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Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Hannibal follow-up/linkspam
galadriel pui-mun law
I wanted to have this up on Monday, but given that this is our first Thursday without an episode, maybe it's just as well that I saved it a few days.

(The NBC Hannibal tumblr is here for you, and understands your suffering.)

BREAKING NEWS: They weren't kidding: David Bowie has, in fact, been offered a role on the show.

An offer has been made for Bowie to appear on season two of Hannibal, showrunner Bryan Fuller tells E! News exclusively. "We have reached out to David Bowie to see if he’s interested and available," Fuller reveals. “We would love for him to play Hannibal’s uncle, who is a character from the literature and in the books." Fuller explains “we don’t have an answer yet," but is hopeful Bowie can join the NBC series, which resumes production in August in Toronto.

(It was hours before I even noticed that they're talking about Chi McBride for Barney, that's how long it took me to stop screaming.)

To begin (again), a few of the post-finale articles that came out:

As mentioned in the recap, Hannibal Finale Postmortem: Creator Bryan Fuller Answers Our Burning Questions.

As partly mentioned in the recap, Alan Sepinwall's two-part interview (season one spoilers) (potential season two spoilers).

A really great Buzzfeed article about food stylist Janice Poon and shooting the cooking scenes.

And also, Tattle Crime's great interviews with Bryan Fuller from earlier in the season and, now, executive producer Martha De Laurentiis. And then, the Which One of These Is Not Like The Others interview with me that went up today. It's nearly as long as the first episode recap because there is no shutting me up, so if you're in wordiness withdrawal... Cleolinda Industries is here for you. The questions were really good; we ended up talking about why I started recapping the show, how it compares to writing the various Movies in Fifteen Minuteses, why Silence of the Lambs is my favorite movie, the casting on the show, the portrayals of female characters and mental illness, unanswered season one questions, and yes, shipping, so you see why the interview is so long, okay.

I'm hoping none of my answers are terribly controversial, although I did take a stand on the whole Abigail question that y'all might not like.

@Tattle_Crime: Officially I will be referring to @cleolinda as "Miss Cleo" from now on.

@cleolinda: @Tattle_Crime Well, I do call you "Miss Freddie," so that seems reasonable.

(I... I might have told her that I'm Cleolinda Jones formally, Cleo generally, and "Miss Cleo if you're tasty.")


A few more scheduling details on the Hannibal SDCC panel.


For those of y'all hoping the show would get some recognition, it's been on a number of "best shows of the season" lists, and has also been nominated for a ton of Golden Europe Television Awards.

One site even expressed its approval with gifs. (HEY! CASINO ROYALE IS CHEATING!)

Follow-ups on the finale itself (spoilers):


Cannibal teleportation: murder wizard WENDIGO powers.

Re: werewolf mythology: Hannibal is Dracula and Will is the Wolf Man; "Never should've eaten that sausage, Will."

As a side note, editor Michael Doherty ended up confirming the "Georgia rode back with Will" theory. \o/

What does Bedelia know? An official answer that doesn't really spoil anything, and yet, means that her behavior so far is REALLY, REALLY INTERESTING. (I'm assuming that "anything" doesn't include "that thing they basically told us he did.")

Meanwhile, there was a bit of meta that I ended up cutting for space and pacing in the second finale post, and it was at the "Oh, now we're not so hot on the murderation thing, are we? (Would it be worth it to Lecter, I wonder, if his death was the only way to complete Will's corruption?)" point. The comparison that occurred to me was with the Joker in The Dark Knight--specifically the scene where he turns up in Harvey Dent's hospital room. He gives Harvey a gun and says, "I'm an agent of chaos. And you know the thing about chaos? It's fair." And when Harvey takes out that coin he always likes to flip--the Joker actually looks really, really pleased. Here's a character who wants to corrupt "Gotham's white knight" and turn him into a killer (and he succeeds), and if his own death accomplishes that--he lived by chaos and he'll die by chaos, and it's perfect to him. I've often said that this version of the Joker reminds me more of a trickster god, a nameless embodiment of chaos with no real back story or origin--we don't know where he came from, and we don't even see what happens to him afterwards. I mean, we can assume Arkham Asylum, but as far as what the film shows us, he might as well be an ephemeral force of nature. Meanwhile, over here, we have Hannibal, the "fallen angel" identified with the supernatural wendigo in Will's mind, a bit of a trickster figure himself who specifically tells us that the motive behind several of his crimes was, "I was curious to see what would happen." We even have another "corrupting the hero" moment--Will should "cultivate" his urges to kill "as the inspirations they are"--and the hero is not corrupted, but does point the gun back at the Agent of Chaos. And NOW the trickster is all, "Are you a killer? You. Right now. This man standing in front of me. Is this who you really are?" and suddenly we are back-pedaling like whoa. And so, this whole tangent was going to end with, "Whereas all's fair in love and chaos for Hannibal Lecter right up until it starts to suck for him." Not that one villain is superior to the other--but that one of them really is more like an abstract force of nature, and the other one (as we see on the show) still has some sense of self and mortality. (Fin.)

Remember the scene where Will dropped by Alana's house that they cut? Here's another picture from it.

@winston_graham: hannibal visited alana today. he has a tear in his pants leg now. sorry not sorry

On the other hand, there are some things we still do not know. My mother (who avidly reads y'all's comments despite having no clue what's going on) gave the finale recap a shot:

@cleolinda: My mother just texted to ask how [1st scene] in the #Hannibal finale happened. "We attribute it to his murder wizard powers." "Oh ok those."

Speaking of ears,

@munin_and_hugin: This is mighty intriguing! tmblr.co/ZtxrTyoHap83 Especially wrt that historical Abigail

More from the comments:

Will's primary defense.

"You're in a murder house with the killer you could kill like." And then Old Spice Hannibal happened.

I also made the mistake of saying that he's "like the xenomorph, really, only with a better wardrobe." Fan art ensued.

@LaraJeanC [Freddie]: Where in the world is LJ? #inaweofthisplace #eerilybeautifulmemorial #nogoogleimagecheating pic.twitter.com/Ddf3sr8Hue

@DemoreBarnes [Tobias]: Hannibal's closet.

@winston_graham: how ironic would it be if the ravenstag's name was donner? i'm not sure if this a reindeer joke or a cannibalism joke

Tumblr fun:

See? (#i SEE myself kicking Hannibal in the shin #When he looks back up I just yell YOU KNOW WHY #Then I use the grappling hook in my utility belt to make a dramatic escape)

Oh, PLEASE let us see someone actually realize this on the show.

Fandom, draw me a clock.


The fandom apologizes for eating Tumblr's mascot. "FLUFFY CHICKEN GIRL I’M SORRY"

Remember that time Aaron Abrams joked about Brian standing outside Alana's window with a boombox?

I have been waving Will Graham Has A Nice Day at people like a magic happy wand, so: consider yourself waved-upon.


Therapeutic dogpile. You guys, the little dog with the teeth, I can't.

"and that motherfucker took me away from my dogs. I bet you did not expect a fight from the graham cracker"

‏@AJK124: I saw this picture and immediately thought of @DireRavenstag. You have RUINED me.

@cleolinda: }:D

@DireRavenstag: I'm pretty sure I'm offended. That is one fugly hat. Just what are you trying to say?

@Athenasbanquet: Uh. Guys. I'm pretty sure offending the Ravenstag is the opposite of a good life choice.

@cleolinda: That we see your majesty everywhere, though mortals cannot hope to compare! You are *always with us.*

@AJK124: yes! Yes that!!!!

@DireRavenstag: *eyes you both*. Adequate response, fleshmeats. FOR NOW.

@AJK124: *whispers* thank you Cleo for saving me from what was surely going to be a horrendous night of sleep.

@cleolinda: *capeswoosh* *cape is plaid*

I don't even go looking for fan art per se, but I've already seen a ton of really cool stuff just on the two or three tumblrs I keep an eye on:

http://25.media.tumblr.com/fed467ee698c5b4b53b1162312928166/tumblr_mp2c08qQUJ1rnmxgto5_250.png http://24.media.tumblr.com/a22661cb12528d9e978b74d48a915f61/tumblr_mp2c08qQUJ1rnmxgto1_250.jpg

So basically, stags, and then also some dogs, seem to be my primary artistic requirements. May I suggest Dire Ravenstag's "fanart of me" tag generally?

(The dogs. The glasses.)

@DireRavenstag: @cleolinda Thank you for quoting me so often in your recaps! You are my favorite non-Will-shaped fleshmeat. For now, at least.

@cleolinda: @DireRavenstag Most welcome--I cannot help but pay homage to your eloquence. You are definitely my favorite eldritch thoughtform.

@mstorijo: Hey, @cleolinda! The internet no longer sees you as a twilight blogger first!! pic.twitter.com/9NIvoSZXsD


(I really truly am okay with people associating me with Twilight, because I had a lot of fun writing about that. I'd just prefer it not be the only thing people associate me with.)

As far as the rest of the summer's concerned... I need to go back into the Fortress of Solitude and get (more) writing done, but this is the time of year when I actually have some get-up-and-go, so I'll probably be around? (And of course I'm usually on Twitter and sometimes on Tumblr.) I'm going to do the Matter of Taste podcast next month, and then go back on Anglo-Filles in the fall. I don't know what I'll post about next, but I still have the other Game of Thrones books to read, and I'd like to pick up with the Varney the Vampyre recaps again--just on a very loose, spontaneous non-schedule. (I want to get back to The Secret Life of Dolls, but I find that swearing I'll do something only means that life gets in the way of actually doing it. So I swear not to swear.) And I promised to recap the NBC Dracula in the fall, although I'd like to do the first episode and see if I like it before I commit to the whole season. I'm trying to accept my limitations up front, and I have some ideas for different ways to handle Dracula show posts if things take a personal downturn. At this point, Hannibal season two will be my priority in terms of TV (as well as spring just being a better time of year for me generally), so I'm more concerned about finishing the Novel of the Damned and not burning myself out right now. That said, this Halloween will be the tenth anniversary of this LJ, so maybe we can think of something fun to do then.

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Yay Varney! I actually ran into a reference to that in a book earlier this month.

I may have barked out one hell of a loud laugh at the "it fucking rhymes" gifset. *cough* Oh, Tumblr, what would modern fandom do without you?

Old Spice Hannibal was good but needed something. Polish, maybe. Not sure.

Perhaps a ship on the bottle?

I'm so glad to see the show getting recognition. It's up for a lot at the Golden Europe Television Awards, including a lot of technical stuff. Which it deserves, because every single thing on this show has thought put into it. I hope it wins a lot of awards and gets some more buzz going so more people will watch in S2.

I mostly want the recognition so NBC will view it as a prestige show they figuratively can't afford to cancel. Imagine if someone, ANYONE, got nominated for an Emmy! Imagine if it THE WHOLE SHOW got nominated for Best Drama, though some kind of dark murder wizard magic! We might even get a third season greenlit right there.

I keep swinging by here to read the Hannibal recaps and posts, which have been great -- I've really enjoyed all the discussion, and you and your readers have pointed out so many things that I haven't noticed, even though I've seen most of the episodes multiple times. It's been so fascinating to relive the arc of the season and know that it's been so carefully and thoughtfully crafted, so much so than any other show currently on TV, I think.

Thanks for all the work you put into this. I'm so obsessed with this show, and it's so moving and so great and all I want to do is talk about it. Can I stick around for season 2? ;)

Absolutely! If nothing else, it might be fun to do some kind of discussion when the DVDs come out (September?), because I'm sure there'll be a ton of extras. Or a general rewatch discussion, because they've clearly structured the whole season so that watching it again would probably blow our minds.

Ok, here's a measure of your internet fame: I actually told a friend, on FB, that "not only did Cleolinda retweet one of my Hannibal tweets, but she quoted two of my tweets in her recap. I genuinely wish I could put that on my resume." Said friend was, in fact, impressed.

I promise I'm not a creepy weird fan, though. Just a regular weird fan/reader. Almost, but not quite, an avid fan.

Oh, and "the pork that ended up not being you looked pretty good" is an amazing line, and one of those sentences that makes you pause and appreciate there being a context in which it can be said.

COME ON, DAVID BOWIE, CHECK YOUR EMAIL! It's not like you're busy being a rock god or anything.

Chi McBride, y/y/mfy. I want Will to learn useful crafts behind bars, like knitting and making pop-up books about ravenstags.

Great interview with Tattle Crime! I only wish I had an iPad so I could look at it thoughtfully in my giant Best Office Ever.

how ironic would it be if the ravenstag's name was donner?
Did the show ever figure out when Christmas was? Is it taking place in the land of Always Winter and Never Christmas? Which is to say, can we have the Ravenstag with bells on next season?

A Very Cannibal Christmas will be the best thing ever, because you know fandom'll have the best time this year making, like, Christmas ornaments and yard displays and murder wreaths and what-all.

The comments you get are great. I particularly enjoyed the one about the Hannibal=Dracula, Will=werewolf. I always thought of Hannibal as vampiresque, especially when taking in the account that both are consuming their food literally from a human's body. I guess Dracula and Hannibal would make good dinner guests: Drac can drink the blood, Hanni can eat whatever is leftover!

VARNEY. I just need you to know that I used to save all your Varney stuff into a word document, then read it on my phone when I was in college during some of the most boring lectures you could possibly imagine. They're so hilarious and just about saved my sanity. By the way, did you end up finishing reading it or are you still trudging along through all those words?

(Deleted comment)
please please please David Bowie please please yesyesyes. He is a shrewd man; let's hope his schedule is open! I don't even know anything about the character but I waaaant him there.

Your interview with Miss Freddie was a thing of beauty! It's neat that you're practically at the ground floor of the show's creative team like this. I know you were mentioned a couple of times in the Twilight interviews, but this time I feel like you're being acknowledged by the actual creators for your analytical powers, which is too cool.

Ahhh, I haven't clicked all the links yet, particularly aaaaaall the Tumblrs, but this has been so much fun. Thanks for letting us in on your thoughts and hilarious take on things!

That's the one book I haven't read, so I barely know anything about the character, except that if it is worthy of David Bowie then they must be making it awesome.

I know you were mentioned a couple of times in the Twilight interviews

Was I? I only remember the "sparkles like a My Little Pony" thing on Letterman, which is still pretty indirect.

I feel like you're being acknowledged by the actual creators

Well, to be clear, Miss Freddie's not officially associated with NBC or the show in any way; she's one of us, basically. But the show's creative team does interact with her, both in these interviews (she's got more lined up--David Slade, Kacey Rohl, and Lara Jean Chorostecki, last time I heard) and on Twitter, in character. Which is fantastic--Martha De Laurentiis mentions in her interview that they love how fans have been doing that kind of thing, and I love that they appreciate that. Actually, though--she did RT a recap, didn't she? As did Bryan Fuller that one time. Hm. Well, I don't know that I'd call it the ground floor per se, just a nice sense that they're (probably) okay with what I'm writing and don't hate me. Maybe they even get a laugh or two out of it? That's mostly what I want out of life.

I always like your take on TDK Joker. The idea of him being some sort of avatar of Chaos really does suit the character.

The thing with Hannibal is that I think there is a human in the 'human suit'. Hannibal *cares* about people.

He likes Will and seems to sincerely want the friendship even though he does such evil things to him. He likes Abigale enough to actually make himself vulnerable to her. He likes Bedelia enough that her rejection of him hurts. Hell when faced with catgut guy he fought like a bastard.

While the Joker may have been to sacrifice himself to achieve his goals I'm not sure Hannibal is willing to go that far.

seems to sincerely want the friendship even though he does such evil things to him

"Will! I love you so much! I just want to hug you and hug you and... Will? Why have you gone all floppy and blue? Don't you want to play anymore? ...Will?"

Wow, I had Phantom of the Opera in 15 min open in another window, and saw "Hannibal Rehearsals" and was genuinely confused for a moment. Wrong Hannibal. :P However, the image of Christine and co. in nbc's Hannibal is uh...an amusing image.

... OH MY GOD.

Jesus, there's all these weird little coincidences and connections that keep building up. Like a weird kind of foreshadowing.

YES A LINKSPAM, now I can stop rocking back and forth, suffering from show withdrawal (for like half an hour anyway). So far, all that's kept me going is the willhasaniceday tumblr and even that is like an ironic punch to the emotions.

Also, a story: My friend who has been not-really keeping up with the show saw that picture of Winston from the finale and sent me a message on Facebook screeching "TELL ME THE DOGS MAKE IT" "IT'S OKAY, NO ONE HURTS THE PUPPIES" "THANK GOD"

I wonder if NBC Hannibal is going to keep posting? They had behind the scenes pictures before the show actually started airing, so maybe.

I'm also wondering now if there's going to be an equally amazing NBC Dracula tumblr.

WINSTON'S FACE IS THE SADDEST FACE. I knew the dogs were going to be okay, though, because Bryan Fuller promised that nothing bad would happen to the dogs, like, right after the first episode. And then of course they got fed people sausage and I was like WHAT IS YOUR SPECIFIC DEFINITION OF BAD, I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW.

I got one of my Victorian Trading Company catalogues, but when I saw this one:


I did NOT think "Rudolph".

I thought "Dire Ravenstag!!!"

Grey ;)


I need to bug them to send me some more catalogues. I really have ordered from them before! SEND ME MORE.

Hannibal Old Spice made my day, that was awesome.

Thank you for doing this, it's been so much fun!

Thanks, I've really enjoyed it! I'm glad to have a rest, but also kind of like... what do we do now?

(I'm sure we'll find something. Even if it's just going back to linkspam entries like I used to do and having a Hannibal section. I'm sure that news about the filming will come out as the fall wears on.)

These recaps have been a blast. I haven't seen the show but as soon as it comes out on DVD I have every intention of sitting my husband down in front of it because I know he'll love it. That, and I want to actually see all the stuff I've read about since I'm sure screencaps don't do it justice. I just hope my husband is very patient with my random shouts of "OMG Dire Ravenstag!" or "you are the WORST AT HELPING."

Mostly I just want to say that, as a longtime reader of this here blog, I really enjoy your writing style, whether you're being silly or serious. Rock on, Cleo.

Thank you!

The screencaps really don't do it justice, particularly since I didn't want to flood the entries with them, and was also trying to keep the really graphic visuals out of the main entry. And of course, I can kind of get the quality of the story/dialogue across, but hardly the acting at all.

As usual, I love your mother.

There's a handful of us compiling a methadone list, especially through the long, hot summer when there's nothing on but So You Think You Can Dance and Breaking Pointe (hell, even Hell's Kitchen is wrapping up). Right now we've got Orphan Black, Ripper Street, White Chapel, and Copper.

I really wanted to watch Elementary and just never got around to starting it, so I'd like to catch up on that. I keep hearing the entire world talk about Orphan Black--isn't it only ten episodes? So I can probably manage that somehow. I also never started the Game of Thrones show like I meant to, oh, THREE SEASONS AGO. Really, my problem is more catching up with things than looking for things to watch. Hannibal's the first show I've dragged my ass over to the TV to watch in years, I think.