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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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msauvage purple
I had a massive linkspam (with things not about the show, even) ready to go, and then other things happened and I got busy (I've completely fallen behind on the Pacific Rim discussion, sorry about that) and now I have to revise it again both to add things and to weed out the obsolete/time-sensitive things. So I'm just going to table that for a moment and give you the immediate stuff:

SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON! ppyajunebug will be at the Hannibal panel tonight (6:45 pm West Coast time?) and live-blogging it, if all goes well, under the tag "pannibal." (That's specifically for her tumblr; this will take you to the Tumblr-wide tag.) Which is also the hashtag the official NBC Hannibal twitter is using--#pannibal, because we are the fandom that rhymes whenever possible.

@DireRavenstag: I might have to stop by #SDCC, though. I mean, all that delusion and dementia in one giant room? How could I miss that?

@DireRavenstag: If even one fucking elf tries to ride me, tho.... #NotYourPartyMoose #SDCC

Also, I am personally putting money on Lee Pace being officially announced for Mason Verger, given this tweet, although David Tennant is an extremely likely guess, given that they've also talked about having him on.

@DireRavenstag: I see you eyeing me, half-assed Thranduil cosplayer. Don't even think about it. #SDCC

Unfortunately, the Emmy nominations were a gigantic whiff this morning. Even the tech categories. Also, I haven't even watched Orphan Black yet, and I'm appalled that they ignored Tatiana Maslany.

@HitFixDaniel: It's like this: None of the shows nominated for cinematography are bad, but none of them are "Hannibal."

Meanwhile, Miss Freddie has posted interviews with both food stylist Janice Poon, who is delightful ("He is an international man of mystery and there are many styles of cuisine that he can threaten you with") and Lara Jean Chorostecki, who is ACTUAL FREDDIE, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Seriously, both interviews are amazing.

Meanwhile-meanwhile... character posters for NBC Dracula. That's a thing that's happening. I think my two favorite reblog comments so far are "Lisa Frank Vampires Okay Sure Lets Go With That" and "Holy shit look at Dracula’s kaleidoscope myspace wolves." Guys... I promised to recap it if the universe would get Hannibal renewed for us. I'm scared, guys. It's dark and cold and badly Photoshopped in here.

While you are waiting to hear about various SDCC shenanigans going into the weekend, may I suggest A Matter of Taste's latest episode on Manhunter? I'll be on next week for the Silence of the Lambs episode, which we recorded a couple of nights ago. }:D

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It's okay. You only promised us one episode. If it turns out to be lulzilly bad (or not lulzy, but still bad), you can just leave it up to us to laugh through it on our own time.

I mean, I'm sure it can still turn out good, they just REALLY need to fire the graphic designer who thought everything needed to be symmetrical. I take it everyone who had any remote interest in those fields whatsoever was working on Hannibal, I guess?

See, I can handle cracktastic. In fact, I'd like something that's not quite as deeply involved and researchable as Hannibal, because I know my energy'll be on the wane as we go from fall towards winter. Something cracky and melodramatic would probably be more up my alley that time of year. I just can't handle mediocre and stupid week in and week out for thousands of words a weekend.

Hey, you managed several episodes of True Blood, including "and...Pam. Pam the vampire."

I honestly really did like that first season, and would like to finish out the last five episodes someday. I forget exactly what the problem was, but it was more a matter of my physical energy running out. The second season, now... like, somehow they managed to make orgies boring. Someone said that they lost interest in the show after it lost that initial vibe of "brooding mysterious vampire in the back of the dive bar" in season one, and I sat back and thought, yes, that is exactly what I liked best about it.

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