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I keep thinking a "pannibal" ought to have something to do with bread

To begin, Miss Freddie has posted her interview with director/producer David Slade (pictured here with her business card. Nor is he the only one...). She was, in fact, my date to the Pannibal last night, in the sense that we sat on Skype all night on the other side of the country and laughed our asses off. ppyajunebug was actually there, liveblogging under her "pannibal" tag on Tumblr with a number of pictures and short video clips on Vine, because she is awesome. Herewith, various things I collected over the course of the evening:

Video: "Hannibal" Season 2 Preview - Comic-Con 2013 - TV Line.

@DireRavenstag: I have spotted someone in a costume representation of myself! Go forth, minion! BRING ME THE BLOOD OF OUR ENEMIES. #SDCC #ComicCon

@DireRavenstag: BTW our enemies are handsy Thranduil cosplayers and Emmy voters. Also anyone who has half-assed their Iron Man costume. GO FORTH! #SDCC

@NBCHannibal: A request has been made to the Fannibals by the Comic-Con official to NOT eat people. #GoodLuck #Pannibal #Hannibal #SDCC

@TheGeekiary: This whole audience is a sea of flower crowns.


@cleolinda: Guys, someone take pictures of the audience, I want to see how antlered and flowered the room actually is. And tell 'em I said hi.

Ask and ye shall receive:

@NBCHannibal: #Hannibal #Pannibal for the #Fannibals!

@sepinwall: A few minutes from start of Hannibal panel at #SDCC. Will be live-blogging here Fuller! Dancy! Slade! @EWDocJensen!

ppyajunebug: Panel


@TheGeekiary: The stag was apparently almost a victim of budget cuts.

@DeLaurentiisCo: Show is tribute to Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch so their influences are present throughout.

@DeLaurentiisCo: The ear in the final episode is reference to Blue Velvet film. Was almost finger but an ear is easier to cough up.

Speaking of the ear, someone pointed out something in the recaps that made me want to curl up and die, in the best way possible.

@DeLaurentiisCo: The Hannibal smirk in last scene of S1 is reminiscent of someone finally capturing a squirrel in its cage.

@lessientinuviel: Tumblr is gonna be flooded with fanart of Will Graham as a squirrel after the #Pannibal.

ppyajunebug: Beer helps Hugh wind down from all the murder

@merythapy: Mads can shed a Single Perfect Tear on command #Pannibal #sdcc

@NBCHannibal: @BryanFuller says Mads didn't want to play "another #Hannibal" - he wanted to play Satan. #NailedIt #Pannibal #SDCC

Well, this makes Ian and Fio's cries of "THIS MAN! HE IS SATAN!" even more entertaining.

ppyajunebug: Bryan stumped by the possibility that wills encephalitis was caused by cannibalism

ppyajunebug: First two episodes are a two parter and reintroduces the characters

ppyajunebug: Will and Hannibal are never ever ever getting back together

@DeLaurentiisCo: Hint of eroticism between Will and Hannibal believed by Hugh to be profound connection between extreme unusual people.

ppyajunebug: Hugh doesn’t seem them as an item, but won’t take it away from shippers. There is some form of love between them.

@DeLaurentiisCo: @BryanFuller says love between two people need not be sexual and that's how he views #hannigram.

Heh. Good luck getting Tumblr to see it that way.

ppyajunebug: Hugh doesn’t think their connection is sexual. Bryan: "oh yeah?"

ETA: "Thanks, Bryan." Heh.

@HeAteUsUpdates: Moderator just asked how much of Bryan Fuller is in Will Graham. With that exact wording. #Pannibal

(hands up, walking away)

@TheGeekiary: Dancy to Fuller: Do you have an app that just generates random bizarre murder situations?

@DeLaurentiisCo: @nbc asked us to back off on angel wings episode because butt cracks were shown. Solution: fill cracks with blood.

You know, I joked about this being what must have happened. I joked.

ppyajunebug: Currently breaking episode four. Episode three is a trial. Will is coming out as a scrappy fighter


@NBCHannibal: "Episode 3 is a trial." - @BryanFuller #Hannibal #Pannibal #SDCC *cries in the corner*

@NBCHannibal: @BryanFuller Mischa was absolutely part of the DNA in the relationship between #Hannibal and Abigail.

@NBCHannibal: aaaaaand @BryanFuller just said "Swiggity Swag the Nightmare Stag" over the mic. WELL DONE, TUMBLR!

I do want to be clear, since there was some confusion--"swiggity swag" was not something I came up with, and that line in the finale recap was a reference to the widespreadness (I can word) of the meme on Tumblr; the earliest version of it I saw was this.

@DeLaurentiisCo: @Tattle_Crime gets a shout out from the audience!

@‏cleolinda: That was the best shriek from @Tattle_Crime in my ear right then, btw.

ppyajunebug: How will ate the ear will be in episode one!!!!!

@redheadedgirl: I'm considering the answer to the ear question to be a personal shout-out to @cleolinda's mom.

Ah, but she is just one of many questing for answers. Also, she tried to read the finale recap and couldn't get past that part.

Side note: Wait. I didn't actually tell y'all about the Pallas Cat Challenge, did I?

"Damn it, now I want a Will-is-a-Pallas-Cat comparison post (like Cumberbatch and that otter). Get on it, Tumblr."

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, I said, because do you know anyone who has a bigger collection of Pallas cat pictures? No, you don't.

There are more, but the best ones are spoilers for the end of season one.

@queenofthedorks: @cleolinda Every time Hugh Dancy makes a face now I wonder if I can't match it with a Pallas cat. #thanks #ithink

"Turns out you can. Thanks Cleolinda."


Alan Sepinwall's liveblog can be found here as well ("Dancy complains that Mads is a sloppy dresser in real life, and tells him, 'These suits are wasted on you!'"). ETA: We also have a report from @jessimuhka, who saw the cracktacular NBC Dracula posters in person, God help us all.

@NBCHannibal: A fan just gave @BryanFuller her flower crown. He is wearing it. *the fannibals rejoice* #Hannibal #SDCC #Pannibal

@GaumontTV: RT @blakex: Bryan Fuller and his flower crown. #Hannibal #SDCC

(Aaaaand there's antlers at the bottom.)

@DeLaurentiisCo: #Pannibal flower crowns are awesome!

You know, I don't really have a fanthropological answer for what's going on with the flower crowns--I swear I saw a tweet way back that said something like, "Look! I just photoshopped a flower crown onto Will!" So I feel like I can point to the "first" one... maybe. Basically, it caught on as the fandom's way of balancing the darkness and tragedy and gore by being silly and light-hearted and imagining Will Graham Having Nice Days. Which is a lot easier for me to roll with than "omg we are so grimdark edgy," at least, so I approve this message.

@DireRavenstag: Look at that happy minion. "Hugh and @BryanFuller posing with amazing Stag Cosplay. #Pannibal #SDCC"

@DireRavenstag: I'm going to assume they aren't going to ask me to do a commentary track for the DVD. They can't handle my opinions on cinematography anyway.

@NBCHannibal: Confirmation - #Hannibal DVD coming out September 24! WITH GAG REEL

And here is a taste (I'm sorry) of it!

@Drag0nista: I'm scared to watch, it might shatter the illusion

@cleolinda: It's very short, and reassures me that everyone is okay and not hellishly traumatized.



‏@winston_graham: @Tattle_Crime *whispers* shut up bitch *cackles and runs off into the sunset*

@Tattle_Crime: @winston_graham RUDE!

In conclusion, they will release a video of the entire panel for you to watch, although this fan-filmed version is already up, and Freddie has gotten the go-ahead for an interview with Demore Barnes (Tobias) (and has at least two more already on the way that I know of). And later this morning, there is also a meetup:

@ppyajunebug: Calling today's #fannibal #Pannibal "Pannibal 2: Cannibal Boogaloo"

Go forth and be floral, bbs.

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