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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Somewhat delayed from posting last night: a linkspam
I can already tell we're not going to have enough room in the finale recap for all the extraneous bits, so let's just go ahead and have a linkspam now. Also, if you would like to do a recap reread before the finale tomorrow night (I'm going to, but then, that's more of a "recapper continuity" thing for me), episode one, "Apéritif," is here, and you ought to be able to hit "Continue" at the bottom of each one.

(There are no finale spoilers here. A couple of later episodes get discussed in some depth, however; if you're not caught up with the season or you're in a different region, be advised.)

FIRSTLY. Miss Freddie at tattle-crime.com on Tumblr has posted an excellent interview with Bryan Fuller--full of potential spoilers for the future, but no concrete spoilers for the finale (other than something about the music, IIRC). He does address the Ravenstag symbolism, though, and drops an interesting tidbit about where they nearly went with the Crawford casting. Honestly, I skimmed the interview a bit because I was spoiler-shy, so I can't promise it's entirely safe, but it didn't tell me anything I desperately did not want to know in advance, so. Also, watching fans flail with joy in the reblogs over "Never say never" gives me life. I mean that sincerely.

Also, I was going to say, "Once you've nabbed ~Our Lord and Master,~ there's not really anywhere to go but down," but Freddie's lined up a number of big-name interviews since then, so maybe I'll just sit over here and be impressed with myself instead:

@Tattle_Crime: Official announcement #Fannibals! Yours truly is pleased to announce a post-finale interview with the lovely @cleolinda! #Hannibal

@cleolinda: I mean, you try to turn down an interview with Miss Freddie/ @Tattle_Crime --she was already in the bushes anyway.

@Tattle_Crime: I REALLY like your azaleas by the way!

@cleolinda: We actually have azaleas. o_O

By the way, everybody dust off your riot gear because there will be a Hannibal panel at SDCC: "The panelists will include Fuller, Hugh Dancy ('Will Graham'), David Slade (executive producer/director) and Martha De Laurentiis (executive producer). Fuller tells me they’ll be showing a sizzle reel highlighting what occurred in Hannibal: Season 1, followed by a Q&A about what to expect in Season 2 of the critically acclaimed series." If you go and manage to get in and live to tell the tale, I want ALL THE REPORTS from this.

@eruvadhril: Oh god. Hannibal Lecter at Comic Con. His freezer would be stocked for MONTHS.

(And suddenly, a fic about Lecter hunting cosplayer-harassing menaces sprang into being.)

@cleolinda: I expect the first question at the Q&A to be "ARE YOU OKAY? DO YOU NEED A HUG?"

@eruvadhril: "Have you had them check for encephalitis? You should really have them check for encephalitis."

@cleolinda: "WHO IS TAKING CARE OF THE DOGS?!?!?"

@eruvadhril: "Who do you think you're talking to? There's nobody else here. This is an empty theatre."

D: D: D: D: D:

Seriously, though, I'm on my knees begging you here--don't be The People Who Ask Weird Questions. Kacey Rohl's already getting them on Twitter (and then RTing without answering, which is kind of hilarious). Go forth and be chill, and be the ambassadors of chillaxity to all those whom you meet.

Meanwhile, I don't know if you've seen the NBC Hannibal Tags tumblr, but it highlights a few of the magnificent NBC Hannibal tags. CAVEAT: The tags tumblr has spoilers up through episode 12, if you're in a region that's further behind in the season; even for the U.S., the official tumblr posts pictures and video previews for the next week's episode, so if you're going into the finale completely cold, don't go there. If you don't mind spoilers? The tags tumblr only scrapes the surface of the official one. POR EJEMPLO: Someone Please Help Will Graham (#Help! #*shoots flare* #*conch shell* #*light house* #*fog horn* #*smoke signals*).


@NBCHannibal: Fannibals! The #HelpWillGraham Campaign needs YOU. See how you can win a signed Finale script and more! tmblr.co/ZnS_MvnkAIZT

(#You're the most creative bunch in all the land #Comic sans powerpoint posters also accepted)

@winston_graham: happy birthday hugh dancy. i hope you're enjoying your life because will is not enjoying his

Wait, he turned thirty-eight yesterday? THIS WEEK ON EMPATH AND CANNIBAL: Crawford finds a portrait in Will's attic, damn.

A stretch of Dire Ravenspam:

Peoples of the Internet, I bring you: the Dire Ravensnoopy.

@takentogether: @DireRavenstag A worthy street art tribute to your direness: streetartutopia.com/?p=12018

@Venneh: And now you can drink @DireRavenstag. Enjoy, fleshmeats. #thisismydesign

@winston_graham: winston's fact of the day: will has 7 dogs which is enough to start a small sled team

@DrAlanaBloom: I wonder if @DireRavenstag would help guide the sleigh...

Used to laugh and call him names. USED TO. (Warning: nature, a bit red in tooth and claw.)

From Tumblr (I just really want to post this gif):

borgevino: HANNIBAL: tune in next week to see will graham’s life get even worse!!!


combeferrestateofmind: #suddenly that gif has found its true fandom

MEANWHILE. Somewhat hilariously inevitably, everybody wants to dress like Hannibal Lecter, M.D., GQMF, now. Including actual GQ. ("He's actually one of the more positive characters I've ever played." *head tilt*)

westonian: Everything Hannibal Lecter does is flat-out evil. Everything. He was designed as a perfectly evil creature, and daaaaaang.

cleolinda: Kind of like the xenomorph, really. Just with a better wardrobe.

Maybe that's more true of the more bitey versions of the character, who knows. (Real talk: you know we're all waiting for some biteyness.) Which leads me into a giant chunk of meta that I cut from the previous recap because Livejournal literally would not let me post it if I didn't chop it out:

Exclusive Interview: HANNIBAL news on Season 1, Season 2 and beyond from showrunner Bryan Fuller. (I can't remember what kind of spoilers are or aren't here, other than the fact that I'm about to discuss "Fromage" and "Relevés.")

I love the look after he snaps his patient’s [Franklyn, played by Dan Fogler] neck when he’s confronted by [Tobias] Budge and drops [Franklyn] like a bag of rocks, and just looks back at [Budge] with this innocent kind of, “Well, what’s next? What shall we do now?” It’s so delightful, because it wasn’t like, “I just killed a man because he had it coming because he was annoying,” it was like, “Well, that happened, and now I’m curious what happens next.”

Which, of course, is what Lecter actually says at the end of "Relevés," regarding pretty much everything he's done: "I was curious what would happen." But almost all of y'all, myself included, additionally interpreted the scene where he kills Franklyn and then shoots Tobias a look as WELL YOU BROKE MY TOY, SO WHAT NOW. Intention vs. interpretation only worries me because that I'm basically retelling the story of what's happened to a number of recap-only readers, and if I'm wildly off-base, that ripples out towards y'all. (This is also why I so highly recommend reading the comments on the recaps--y'all's alternative insights and dissenting opinions--and why I go back and edit in links to some of those threads now and then.) Such as:

And there are people who see that and think, “Oh, that guy was dead from the moment we saw him,” and I’m like, “Well, this version of Hannibal would consider that rude,” because Franklyn hasn’t done anything terrible in terms of his humanity.

Which is an interesting take on the Lecter-Franklyn dynamic--particularly because everyone wanted him to get eaten tout de suite we're introduced to a character analogue that we know Lecter kills in the book because he's deeply annoyed with the guy, and we almost immediately see Lecter... being deeply annoyed with the guy. The actual performance there, with "the lion in the room," was kind of ominous (and he did not seem happy about that tissue). And yet, knowing now how Fuller was approaching that, Lecter does seem a lot more patient with Franklyn--particularly in "Sorbet"--than you would expect, yeah. In particular, here's something I'd also seen mentioned elsewhere: "Here he is, this fallen angel who is capable of horrific things, but yet has an awe for humanity and an appreciation of the [human] condition." He's "completely Other," Fuller says, which is something we picked up on as early as the first episode, a certain alien quality, and discussed again this past couple of weeks (somewhere. God knows where, at this point). Considering this, I do tend to think that Lecter's emotions center on himself, as someone who relates to humanity from the outside, observationally, rather than from within (as Will does, and to an extreme). I mean, Fuller goes on to say, "[Franklyn's] clearly a lost and lonely man, and I think Hannibal has empathy for that." Whereas I just really saw "Franklyn's lonely, and that makes me think of how lonely I feel" (cue "Lacrimosa"), which is... maybe a very self-centered form of cognitive empathy? Personal distress, but not empathic concern? It's weird sometimes, trying to reconcile what you feel like you're seeing and what you're told was intended. That said, I also feel like You Are the Absolute Worst is not incompatible with Fallen Angel. It was Lucifer who became Satan, after all.

(I will offer Bryan Fuller actual cash money to reference the "omg Edward is a sparkle marble angel Adonis" shot with the taxidermy owl from the first Twilight movie just for the lulz. For real, I have at least twenty bucks and a Barnes & Noble gift card in my purse right now.)

ALSO-MEANWHILE. Apparently there is a tumblr doing livetweets of the "Chesapeake Ripper trial," which I love the idea of. (Also, Colbert Report gifs.) I've talked about this in the comments more than once, but I am FASCINATED by the idea of how all of this would play out in modern media--Twitter melting down for HOURS the day Lecter's arrested as the news comes out bit by unconfirmed bit, the awful pictures everyone warns for but looks at anyway, the Dateline NBC specials, how CNN would manage to fuck up the coverage, Anderson Cooper wandering around Baltimore looking foxy and appalled, Nancy Grace never ever shutting up, Fox News figuring out how to blame it all on Obama, the obnoxious op-eds claiming various sociopolitical hobbyhorses led to all of this, TMZ stalking poor Will, the Buzzfeed listicles, arguments and gifs in the Jezebel comments, the Reddit Ask Me Anything--I think someone already mocked up a Time magazine cover somewhere? Also, while I'm already down here begging, please let us see an article headlined TATTLE CRIME EXCLUSIVE: I HAD SALAD WITH A CANNIBAL. That's all I want* (*not really all I want).

A few things I snipped from various recaps for time/space:

The chicken soup was not people (unless it was totally people). Also... sorry about your Fluffy Chicken, Tumblr.

@scottlynch78: This is just to say: I have eaten / the census taker / who was on / my doorstep / who was / probably just / hoping / to test me.

Not exactly "People in Dracula Don't Know They're in Dracula," but Eddie Izzard knows what we're talking about. (Longtimers, see if you can figure out at exactly which point in this unrelated bit that I started laughing hysterically.)

There are some arguments as to whether the wendigo is actually associated with deer. I'm just gonna throw this out here for you anyway.

Hannibal and Will: Pas de Mort. And this was written before the Ravenstag bit (trying to be vaguer than previously!) in last week's preview.

So that's what the fish hook/thumb-sucking thing was all about (it's my new headcanon, at least).

@gongxian: @cleolinda Hannibal foreshadowing in Wonderfalls nearly 10 years ago! pic.twitter.com/MITpQfC4l9

@catmanscrothers: @BryanFuller I think my psych book watches #NBCHannibal pic.twitter.com/4weZ3dzH1k

How could we engineer humans to have more empathy? And somewhere, Will is in a corner sobbing, "More?"

Meanwhile, Chez Cleo: I found a stranger-handkerchief neatly folded in my laundry. Then my glasses went missing. I am 1) getting concerned, 2) never making it up.

@winston_graham: *whispers "it's almost thursday" in your ear as you sleep*


I've acquired a fresh bottle of moscato. How are y'all drowning your feels?

Oh by the way once again SPOILER POLICY FOR COMMENTS. Short version: MY FINALE INNOCENCE IS PRECIOUS TO ME. RUIN IT AND I WILL sigh and get over it SMITE YOU.

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@eruvadhril: "Who do you think you're talking to? There's nobody else here. This is an empty theatre."
This is the best thing ever.

Given that we know most of the cast are supposed to survive up until Red Dragon, tonight I am most worried for (a) Hannibal's office, (b) Winston, (c) the Ravenstag, and (d) Gillian Anderson *flings self in front of the Best Office Ever*

"Never say never"
Ah yes, that episode where Will tries to figure out if Hannibal's a cannibal by French kissing him. Science!

See, I'm kind of expecting a Judas kiss, if they ever do the scene with the linoleum knife. I mean, you want to distract a guy from the knife in your hand while being as melodramatic as possible...

I'm not worried about Winston, because Bryan Fuller swore he wouldn't hurt the dogs. After that, I am pretty much worried about everyone who is not the title character of the show.

(Deleted comment)

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
"(Longtimers, see if you can figure out at exactly which point in this unrelated bit that I started laughing hysterically.)"

Elven queen? Honestly, I'm laughing too hard at "THE MEEK, THEY WANT IT ALL" to think about anything else.

I'm going to guess "Galadriel?" as well. Somehow I'd not seen that Izzard bit previously. (Not that I seek them out necessarily, but, you know... Internet osmosis.)

I was going to die laughing at the Dire Ravensnoopy, but I had already died laughing at Miss Freddie in your azaleas, so, you know. Difficult to do it twice.

Honestly, I never knew I could get so many giggles out of a show I wouldn't dream of watching in a million years. All hail, Queen of the Recappers and Linkspammers!

Hee, it's not just me, though. I see all kinds of people on other people's reblogs being like, "I don't even watch this show and I love the fandom stuff," or "I don't even know anything about it and I want someone to hug Will Graham." It probably helps that there's some general pop-culture knowledge of who the title character is, to make it accessible on at least some surface level. Like, you see the "Psychiatric Help 5¢" stand and you get the joke, even if you're like "wtf is a ravenstag."




I demand a livestream.

(Or them coming to FanExpo in Toronto. Because it's right around when they'll start up filming again. YOU GUYS WILL ALREADY BE THERE! COME ON, COME DOWN FOR THE MORNING!)

(Deleted comment)
And suddenly, a fic about Lecter hunting cosplayer-harassing menaces sprang into being.

Our horrific pal could dine for years on all the "rude" available at your average convention. Not that I'm encouraging such a solution, mind you. (Ewww.)

I think his super sense of smell would probably deter him from hunting too extensively at conventions. That said, if you're gonna do the Rudeness Vigilante heroification thing, you might as well have him do it at a con.

@gongxian: @cleolinda Hannibal foreshadowing in Wonderfalls nearly 10 years ago! pic.twitter.com/MITpQfC4l9

Ooooh, I forgot about that episode! I've got the DVDs for Wonderfalls, and I haven't watched them in a while. Time to do that again.

On another note, I'll be saving watching the finale until I can watch the entire first season in one uninterrupted sitting. I'll need to start over at the beginning, but it'll be so worth it. Plus, I don't think my heart can handle the stress of watching this show without the spoilers in your recaps. I'm already spoiled for what happens later since I read the books, so it's not too different.

I'm just hoping that all of this leads up to Will's four week stay at a mental institution. After they treat his goddamn encephalitis.

EDIT: I knew that Adventure Time Freak Deer would show up somewhere in your LJ. Yay!

Edited at 2013-06-20 07:28 pm (UTC)

I'm just hoping that all of this leads up to Will's four week stay at a mental institution.

See, I'm kind of afraid of that, because at least in the book it was voluntary. The way this show's going, I don't know that he'd be going to Abigail's nice residential hospital...

Wait, he turned thirty-eight yesterday? THIS WEEK ON EMPATH AND CANNIBAL: Crawford finds a portrait in Will's attic, damn.

Judging by the pictures I've seen, the magic is all in the stubble. He shaves and suddenly he's 14 years old again.

Even with it, he looks so boyish on the show at certain angles (and then gets to empath some terrible killer and that goes out the window). Which I think is contributing to the OH MY GOD SOMEBODY HELP WILL GRAHAM meme. Adds a nice touch of innocence.

There is a Tumblr for the official Tumblr's tags. This is the best thing in this fandom by miles, and it has some pretty stiff competition.

"#Bedelia's hair is full of secrets" DESERVES that kind of recognition.

I got the LAST bottle of Chianti in the store. I am SO READY.

(This also happens to be the day I am getting a new tattoo. Which works out well, you know. I won't be able to tell the emotional pain from the physical...)

Hee. I'm no good at wine; I just drink whatever's sweet, cheap, and already lying around the house.

HUGH IS GOING TO BE AT COMIC-CON? Dear lord, I hope he gets himself a suit of armor because there is going to be a wave of fangirls desperate to give him a hug.

I'm reading that tumblr post re: Hannibal's blood in episode four and finding it fascinating the connection the person draws to Greek mythology/tragedy - "an episode about home, or more accurately, the desecration of home." Which gives me all kinds of ideas of Hannibal the show paralleling ancient Greek tragedy, or maybe the show as a modern tragedy or (GETTING REALLY FAR OUT THERE) some kind of AU where this show's Hannibal Lecter is just the latest incarnation of some kind of monster-as-reflection-of-human-ills. Seriously once you toss in the idea of Greek myth/tragedy all kinds of possibilities pop up, for me at least.

Also, I've been lurking here on every recap, but let me be one more person who expresses appreciate for both your recaps and for the excellent community of commenters here, I started out as a "read the recaps only the show sounds TOO INTENSE and I am a wuss" but after reading about Sorbet I just had to give it a try and now I am totally in love with this show. So thanks cleo!

Hannibal, Will, and Abigail are the manifestations of three aspects of Dionysos, in my opinion: madness ritualised into normalcy, the hunter who traps but does not kill, and the divine underworld child capable of moving between the world of the living and the world of the dead.

(Deleted comment)
@Tattle_Crime: Official announcement #Fannibals! Yours truly is pleased to announce a post-finale interview with the lovely @cleolinda! #Hannibal


Edited at 2013-06-20 08:27 pm (UTC)

I think it's adorable that anyone WANTS me to be interviewed, honestly. Let's be real: it's not like I ever shut up as it is.

Apparently you too can now own your very own stag statue. (Or close enough.)

Edited at 2013-06-20 08:29 pm (UTC)

*Murder handkerchief not included.

So funny story true. I have a not quite three month old daughter. Which means I spend a LOT of time reading the Internet while nursing her.

I may have looked down at her once or twice and whispered, "The milk is people!"

We are traveling tonight to Niagara Falls for our wedding anniversary so I will be missing the Finale. *gasp* So I will be anxiously waiting for your recappage :) You do such an amazing job with them!!!

Aw, thanks. Have fun at Niagara!