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Hannibal 1x02: "Amuse-Bouche"
msauvage purple
PREVIOUSLY ON: EMPATH AND CANNIBAL: THEY FIGHT CRIME: Will Graham is the original FBI profiler haunted by his work, an empath with a tool that points two ways, a collector of dogs, a fragile little teacup, and a mongoose; Hannibal Lecter is the best at wearing suits but the worst at helping ever; SAUSAGE.

(I keep running into people who had no idea Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen are in this and/or that it's a Bryan Fuller show and then joyfully bounded off to watch it when they found out. So... go forth! Bound! Be joyous! Don't eat first!)

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Thank you for recapping this because it compelled me to watch this amazing, screwed up show. AND, the recaps give me the happies I used to have reading Television Without Pity back in the day! They're wonderful.

Is anyone else getting that the office represents Hannibal's brain, like, to him?

It's his place of power, his domain, where he keeps his memories and his knowledge. He thinks and works and plans there. The red walls would play into that, as well as the eclectic furniture and the rather grand scale of the place. Plus, those two windows on one wall are like the eyeballs.

It doesn't seem to be an office that would put most people at ease. It's a space that can make a person feel insignificant and lost. I freaking love it and if I went there I'd be all "forget the therapy, I'm going to check out your books." From the bits I remember of his house and kitchen, that place is bare and hard, giving nothing away. Hannibal really lives in his office.

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Whee, I caught up!

The Mushroom guy reminded me a lot of Sy in One Hour Photo. And yes, I guess we will end up paranoid, not going anywhere and only eat bread and water when this show is over.

I was also cringing when Freddy did not want to give Hannibal the bag and mouthing GIVE IT TO HIIIM. I also wonder, with Freddy being the most rude character in the whole canon, how she will manage to survive a whole season. I like that they didn't just genderswitch him but made her rude and ruthless in another way (and I also like her hair and clothes and can't understand why the officer still talked to her - she was mentioned in ep. 01 by Crawford already, so she is a known offender - didn't he read the memo "DO NOT TALK TO THE FASHIONABLY DRESSED REDHEAD".

Random fact, because you mentioned her fail to hide the camera, I write about camers a lot and there are so many better ways. There are camers as small as your palm, hidden in pens, in binoculars, in all kind of things and they are more than enough to provide good pictures for a blog. Freddy really has to learn some more secret agent skills.

The whole Crawford-Graham relation always was defined by Crawford using Graham as a tool because it's the best he has while KNOWING it will rip him apart at some day, which kind of kills him because he likes Graham and I really like how Fishburne plays this out. The pony dialogue made me blink, though (in the German translation of SotL Will is described as the "fastest hound" that ever ran in Crawford's pack, poor guy gets piled with animal metaphors.

"I liked killing Hobbs," whispers Will, trembling. "Killing must feel good to God too," says Lecter. "He does it all the time. And are we not created in His image? God's terrific. He dropped a church roof on 34 of his worshippers last Wednesday night in Texas, while they sang a hymn." "And did God feel good about that?" asks Will, in a panicky, almost childlike tone, like he thinks Lecter actually personally knows what God thinks.

"He felt powerful," says Lecter.

Will stares at him, shaking.

That scene broke my heart. Although I try to keep telling myself "I know how it ends, there will be no hope for poor Will anyway, you read about it a dozen times", Dancy manages to re-evoke this sympathy for Will I had when I read "Red Dragon" for the very first time. And it will first get better with Molly and everything and THIS SHOW, TOO MANY FEELS.

... I need some icons.

Oh and thank youf or your extensive dialogue quoting because I had not subtitles this time and really troubles to both understand Lecter and Graham and I assumed that Brian had been screwing Freddy but wasn't sure and didn't understand "You used me" at all.

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I didn't think I'd be interested in this show, but after reading these recaps, I'm too intrigued to stay away. I think I'm going to give it a shot. At least I can get my husband to watch it with me and bury my face in his chest if I get really freaked out. Yes, I am a coward. :)

Also, thanks to the nearsighted commeter who mentioned how effective taking her glasses off for awful gory bits is. I don't have the strongest stomach, so I'll definitely be trying that out.

This is kind of random, and I know this is a few weeks ago for you, but you know what the scene in Lecter's office with him and Will reminded me of? The scene where Will befriends the stray dog. With Will up in the library, wandering round, and Lecter just standing still, all calm, letting him have as much space as he needs. Offering 'titbits' of understanding until Will feels like it's worth his while, and safe, to be around him.

Poor Will.


Which is an interesting idea, Lecter collecting strays himself, considering that he's now got both Will and Abigail.

I prefer Will/Beverly over Will/Alana- if Will has to have romance before Molly comes along. I feel like Alana is too maternal with him, she treats him like a fragile person that needs to be bubble wrapped. Beverly is the only one on the show not manipulating Will or treating him like a fragile little tea cup/broken pony. She treats him like a human being.

But I'd be completely ok with just more scenes of Will-Beverly becoming snarky BFFs with a weird sense of humor.

"(Even after I'd posted the recap, I couldn't put my finger on why Lecter would call up Hobbs and warn him--until I realized that, if they caught Hobbs, the investigation's over, Lecter's new friends go home, and he has no one to play with. He wanted Hobbs to run, so that he and Will could keep "investigating" him; that's why he was on the porch all like, "Huh. Started killing his family. Didn't see that coming. Bonus, I guess." This is my theory, at any rate.)"

It could be, but I think Hannibal knew that Hobbs was derailing and that the phone call would send him off the edge. I think he wanted to put Will in a "kill or be killed" situation and to have him kill Hobbs (he does it again in "Fromage" with Tobias). That's my theory anyhow.

Great recap as usual, I also love you bringing in the cast tweets- loved them.

In retrospect, yeah, it does seem like it was another "set up a trap to make you prove your worth" situation.

You'll love the recaps as they go on, then, because I continue bringing in select cast/crew tweets. :) And then @DireRavenstag shows up. (It's not me.)

I love Will and Beverly, yeah--I would be super happy just to see them become BFF, although I wouldn't mind a romance, either. I think I'm into the idea of a Will/Alana thing because I'm assuming (...perhaps incorrectly) that it would even up the power balance, and she would start treating him more like a partner and less like a child. Like when Will is basically called up to Crawford's office with Alana and Lecter--his "parents"--to get yelled at. An actual relationship with her, one would hope, would shift him from child to adult in that triangle--whereas, say, Lecter and Alana hooking up would probably only reinforce it.

In retrospect, yeah, it does seem like it was another "set up a trap to make you prove your worth" situation.

He does it quite often, it seems to be his best method of testing friendship. WILL- YOU DON'T WANT TO BE HIS FRIEND, RUN AWAY!!!

I think I'm into the idea of a Will/Alana thing because I'm assuming (...perhaps incorrectly) that it would even up the power balance, and she would start treating him more like a partner and less like a child. Like when Will is basically called up to Crawford's office with Alana and Lecter--his "parents"--to get yelled at. An actual relationship with her, one would hope, would shift him from child to adult in that triangle--whereas, say, Lecter and Alana hooking up would probably only reinforce it.

Well, if that happens then I'll be ok with Will/Alana for the short term (Molly for the win!) but as it stands, I can't deal with her treating him like a kid and I feel like Alana is right when she later says "we're not good for each other". On the other hand, Beverly (platonic, or otherwise) is good for Will- she gets him to interact socially, she's kinda weird as well and treats him like a grownup.

I'm not sure if I like Hannibal/Alana or not, I like their flirty banter, but I'm not sure I'd like to see him in a relationship (with anyone?) with her- he'd be lying and manipulating her the whole time. Now I'm very intrigued with Hannibal/Bedelia (?) and their history- they feel more like equals than Hannibal-Alana (he was her mentor. She does stand up to him though).

Random uber-belated new!fan comment

I was a bit busy when I first saw this episode, what with reading 10 fanfics at once and giggling and petting the dog and eating a sandwich, but when I saw the bit about God my brain went 'favorite book line that wasn't in the movie OMG God begets terror He's an elf the line is in this show I must tell someone!'

So I ran around, remembered my folks were out ATM and blithered at the poor bewildered dog.

"That... looks like an ear. I couldn't quite articulate "that looks like a severed ear floating in gore," but that's the mental image I was having, yeah."

Just finished watching the series and it is like you are psychic! (because of what happens in the last episode).

(also, you may have all ready mentioned this ear thing in that recap but I am only this far in the recaps)

I haven't gotten a romance vibe from Alana at all, especially because Will and human interaction are unmixy things.

Thanks for the Bryan Fuller Tweets! I totally had no idea what the hell Brian was talking about—I'm still not quite sure who Brian even is—but the deleted scene puts it in context. Also, the movie homage! Also, the fact that the amazing final scene is from the book. I'm thinking I should read Red Dragon at some point. And the rest of the books? They're good?

I'm also amused by how much you hate Freddie Lounds, which I guess is from knowing the character in the books. I had no idea who she was and honestly thought she'd been eaten, but clearly she's an important character in the series. I like her; she's a wild card.

I've had mushrooms twice since seeing this episode.

Also yes to your entire last paragraph. I love Will's character arc and I can't wait for the terrible moment when he loses that battle with himself.

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I haven't gotten a romance vibe from Alana at all

Hang in there. It's gonna get complicated.

I'm still not quite sure who Brian even is

Well, Brian is one of the three lab techs, the one who's kind of snarky towards Will (as opposed to Beverly and Jimmy). Over the course of the season, it's sort of implied that he resents Will coming in with his out-of-the-blue magical empath insights, so he antagonizes him a little. It's really not all that explicit, but having heard people from the show discuss it, I can see how he was probably sort of miffed that Will's joined the team and willing to run his mouth to the random girl he hooked up with WHO WAS A TABLOID REPORTER OOPS. That's what I've gathered was supposed to have happened.

The thing is, in the books, Freddie is a really pushy, sleazy, not-that-smart guy who's pretty loathsome. (And the Red Dragon movie took away the one thing he really had going for him--this can-do sort of hustle--and made him kind of sleepy and sloppy.) But I came to really love Freddie as a character on the show--she's a great antagonist, very smart and very calculating. She's really a very different person from the books. And what I love is that she's so driven by her own self-interest that she's not really going to stay loyal to any specific character per se--I fully expect her to change her allegiances in this second season for a specific reason--which, as you say, makes her a wild card. We only know for sure that she ought to be with us through season four (the Red Dragon plot) because Bryan Fuller has affirmed his commitment to, uh, having her there Because Book Reasons.

And the rest of the books? They're good?

Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs are great. Hannibal is... a thing that happened. Like, about a third of it is fantastic and then the rest of it kind of has to be seen to be believed. (Not just the movie, either. The book is ten times weirder, and has a WILDLY different ending.) After that, I avoided Hannibal Rising (the Young Hannibal prequel, basically) in every medium, although I'm thinking now about going back and seeing what happened there.

Just decided to look up Stammets' comment about mycelium knowing you are there and look what I found, though you may have come across this already. http://www.spaceoflovemagazine.com/article_7_5.htm