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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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msauvage purple
I kept trying to write ~companion posts~ to go with the podcasts, got too bogged down in rainy depression to manage it (THREE WEEKS OF STORMS AND MIGRAINES, Y'ALL), and so I am probably doing the Matter of Taste guys a disservice by dumping several hours of discussion on you all at once. Really, the episodes are kind of like movie-length commentaries, just totally out of order, whee! Point being, I had the best time guesting on their show and doing movie discussion episodes for Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal (which was really fun), and (coming out in a day or two) Red Dragon.

(They did a Manhunter episode prior to that, and will bravely go on to Hannibal Rising next week. The podcast is Hannibal-themed but discussing horror as well, so we specifically talk about horror and suspense as a genre; I think it's the SOTL episode where I bring up Ann Radcliffe's definition of terror vs. horror. They'll be moving on to other horror-related topics while we all wait for the TV show to come back. I have demanded promised to come back for a possible Alien(s)-themed episode.)

So I figure, let me at least link to those two episodes now if you're interested, with the third/final episode coming out late Wednesday or Thursday. On my part, there's some sound issues, a little alcohol, and a slight, partial change of heart about the controversial Hannibal ending. And of course we discuss the show in the context of the movies--differences, similarities, the way they actually enrich each other in retrospect, all kinds of things. The Podcast Gods have been cranky this month, however--a Made of Fail I was on got totally eaten, and last week's Red Dragon episode fell apart due to Skype being hateful and had to be rescheduled. So, for the latter, we started over from scratch last night, and I feel like it turned out really well--but Ian and Fio are going to post a few outtakes from the 30-45 minutes where Skype kept cutting out on me and I apparently, at one point, made the despairing noise of "a sad ghost cat." So I can't wait to find out what patchy, desperate transmissions from the ether the guys were hearing while I was wailing "Hellooooo?" into my headset.

I had paragraphs and paragraphs of follow-up thoughts that I don't know that I have the fortitude to finish writing up. Maybe someday. However, I did end up answering some questions on Tumblr that might partially serve that purpose:

What was the one Julianne Moore line that I never actually specified?

What would be my ideal ending to the book/movie Hannibal (with crackfic headcanon included)?

A follow-up to that question, re: brainwashing: "Clarice did not become what he wanted her to be"

What order should the movies be watched in?

I figure y'all will have your own thoughts on the subject. All I know is, it was a lot of fun.

Meanwhile, in TV news, the show's back in production and Will Graham has a lawyer! I feel like this character probably shouldn't bother saving for retirement.

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I very much enjoyed reading your "ideal ending" post just now. (But the waffles are still people because Hannibal's lurking in the restaurant's kitchen.)

Heh. I basically came up with that on the spot, but I like the idea of Clarice and Will as freelance bounty hunters the more I think about it.

How has no one made fanfiction out of this ending yet? It's got everything: bounty hunters, dogs, a righteous and strong female character, the jaded, scary looking ex-cop. I mean it's just rife with potential.

(Deleted comment)
I just really want waffles, honestly.

(Deleted comment)
That's the last line in the Hannibal/Pushing Daisies crossover.

HEY I meant to mention this the last time you were talking about migraines (maybe i did? maybe i forgot? halp) but if you take imitrex/sumatriptan for migraines, make sure the manufacturer is not Ranbaxy as their generics are tainted crap that actually seem to make my symptoms worse.

Yikes! Nope, I just take Aleve. I'm trying Goody's and BC powder occasionally.

SILENCE (book and film) are still in my top 5 books/films of all time.

Love the book of HANNIBAL- especially the Florence scenes- but yeah, that ending. He has to destroy everything that makes her interesting to him in order to possess her. The film version is abominable, but the ending is much better. It's a shame they cut out Mason Verger's sister, Margo- my fave part of HANNIBAL is when Lecter talks to her, not as "captive/captor" but as Psychiatrist/Patient again. He seems legitimately concerned about her psychiatric health.

Agree with all of this! I think Bryan Fuller mentioned his interest in exploring both Mason and Margot Verger's stories at some point, so I'm excited to see his interpretation.

You know, rereading the Hannibal ending, there was a lot more of her personality left than I remembered--she was "unpredictable." I still just think that if a need to save victims and bring wrongdoers to justice is a major part of her personality, and one that he respected, then... you've got a problem here. But then, that is something we discuss.


Skype had it's shit together last night? Good, maybe this Sherlock Holmes podcast might actually happen.

Yeah, the guys actually kind of flickered in and out on my end a few times, but they said I was coming in pretty clear, and I wasn't booted off once. Hopefully Skype's sorted itself out.

I live in Georgia so we are kind of neighbors...This is the weirdest summer ever! I mean I really like that I can step outside without feeling like a lobster being boiled, but...I'm just confused. I'm driving with my windows down? In August? The high is under 80F? What? What? What?

Oh look, it's the Hannibal ending I never knew I wanted.

Also, I find that it's best to read Hannibal Rising after seeing all of the other movies/reading the books, so that it doesn't taint the experience of seeing Hannibal the Cannibal as his real prison self. Also, I feel that half the fun of a prequel is seeing those moments that foreshadow the story you already know. Knowing that Lecter can eventually talk a man into killing himself, and will do it happily based on the smallest offense, his behavior as a teenager in a Soviet orphanage becomes much more unsettling (imagine Tom Riddle in a Soviet orphanage, and not a wizard). Hannibal Rising's not nearly as interesting if you aren't already invested in the Hannibal Lecter character.

I'm going to listen to those podcasts one day, they sound fascinating and amusing.

I haven't read 'Hannibal' yet (I have 'Silence', but haven't started it, cause I'm not really in a book reading mood these last few months) but I'm still NHF that ending. Even if more of her personality shines through, just the thought of the Clarice I know from 'Silence' (the movie) eating brains and running off to Argentina with a cannibal serial killer... It just doesn't seem like her.

And on a petty note, I don't think Hannibal deserves his perfect happy ending where he gets everything, after Will Graham got the worst ending ever. He lost his family and ended up a 'drunk in Florida whose face is hard to look out', Hannibal deserves to have Clarice take him down for good with a bullet between the eyes. *hugs poor book!Will*

And that's why I prefer the movie ending, cause both Hannibal and Clarice stay in character and there's no easy or quick fix. Neither compromises. Except for the stupid part where Hannibal chops his hand off- why not aim for the handcuffs? And second- she put him in this position, he should have chopped her hand off. Also there's a better chance of her getting immediate medical attention and regaining the use of her hand, while he's going on the run again and would possibly loose the hand for good. Hey, I'm being practical here!

ETA: I heard about the lawyer character, should be fun. As long as I get Freddie and Alana fighting for Will (with Bev's help) and Jack gets his ass handed to him at a review board- that's all I want from S2. That and Will showing everyone that he's not a woobie and using his empathy proactively to fight back. Hannibal needs to be taken down a peg or a million. Although I bet if Will does come back swinging, Hannibal will find a way to take credit for it, because "he was just trying to help Will be the best version of himself" or some nonesense.

Also, this:

"So my current crackfic multiverse headcanon is that, after the events of the movie Hannibal, movieverse Clarice has gone to Florida and found bookverse Will “A Drunk with a Face That’s Hard to Look At” Graham and formed a little People Screwed Over by Hannibal Lecter support group. Also, they’re now bounty hunters. They get tips from Ardelia on the inside at the FBI, and go on actual Road Trips for Justice to hunt down criminals on the lam and Will’s dogs ride in the big station wagon with them and bite bad guys as needed. Sometimes Alana and Beverly from the show come to visit, and everyone sits up all night talking about do you remember that time when everything was so fucked up? no, the other time. no, the other time, and then they all go out for waffles, and the waffles are not people."

This is my new headcanon. I never even considered Will/Clarice or Will-Clarice until I read a few fanfics, but now I need the two to interact and either be together, or be BFF's. They can bitch about Jack and Hannibal, about the FBI and they can help each other heal from all the shit they've been through, while being badass and getting justice done.

Edited at 2013-08-26 03:22 pm (UTC)

I think book!Will and movie!Clarice meeting up finally occurred to me because I realized they must be incredibly lonely, thanks to this guy. Like, who else in the world could possibly understand what the hell they've been through? But I also like the idea that they would turn their backs on even trying to deal with Fugitive Lecter and just bringing other criminals to justice. Like, you are a life ruiner, we are not even giving any more thought to you. It would actually probably kind of burn him to find out that they've moved on. Also, waffles, and he can't have any.

I think book!Will and movie!Clarice meeting up finally occurred to me because I realized they must be incredibly lonely, thanks to this guy. Like, who else in the world could possibly understand what the hell they've been through?

That's exactly what I find so appealing about Will/Clarice or Will-Clarice: They'd GET each other. And they're both damaged and both could probably help each other heal after everything they've been through. They have enough common ground (FBI, Hannibal, Jack) but they're also different enough for it to work and for them to help each other out.

But I also like the idea that they would turn their backs on even trying to deal with Fugitive Lecter and just bringing other criminals to justice. Like, you are a life ruiner, we are not even giving any more thought to you. It would actually probably kind of burn him to find out that they've moved on. Also, waffles, and he can't have any.

MWAHAHAHA, Hannibal would hate that and would probably throw a pity party that would put "Ballad of the sad Cannibal" from 'Sorbet' to shame! And Hannibal doesn't deserve waffles! Will and Clarice and an army of dogs, eating waffles, getting justice and moving on with their lives FTW!

Hey. I am very new to Livejournal website and wanting to use Life Blogging websites more in life and becoming more familiar with them.

Based on the social capital section of this website, looks like you are very popular on LiveJournal and knowing this website very well.

The “Switch on the Fun without Fail” is a fantastic quote.

I'm in the same situation

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