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Somehow I had no Ravenstag icons before this

So! More Matter of Taste podcast! I was on the new/improved/rerecorded Red Dragon episode (you can hear The Blogger as a Sad Cat Ghost in the outtakes after the music, though), thus completing the trilogy, and then last week, the guys puzzled over Hannibal Rising. Considering that I'm going on both Anglo-Filles and Made of Fail next month to talk about the show some more, I don't know how much harder you want me to fandom, people.

Oh, speaking of which, GUESS WHAT HAS STARTED FILMING.

I love how the producers themselves are the primary supplier of set pictures, rather than, like, fans hiding in the bushes. Also, they are systematically going around and getting everyone to follow Hugh Dancy's example and wear flower crowns (although, to be honest, I think the most amazing thing about that list is the tag *seagull chortle* at the end) (well, no, [dying whale noises] is also pretty good). Oh, and Cynthia Nixon is joining the show as well. She has no idea what she's about to get into.


(Hold up, is the wendigo coming back? I MISS THE RAVENSTAG.)

As a side note, I have been doing music posts on Tumblr, often with nostalgic commentary, here. (Pallas cats are, as always, here.) On a less cheerful note, I am having some health problems that I think I'll get into in a separate entry. So, in closing, here is a nice thing: *boop.*

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