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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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This fandom, I swear, bless you all
msauvage purple
Guys, I figured I'd have some scraggly "also there was a meet-up" follow-up entry padded out with unrelated stuff. I had no idea.

Here's the full official video (it's an hour and a half, so I haven't watched the whole thing yet), but here are a few quick highlights:

@NBCHannibal: Let the Fannibal Meetup BEGIN!

@NBCHannibal: aaaaand @BryanFuller is wearing another fan's flower crown. This is becoming a thing and we love it.

@NBCHannibal: Flower crown evidence. #Hannibal #SDCC pic.twitter.com/QR9G3jcUYU

(Follow-up to yesterday: a concrete answer to the perennial WTF Flower Crowns question.)

@NBCHannibal: "It's weird when you have to leave your hands inside dead bodies" [direct quote, we swear] - @MrAaronAbrams

@NBCHannibal: Round of applause for Hugh to be in a scene with @GillianA. AGREED!

@NBCHannibal: "My favorite part of the blooper reel is watching @ScottThompson_ react to Laurence yelling because he's terrified." - Hugh

@NBCHannibal: "There were a loooooot of mushroom jokes that hit the cutting room floor" *curses the sky* - @BryanFuller

@NBCHannibal: @DAVID_A_SLADE said his favorite insider reference to the books was "Perception is a tool that's pointed at both ends."


@NBCHannibal: Hugh wearing the flower crown. We can all go home now. pic.twitter.com/81Y1ChacCo

(capturedraindrops is the gifmaker MVP today)

Then, this morning, I got a message on Tumblr:

aerisaquata asked you: by the way, i'm friends and enabler to the person who gave hugh dancy the flower crown (astrakiseki on tumblr)

there is symbolism~

it's made out of red and white poppies and white daisies, which represents dreams and oblivion! she really wanted to get rhodendrons (beware, i am dangerous) but couldn't find any.

(More on the symbolism at astrakiseki's tumblr.) And here I’d thought it was just an exceptionally attractive floral arrangement. Four for you, Glen Coco! (And none for Hannibal Lecter.)

@NBCHannibal: So we just learned that #Hannibal will be serving people sushi in Episode 1 of Season 2. #KONICHIWA

"Pierced body," eh?

@NBCHannibal: There is a request for Hugh to say "This is my design" in Will Graham's voice. This is happening, people!

@NBCHannibal: "I got to chase @ScottThompson_ around with those balls." - @MrAaronAbrams [presented without context]

Gondor wishes it had no context.

@NBCHannibal: @DAVID_A_SLADE "Hashtag JiggleJiggle" #Hannibal #SDCC #JiggleJiggle

Meanwhile, Bryan Fuller, trolling in the deep.

@NBCHannibal: Hugh just got asked about San Diego's airport carpet. Hat tip to the Fannibal that just asked that.

@Ceilidhann: All the flower crowns to the carpet airport question girl.

@cleolinda: I still don't understand that question, what am I missing? (I also haven't listened to that part yet)

@Ceilidhann: Hugh's admitted he's obsessed with airport carpets. He & his wife contribute to this site: carpetsforairports.com

@Ceilidhann: He was once almost arrested on suspicion of terrorism because he spent so long photographing a carpet.

@Ceilidhann: The couple who document airport carpets together stays together.


...wait, what?

In December 2007, the 83 crew and passengers of EasyFlight 147 were lost somewhere between Gates 3 and 4 of the main terminal of EDI. Despite extensive searches in the airport's washrooms, restaurants and duty-free shops, no trace was found of them. In January 2009, three survivors of the lost flight staggered out into the airport's main corridor from behind a decorative pot plant. They were clearly in shock, and violently refused to walk upon EDI's carpet, claiming it was a portal that had thrust them into a horrifying parallel universe from which only three of them had managed to escape.

Seriously, check Dublin, Edinburgh, and Isle of Man. I looked no further than that, but it was a nice addendum to The Day of Helpless Laughter.

@NBCHannibal: A fannibal just gave Hugh a "Save Will Graham" needlepoint. ALL THE AWARDS

@NBCHannibal: Hugh was just offered cookies by a Fannibal. We have no proof these are people-free.

@NBCHannibal: @Tattle_Crime is asking a question over the phone into the mic. Dedication #SDCC #Hannibal

@Tattle_Crime: Just asked Agent Graham, via Hugh Dancy, if I could break him out of jail and go on a 'roadtrip for justice".

@Tattle_Crime: Will, via Hugh, answered that "Yes, he wants to know what that will entail, he is curious." ROADTRIP TIME!

Guys, this actually happened. Skip to a little before 1:14:00. I was talking to Freddie on Thursday night; I can confirm that this is her voice.

The cherry on top, Aaron Abrams: "I'M RIGHT HERE."

You'll have to tell me if you saw anything else awesome/fun in the video (or if you were, you know, there), because I was slain after that.

@NBCHannibal: You can see more pictures from the meetup on our instagram! instagram.com/nbchannibal

@NBCHannibal: Without further ado, we present the complete [Thursday night] #Pannibal for your viewing pleasure: ow.ly/n9yBl

And then our correspondent ppyajunebug won a signed copy of the finale script! So that went well, I think. If I have time tomorrow, I'll round up a few links for the SDCC panels that were about, you know, anything else.

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Ooh, I had no idea Claire Danes was in on the Carpets For Airports blog as well!

I didn't look any further (the simple hilarity of its existence was enough for me)--does she have any submissions on it?

Bother. I wish I'd known about Carpets for Airports a month ago, before I visited 5 airports in 3 weeks - none of which are currently on the site. I did take quite a few pictures in Tallinn Airport (it's possibly the nicest I've been in), but I'm fairly certain that did not include one of the carpet.

Heh. I just hope this doesn't lead to a ton of people submitting shit and pretending to be them. A ton of people writing weird funny microfiction about airport carpets, though...

You forgot the joyous moment of Fuller gleefully admitting "Mads is not a spitter. Mads swallows."

Fuller also revealed that Dr Chilton will return with a colostomy bag in season 2 (permanent or temporary, I don't know but if they're going for the Will in Red Dragon angle then the former), and I'm 80% sure Raul Esparza will be able to fit in Hannibal time while he's doing SVU full time next season.

There is not a single thing about this fandom I don't love. They're enthusiastic and fannish without being too creepy, given the subject matter of the show. There's no glamourising of the romance from either the show or the fanbase, it's taken for what it is. The sheer level of creativity makes me smile daily, and the crew happily play around with the fandom. Fuller can bring about a serious case of the feels like nobody's business. I'm so glad this show worked out. Now if only I could get more Neilsen families to watch it.

Ah, that's linked under "Bryan Fuller, trolling in the deep."

They're enthusiastic and fannish without being too creepy, given the subject matter of the show. There's no glamourising of the romance from either the show or the fanbase, it's taken for what it is.

There's a smidge of creepy--and some oldfan/newfan in-fighting, which worries me a lot more--here and there. Both are inevitable, really. But yeah, the show's fandom has turned out NOTHING like I expected, and it's utterly delightful. I'm just glad the show people seem to enjoy the flower crowns and such, rather than be weirded out. They've been really sweet about signing things and taking pictures and doing little video messages as well.

i love everyone that's finding out about carpets for airports for the first time. including aaron abrams who made this face http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v727/phoenixangel13/ScreenShot2013-07-20at20303AM_zpsc8a12877.png and bryan fuller who said "are you SERIOUS?"

Heh. I really do need to watch the whole video. I just skipped around to a few parts that people told me about while writing this up. It seems to have been a lot of fun.

oh also, this was a great moment that no one seems to have gifed yet (i wish they would), i'm not sure what the timestamp is but here's the quote:
Bryan Fuller talking about rape being the line he won't cross in the violence of the show because it's too dark and that being the moment i loved him forever and ever. the whole crowd cheered.

Aw, that's really great--I've seen quotes about that before, yeah. He's also used the word "operatic," a sort of theatrical quality (literally, in the case of something like the people cello). I mean, realistically, no one's ever going to end up in a totem pole made of people, or made into a cello, or turned into a murder angel. But rape happens every day. I don't know that too "dark" is really even the word for it, really--rape is too common and real and immediate. That's the difference, basically, and I'm so glad he gets that.

Hugh Dancy is also responsible for the description of the carpet in Toronto, which as a Canadian makes me pleased even though I have yet to watch Hannibal and probably never will. (Not that I doubt it is as brilliantly acted and directed and written and filmed as everyone says it is, but my stomach does a little "bloop" just thinking about it.)

Hee, yeah. I know a lot of people were reading the recaps instead of watching the show at all, and others were using them as a "when to look away" guide. My mother valiantly tried to read the recaps (her kid's writing, etc.) and couldn't even get through them. So she would just read all the comments--I mean ALL of them--because apparently Gondor really does need no context.

I had a split-second thought when I saw the sushi thing where I was like, "Is he serving sushi to people or is he serving people-sushi?" And then I remembered who we're dealing with. Don't you dare ruin sushi for me, Hannibal!

But can you actually masquerade people as sushi?

I mean fish has a specific texture and color to it. Not to mention the taste.

I mean I'm not a big connoisseur of sushi so I don't know all the elaborate forms that will most likely be pulled out of the food stylist's hat but I'm having trouble figuring how that could work.

(Deleted comment)
Aw man, I didn't realize you hadn't heard about the airport carpets thing! That went around on Tumblr at some point a couple of months ago. I remember the *HEADTILT*.

The airport he was nearly arrested in was Boston's Logan. Which, post-9/11, makes a sort of sense. (To be honest, I'm not a big fan of "security theater" and all, and I feel like getting itchy about some dude taking pictures of CARPET falls under the heading of "c'mon, really". But I guess it just seems weird, and airport security has little tolerance for weird these days.)

Yeah, see, I don't follow the tags because I would never ever get anything else done, so I only see things if it comes up on my dash (which I've only in the last few weeks started checking regularly) or someone brings me the link. Even now I see more stuff than I really want to spam my own tumblr with, because I know not everyone who's been following since before the show is Here For That. That's why I have you guys for the "wtf, explain" moments. :D

Poor Hugh had two stories of being freaked out on-set. The first when he 'met' Dr. Pez-head and the other caused by a director. Let's just say that the second one involved the words, "Stop breathing little girl." If you're curious, it's around the twenty minute mark. And no, context doesn't really help much.

Ah, that's what you were talking about! I really just need to sit down and watch the whole thing. I really want to hear about Dr. Pez, because Bryan Fuller tweeted back when the episode aired that he was freaked out. Like, you're dealing with meat wings and people cellos on a daily basis, I want to hear what finally broke you.

oh man, i love this fandom so much.

I love it so much that I've started to fear the inevitable shipper arguments or backlash or whatever. IS THIS TOO GOOD TO LAST? ;_;

They are so good to the fandom! <3

I'm so glad they seem to enjoy it. Fan support like that may be really satisfying, honestly, given how hard they've had to work to get people to watch the show in the first place.

Cleolina Jones, Margeret Mead of teh Interwebs! *whipcrack* Seriously, all you need at this point is a gullible university to back you up in fan studies. Ahem, did I say that?
On a less flowercrown note: I wonder if serial killers are a kind of famine response to the -Lack of Death- in Western society at the present time? Obviously those with more goul-like tastes would have had corpse-a-plenty in earlier settings, like Victorian grave-robbers, and wouldn't had to make corpses to have one. I'm thinking of that one Victorian guy ?? who was famous for never missing a hanging, an actual Deadhead, so to speak. The Hannibals of yore may have not had to get their hands dirty, it may have been like ordering takeout is to us.

On the other hand, that sort of thing was very popular in media at the time, too.

This is the best fandom ever.

Zach Levi introducing a Hannibal panel, and one of the related links on the side of the Youtube page is a Haven Q&A. It's not even my birthday!