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Hannibal 1x02: "Amuse-Bouche"
msauvage purple
PREVIOUSLY ON: EMPATH AND CANNIBAL: THEY FIGHT CRIME: Will Graham is the original FBI profiler haunted by his work, an empath with a tool that points two ways, a collector of dogs, a fragile little teacup, and a mongoose; Hannibal Lecter is the best at wearing suits but the worst at helping ever; SAUSAGE.

(I keep running into people who had no idea Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen are in this and/or that it's a Bryan Fuller show and then joyfully bounded off to watch it when they found out. So... go forth! Bound! Be joyous! Don't eat first!)

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Okay, so my problem is that I want to watch the show because going down the cast list on imdb it's like "Love him. Love him. LOVE her. Love him." and now that Bryan Fuller's just bringing people from his past shows on that's even more incentive to watch and I would love to get more context out of these wonderful recaps. But I just cannot with the gore. I feel way too freaked out just reading this.

(Anyone want to make supercuts of all the non-scary parts of the episode for me to watch? There's got to be a broader market for that.)

The only solution I can think of is, read the recap and then you'll know when not to look? NBC's website probably has a number of clips as well, which might the closest thing you could get.

This show is great and I hope it goes a good 4 seasons

We all know it can't keep going but the ride there will be great.

Who the hell is feeding Will's dogs?!

(Deleted comment)

I'm so behind that I haven't even started watching any of them. Like, someday I'm going to catch up on Game of Thrones and Elementary and what-all... someday. It takes a lot to actually make me watch a show NOW, as it airs.

I'm just commenting to say: I haven't seen this show and am very unlikely to watch it, but I am enjoying the hell out of these recaps.

So, I watched the first two eps because of your recaps, and:

A: I love it

B: Aaaaauuuuuuugggghhhh nooooooo whyyyyyy gaaaaaaaah never sleeping again etc.

(Deleted comment)
Hee. I'm just so glad people are discovering the show and liking it, because that makes me feel a little less weird.

It's also kind of amazing to get to write about something that, yes, you can have fun with, but is also genuinely good. I don't get to do that a whole lot.

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(Deleted comment)
That's a really interesting idea. I had been thinking of it with the modern element at the forefront--the mid-century "modern" furniture, the sea of blue in the middle, but with a hint of an old-fashioned, almost gothic (romantic?) element lurking and crawling up the sides. The shiny blue sofa's kind of fun, even--but with this blood-red wall behind it.

The thing is, I can't figure out what to make of the way they're using the color blue here. Red's obvious--but the first time we see Lecter, he's in that light blue suit, and in the picture with Freddie, she's the one in red, and he's the one in blue on the blue sofa. Unless it's sort of, a "safe" blue that lulls you into complacency, but the red is what's lurking at the edges and/or the people who might fall victim to that.

(On a totally separate note, my initial reading of 'See...See!' was that Garrett Hobbs was saying 'See how beautiful and fragile and important she is? See why I couldn't let her go?' but I could be completely off the mark.)

See, that's exactly how I read it when I initially saw the show, and that's why it creeped me out. But the conversation about how it must not have really been Hobbs that was "haunting" Will and it was really more about understanding how "good" killing could feel, that makes me think that's what "See?" was getting at?

I don't know, apparently it's very briefly in the book with no actual explanation.

(Deleted comment)
I love that the show is hinting at the things to come in the books. and since I read the first two before the start of the series, I'm happy to catch so many of them.

And I am SO GLAD I never ate mushrooms.

And considering what eventually happens to Freddy/Freddie, I think Lecter is the LEAST of her concerns.

And I kind of suspected he was feeding Jack long pork.

The interesting thing is, I remember maybe two instances of Lecter feeding people to... other people... in the original series. Tricking other people into cannibalism wasn't really as much a thing in the books, I don't think. (Although there was a dinner party mentioned, which I think is actually going to happen on the show?) So it's interesting to me, in terms of wondering what he could possibly get out of that. Like... he makes himself the apex predator and people who displease him are just "livestock"? He asserts power over people by tricking them into doing something incredibly taboo that would traumatize them if they realized they'd done it? I don't know.

(Deleted comment)
Well, I think you could argue that's a major aspect of how People In Hannibal/Dracula Etc. works. Like, when Movie Dracula says, "I never drink... wine," WE KNOW. Or, like, Jonathan nicks his throat while shaving and it's like OH GOD OH GOD DRACULA'S IN THE ROOM WHEN DID HE GET HERE AHHHHHHH. It's just that we forget, or need to remember, that the characters aren't alerted to danger by these developments the way we are. It's great when Crawford's like, "Hannibal Lecter would be the best therapist for you!" and we're like *enjoyable facepalm.* We just have to remember that, you know, this sounds entirely reasonable to him.

(YAAAAY I HAVE REELED IN ANOTHER. I am trying really hard not to be One of THOSE Fans, so basically I'm just having to let the recaps out do the talking and keep my mouth shut otherwise. No "you guys this is the BEST SHOW!! you HAVE TO WATCH IT!!!" flailing across Twitter. Because I'm pretty sure people would get real tired of that real fast.)

(Deleted comment)
Hey...anyone remember this scene from King Arthur?

I mean, I remembered it, but I didn't remember it if you get what I'm saying.

Also that Ravenstag can just go away right now. Mushroom people are awful but that is not at all a neutral beast.

You know, I have no idea why I'm not watching this. I watch Dexter, so I have no problem with serial killers, and I watch Game of Thrones and True Blood, so I have no problem with gore. *should go catch up on Hulu*

Though it's interesting how far we've come in the gore department. Silence of the Lambs is rated R, and "all" it has is once scene of a guy's face getting cut off (which we only see the results of, not the actual cutting). Twenty years later, and look what they're showing on basic network TV.

To be fair, I do remember people being so covered in blood that they were unrecognizable, plus that guy hung up on the jail cell, plus some Unusually Objectionable Language and some nastiness in the basement. I mean, I feel like that R was earned.

Even so, I'm astonished by what they got away with in the first episode. The "copycat" murder scene, for example. This is probably a good time to start watching, though. Not so far in that you have a ton to catch up on, but far enough that people can confirm that it turned out pretty well.

I love that this show has inspired you to follow it and write recaps!

(Christ, they're getting way too creative with these serial killer motivations. I keep thinking to myself, "Putting diabetics in living diabetic comas because that's great feed for a mushroom garden. RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT.")

Excellent recap! I think I am going to have to start watching, much as I already feel overwhelmed by tv.

This may be a dumb question, but are the books....good? I've read none of them, though I like, y'know, books, and also serial killers, so they seem like they'd be up my alley. I know (I presume) I don't need them to understand the series (or, obviously, the recaps), but I am happy to put them on my List if they are fun reads. Thoughts?

Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs are kind of genre touchstones, I think? They're both pretty good. I would argue that the former's better than either of the movie adaptations (Manhunter and Red Dragon), and the movie of the latter is a smidge better. The show is completely made up, based on the back story in Red Dragon--so, you read it, and you're going to find out exactly how/why Lecter ended up getting caught. You may not want to be spoiled for that aspect of the show; knowing might just increase the tension. Your choice on that one. But both the books are good.

The third book, Hannibal (OMG, THE CONFUSING TITLES), is... divisive. The end made me Not Happy. (The movie went with a different ending.) I didn't even give the fourth one (young Lecter back story) the time of day because I was so mad. I'm pretty sure there's only four books, though.

Aah, the mention of Red Dragon is interesting. The bit with Hobb's "See? See" made me think of Dolarhyde's "Do you see? Do you see?" when he's explaining his plan.

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I pvr the episodes so I caught myself watching a scene then catching up with the recap during the commercials. :)

Although I'm glad you catch the live tweets -- I don't twitter -- and confirmation is good. I was like "am I really seeing feathers popping out of the elk's butt?" oO