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Hannibal 1x06: "Entrée"



This episode is a thing of beauty and delight once you realize what they're doing. But since I'm largely staying away from spoilers, I didn't know, and thus I spent much of it shouting at the TV in a fit of fangirl pique. Bear with me, then.

Disturbing content and Eddie Izzard, as promisedCollapse )

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So I finally (!) got through the first 6 episodes, and went back and re-read the recaps. I think my favorite thing about Gideon trying to play the Dashing Murder Wizard is that he's clearly trying to be very deliberate in all of his physical actions. His nonchalant swing up off the bed when he sees Alana is very "I am in control of myself and all I survey," but it's not quite the amazingly creepy stillness we see from Hannibal, no matter who's playing him.

I'm going to watch ep 7 tomorrow, before even reading the recap, just for a fun change.

It's very much like he's trying to play a part, isn't it? Like everything is very consciously done for effect. And yet, not well enough to hide the fact that it's done for effect, which is incredibly subtle.

I think you'll have fun with this next one.

omg! since hannibal is the worst ever, i bet the tongue he served them was from miriam! O_O

I love how this episde was a blend of 'Silence' and 'Red Dragon'. It was a great homage and left everything so wide open, it left me excited about what the show could do on their own (and how they'd make Will find out).

"I love how half a dozen of y'all who saw it in Canada the night before came straight over to warn me about My Personal Squick."

I've got the exact same squick- I can't let people even come near my eyes (when I first got contact, I spent 3 hours there trying to get them in myself, because I wouldn't let anyone near my eyes). But I was strangely ok with it this episode for some reason.

Ladies and gentlemen: a man who needs a facepunch every day of his life. - OH DEAR GOD YES! I hate this smarmy flop psychiatrist, but in a weird way, I can't wait for him to get his hands on Hannibal (when he's incarcerated) cause Hannibal will hate it and it might amuse me. Freddie at least has style and is good at her job- Chilton is just a weasely flop.

"You know, if I were a guest Killer of the Week on this show, I would be so pissed that my character had all these, uh, interesting things to do and then they were like, NOPE! Hugh Dancy gets to do that, thank you for your time!"

I kinda love it? What other show has the main character doing all the killing? Also I'm sure Hugh loves all the different acting muscles he gets to flex (him as the kid killer in episode 4 killed me- he really felt like a kid and it was the most animated we've seen him when he was empathising).

"Well, I hope you don't charge him full price, then"

I kinda feel like the Hannibal-Will conversations are for free? Otherwise, even if he pays a dollar for it, it's officially therapy and Hannibal would be in trouble for talking to Jack about it (not that he'd care, but so that people don't get suspicious of his ethics).

"In retrospect? That's a knife, and Lecter just twisted it. You are a terrible person, sir."

He's been twisting it since his "ever lose a pony, Jack?" in episode 2, the bastard. He's been waiting to gloat for two years. And I agree- LF is great in these scenes and while I hate how Jack treats Will (especially later on in RD), I can appreciate what he goes through and his guilt over how he puts 'the job' over his agents. It's all "the end justifies the means", but it kills him inside to do it. I love complicated characters.

"Here we are," says Freddie, smiling. "A bunch of psychopaths helping each other out."

I loved Freddie and that whole scene. I love the loathing Will feels every time he sees her- it gives me life. Their relationship is going to be so much fun to watch.

See, here's what I'm trying to figure out. Clearly, the "Ripper" left a hair from Miriam's head. He made sure there were impressions of someone having laid on the bed. Her fingerprints were left on the phone. Did Lecter take Miriam's body in there with him?

When the scene played out, I told my family "oh, he must have chopped her up and put her in a freezer for two years and he brought a hand and the head to Jack's house". This is the way my mind works, it scares me sometimes.

Oh God, please let this show be renewed forever and ever. Let me live to see the day they get to that scene.

Amen. I at least need to see their 'Red Dragon', cause it'll be EPIC.

Is he relatively gentle (no, he is, really weirdly ) because of the chivalrous ("chivalrous") streak, or because he's just trying to accomplish this as quietly as possible, or because he genuinely, in some way, regrets having to kill her for just politely doing her job?

I feel like there was a bit of this- Hannibal is killing people who are rude or threaten his life/freedom and while he had no problem killing Miriam, I'm sure he appreciated her and wished he didn't have to do it. Which doesn't stop him from screwing with Jack's head and tormenting him.


I know, right? This is so freaking exciting. It makes more sense that Will who has known Hannibal for over a year wouldn't find out by stumbling on a drawing (that inspired a killing over two years ago)- so by giving it to Miriam, they're free to give it their own spin. AND I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Love your recap as usual. Thanks also for the squick warning. This is one of mine too and this was the first episodeI had to cover my eyes - just can't handle!

This just aired in UK so we're still behind but great news for Season 2.

SO EXCITING, right? I will say, the show has somehow steadily gotten even gorier, so I'm trying to give people plenty of notice in terms of the many, varied squicks they may encounter.

That said? It's continued to be uniformly great, but the next two episodes are my favorites so far, I think. Y'all are in for a treat.

I hope I can read all of Season 1 before Season 2, comes on. If not, I'll still read it and then, try to keep up with Season 2 better. I wish I could write with such detail, as you do! Not about this show, but about whatever things I write about.

Can't wait to read the one about the zombie-girl. I think I may have read it already, but I'm reading them all in order now.

Uh. Hope you guys weren't that attached to her.
My whole world crumbled and I had to take a minute to mourn. And then I appreciated the perfect casting.

Gideon: "Never liked being called the Chesapeake Rrripper. Maybe something with a little more wit." See, this is why it's so important to have a name that rhymes with how you're evil; you gotta give these people more to work with than "Abel the Unstable."

"He's a medical doctor, isn't he? That's why you call him the Ripper?" (No, we... call him the Ripper because he... rips people? Jack the Ripper was never proven to be anyone, much less a doctor.)
Well, one of the potentials was a doctor (cf. From Hell), so I assumed that was the reference. But it was a weird line.

So! That's the first time we've actually seen Lecter kill anyone. (Wait, no--attack anyone? I no longer know what's up or down or even dead at all.)
YES! Oh my God it was awful. And, yeah, I realize now she couldn't have been dead because he hasn't recorded her yet.

You are literally the absolute worst, sir.

I thought this episode was just an interesting stand-alone for a while and then suddenly shit got way too real AND IT WAS IN THE PAST.

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