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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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msauvage purple
I had a massive linkspam (with things not about the show, even) ready to go, and then other things happened and I got busy (I've completely fallen behind on the Pacific Rim discussion, sorry about that) and now I have to revise it again both to add things and to weed out the obsolete/time-sensitive things. So I'm just going to table that for a moment and give you the immediate stuff:

SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON! ppyajunebug will be at the Hannibal panel tonight (6:45 pm West Coast time?) and live-blogging it, if all goes well, under the tag "pannibal." (That's specifically for her tumblr; this will take you to the Tumblr-wide tag.) Which is also the hashtag the official NBC Hannibal twitter is using--#pannibal, because we are the fandom that rhymes whenever possible.

@DireRavenstag: I might have to stop by #SDCC, though. I mean, all that delusion and dementia in one giant room? How could I miss that?

@DireRavenstag: If even one fucking elf tries to ride me, tho.... #NotYourPartyMoose #SDCC

Also, I am personally putting money on Lee Pace being officially announced for Mason Verger, given this tweet, although David Tennant is an extremely likely guess, given that they've also talked about having him on.

@DireRavenstag: I see you eyeing me, half-assed Thranduil cosplayer. Don't even think about it. #SDCC

Unfortunately, the Emmy nominations were a gigantic whiff this morning. Even the tech categories. Also, I haven't even watched Orphan Black yet, and I'm appalled that they ignored Tatiana Maslany.

@HitFixDaniel: It's like this: None of the shows nominated for cinematography are bad, but none of them are "Hannibal."

Meanwhile, Miss Freddie has posted interviews with both food stylist Janice Poon, who is delightful ("He is an international man of mystery and there are many styles of cuisine that he can threaten you with") and Lara Jean Chorostecki, who is ACTUAL FREDDIE, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Seriously, both interviews are amazing.

Meanwhile-meanwhile... character posters for NBC Dracula. That's a thing that's happening. I think my two favorite reblog comments so far are "Lisa Frank Vampires Okay Sure Lets Go With That" and "Holy shit look at Dracula’s kaleidoscope myspace wolves." Guys... I promised to recap it if the universe would get Hannibal renewed for us. I'm scared, guys. It's dark and cold and badly Photoshopped in here.

While you are waiting to hear about various SDCC shenanigans going into the weekend, may I suggest A Matter of Taste's latest episode on Manhunter? I'll be on next week for the Silence of the Lambs episode, which we recorded a couple of nights ago. }:D

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I can picture Tennant more as Dolarhyde than Verger, though.

I don't even have words for the Dracula posters. It's just mute horror.

*eyes Dracula posters* I see they've never heard of, nor gotten anywhere near, the phrase "Less is more."

...oh my God, the kaleidoscope myspace wolves weren't a joke.

Well, I mean. They *are*. But you weren't invoking the general idea of kaleidoscope myspace wolves to make a joke about the ~visual atmosphere~ of the poster, you were just...commenting on the undeniable fact of the existence of ACTUAL KALEIDOSCOPE MYSPACE WOLVES IN THE POSTER. o.O

It's not so much a joke as "literal statement of what you are observing," albeit in the most amusing way possible because KALEIDOSCOPE MYSPACE WOLVES.

My little brother wants to stake whoever was responsible for them for crimes against Photoshop and Jpegs. I mean, just... OH MY GOD. How did anyone in the process of greenlighting those posters not take one look and go "Do we really need all this horizontal symmetry? Were these bees really necessary? Are you SURE?"

OMG those Dracula posters, it is probably too early to complain but can't we get some decent vampires already?

I am so sick of the sparkly crap :( *sobsinhercorner*

Those Dracula posters are making me laugh so hard -- probably not the effect they were going for.

The Emmys are pretty much a giant whiff all the time now, IMO. Maggie Smith is nearly the only one I ever root for anymore.

It bears repeating: Fine, have your American science geek vampire wackadoodle show if you really want to, but WHY CALL IT "DRACULA" in that case?

Also, I haven't even watched Orphan Black yet, and I'm appalled that they ignored Tatiana Maslany.

Tatiana Maslany is a revelation. The least she should have received was a nomination if not an actual win come awards night. Once again, the major award shows prove to me they, like Jon Snow, know nothing.

As I said else-web, "I'm not even sure they watch tv."

Tangential to that, I was browsing fic from one of my other fandoms and found the prompt "Jack and Eugene get stuck in a warm room with no sharp edges and some puppies." The date stamp actually predates Hannibal by quite a bit, but I was still reduced to helpless giggles by the sheer "someone help Will Graham"-ness of it.

I still say that tweet about the pannibal introducer with expressive eyebrows is about a Pallas Cat! LOLOLOL

Man, a Pallas cat would introduce your FACE.

Even the tech categories.

I can't believe it didn't get nominated for ANYTHING like this.

It's okay. You only promised us one episode. If it turns out to be lulzilly bad (or not lulzy, but still bad), you can just leave it up to us to laugh through it on our own time.

I mean, I'm sure it can still turn out good, they just REALLY need to fire the graphic designer who thought everything needed to be symmetrical. I take it everyone who had any remote interest in those fields whatsoever was working on Hannibal, I guess?

See, I can handle cracktastic. In fact, I'd like something that's not quite as deeply involved and researchable as Hannibal, because I know my energy'll be on the wane as we go from fall towards winter. Something cracky and melodramatic would probably be more up my alley that time of year. I just can't handle mediocre and stupid week in and week out for thousands of words a weekend.

Hannibal Lecter: International Man of Mystery.


I... but... uh... no, I...


Only other thing I can think re: Mads Mikkelsen is that if and when they get around to making Batman movies again... we have our Mr. Freeze. o_O

if you tell me someone released those posters to the public on purpose i am not sure i will believe you

Guys, the Hannibal panel was so great! (and, awesomely, they're going to post the whole thing online tomorrow morning, everyone can see it.) In general, I love panels for a first season of a weird cult hit. The actors/producers/writers are so surprised and thrilled with the fan response it just comes across as genuinely gleeful.

There was a huge line to get in. I got off work at 4:30 and was a little worried I'd miss the panel. We actually got right up to the front of the line right before the Hobbit panel started, and let a Legolas cut in front of us. We wound up with not great seats but not bad ones either. Pretty far back, but in the section right in front of the tables.

Brief recap - we had a fun room monitor who, when going over the safety rules, instructed us we were not to murder and eat each other. Aaron Abrams came out to introduce a series recap, which was really well edited together. It had bits and pieces of the murder of the weeks, but really focused on the over arching story (see? see?). Then the 4 main guests came out. My only actual complaint was that David Slade wasn't great at talking into his microphone and was a little hard to hear. They talked about casting, what made them want to get involved in the project, etc. Good stuff, but mostly things that have been revealed in interviews before.

The greatest thing, (maybe 2nd greatest, that blooper reel was amazing) was the Q&A portion. This is not a thing I ever expected to say, as usually comic-con Q&As make me fear I'll sprain an eyeball. So much great stuff though. Someone floated the theory that Will got sick due to eating people, and asked if Hannibal does something to guard against that. Brian Fuller was super impressed by this theory and Hugh Dancy asked if they could just take that idea and think about it for a while. There was also a funny standards and practices story where the angels were almost cut because you could see their butt cracks. Solution? Fill them with blood. A woman in an amazing Dire Ravenstag costume asked a question, I don't recall about what, and they were all very impressed and asked to take pictures with her. The next questioner had a flower crown, which she gave Brian Fuller after he complimented her on it. Brian and Hugh came down into the audience to get a couple pictures with the Ravenstags, and someone gave Hugh an AMAZING looking Will Graham doll. It looked like one of those Wil Wheaton dolls, and had a flower crown.

They announced we were all getting a drawing, I'll probably pick mine up tomorrow. They had Hugh make the announcement and there was some confusion about where to actually pick up your swagg. Fulfillment room at the Marriott is the answer, BTW. We ended on the blooper reel. I know there's already a gif of the high-five scene floating around, but my favorite was Freddie complaining about meat and Mads saying "shut the fuck up."

Probably one of my favorite comic con panels in recent memory.

Edit: forgot I wanted to say something about Dracula. I tried to take a picture of the set up of the Dracula tent on Wed, but my camera wouldn't take a picture of it. Spooky. And highly unrelated to the number of beers I had consumed. Those posters are all over SD. It's super creepy.

Edited at 2013-07-19 06:50 am (UTC)

Also, I'm kind of upset I have to work tomorrow as there's a Hannibal meetup at Nerd HQ at 9:30 a.m. I'm terrible at talking to strangers though, so I'd probably just awkwardly stand in a corner even if I could go. I want to hear about it if anyone goes though!