lector's lung discussion with the TSA. :D

Aw, I'm really glad you're doing recaps (or whatever!) again, just cause I missed seeing your thoughts and jokes at more than 140 characters at a time. Twitter has pluses and minuses. Even if it's not a regular thing — maybe one shouldn't EXPECT a gift, you know?

Aw. I don't know if I just needed the right thing to come along, or if the last two weeks were so tough that an "equal and opposite reaction" rebound was inevitable.

I have a good family friend who's a butcher and does lots of interesting sausages, and I can't decide if he would be offended or flattered that my first thought upon seeing the lung sausage discussion is "I bet Tom would have a LOT to add to this."

Edited at 2013-04-10 07:37 pm (UTC)

Well, apparently they have an actual gourmet chef consultant, so...

I'm kinda impressed that Hannibal makes his own sausage. But I guess he kinda has to.

Is there any significance to the fact that "lector" is Latin for "reader?" Beyond him being kind of an educated sort of cannibal?

I'm sure something could be made of the "text as body, body as text" approach to literary criticism.

That was always my feeling, yeah. It's never revealed to have any extra significance that I know of. You want to get deep with this and then you go, well, this is an author who was like, "What should I name my cannibal? OH!!"

HEEEE. If Will has to use an alias at some point, I hope he's like "I'm Bill...Cracker," and Hannibal just smiles and makes a small nod.

Edited at 2013-04-10 10:00 pm (UTC)

Well, Lecter also likes anagramming names.

("No, I'm NOT gonna tell someone I'm Wag Armhill!")

The best part is that I can't quite figure out which of those news links is best suited to be granted the title of "The Uwe Boll Slot"... :)

You kids and your cannibals!
I'm more concerned about the Ringworld/SyFy news because I'm in it! D:
I mean, there's a Kzin or two in Ringworld and I'm apprehensive as to how my race will be portrayed. Then again, they might recast Speaker To Animals as something totally different so they don't have to spring for a furry CGI upright tiger.
SyFy: ambitious, but rubbish.

I put down Ringworld in disgust when it was entirely too much about a 200 year old guy patronizingly manipulating and taking sexual advantage of an incredibly naive 18 year old girl (Niven seems to have a thing for nonsentient females in his alien species INCLUDING HUMANS HO HO HO vomits) and not enough about aliens, space travel, ancient artifacts, etc.

Apparently the texture of lung (like many organ meats, bluh liver) is weird and it seems to end up in haggis, stews, or sausages, so maybe he ground down the meat really finely. I'm sorry for pondering this, it looked so delicious on the screen...

(Deleted comment)
Louis: "... but what we found out was that each of us was an explorer,"
Speaker: "an alien,"
Nessus: "a basket case,"
Teela: "a princess,"
Louis: "and a criminal. Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours, the crew of the Lying Bastard."

Cleo! I love seeing you post (though I feel like saying that adds pressure TO post, which is not how it's intended.) It's just nice to come to this little corner of the internet and relax for a while, plus your thoughts, even on random things I don't normally have interest in, are interesting to me.

Sending good thoughts your way! SAD does not ever help anything, because if one little thing gets out of whack it's like the carefully constructed pyramid comes tumbling down and then WOE PIT. Anyway, good thoughts!

Ooh, Jonathan Strange miniseries!

Massaging lungs! I know what it was!

Hello! I was just indoctrinated into your blog of recapping goodness by a fellow Hannibalite. AND I have knowledge to share! I have been aching to find an appropriate forum to spread this information (I did not, however, go through and expand all the comments ever to see if anyone got there first, so please forgive me if I have been scooped). In the first episode when Hannibal is massaging the lungs, he is pressing out the air. After removal/death, human lungs retain a good bit of air inside the alveoli and smaller bronchi so they stay partially inflated (interesting tidbit: they can stay *fully* inflated if a person dies of an asthma attack). Well, I'm assuming any mammalian lungs do, but I'm only experienced in human ones. I'm assuming that in the context of preparing lungs (known as "lights" when you're eating them) for cooking, Hannibal wanted to press out any remaining air before cutting to ensure that his nice, even slices wouldn't be distorted by deflation.

How do I know this? Wouldn't you like to know... nah, I'm not actually going to leave it like that because I'd prefer not to have any authorities visiting me or whatever happens when you say freaky shit on the internet these days. I am a biologist and worked in a cystic fibrosis research lab where we acquired human lungs after death or lung transplant, and so I dissected lots of them. I got inured to the gross physical part pretty quickly, but the psychological aspects of handling life-necessary organs from the recently deceased (including kids) was pretty harrowing.

Hopefully that clears things up!

Re: Massaging lungs! I know what it was!

Hi hi!

Actually, no one has mentioned that yet, although when I saw him kneading the lungs this last time, I did wonder if it was to press out the air. So that makes sense.

"Lights" (which I've heard as slang elsewhere--Cockney? pirate? Can't quite remember) sounds a lot more appetizing, yeah.

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