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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Somehow I had no Ravenstag icons before this
dire ravenstag dream, dire ravenstag 01
So! More Matter of Taste podcast! I was on the new/improved/rerecorded Red Dragon episode (you can hear The Blogger as a Sad Cat Ghost in the outtakes after the music, though), thus completing the trilogy, and then last week, the guys puzzled over Hannibal Rising. Considering that I'm going on both Anglo-Filles and Made of Fail next month to talk about the show some more, I don't know how much harder you want me to fandom, people.

Oh, speaking of which, GUESS WHAT HAS STARTED FILMING.

I love how the producers themselves are the primary supplier of set pictures, rather than, like, fans hiding in the bushes. Also, they are systematically going around and getting everyone to follow Hugh Dancy's example and wear flower crowns (although, to be honest, I think the most amazing thing about that list is the tag *seagull chortle* at the end) (well, no, [dying whale noises] is also pretty good). Oh, and Cynthia Nixon is joining the show as well. She has no idea what she's about to get into.


(Hold up, is the wendigo coming back? I MISS THE RAVENSTAG.)

As a side note, I have been doing music posts on Tumblr, often with nostalgic commentary, here. (Pallas cats are, as always, here.) On a less cheerful note, I am having some health problems that I think I'll get into in a separate entry. So, in closing, here is a nice thing: *boop.*

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Is Mads doing stag hands?

I think Cynthia Nixon may well be handed a flower crown before a script.

I believe he is throwing the horns, because cannibalism is totally metal.


cannibalism is totally metal

In the sense of "easily getting your RDA of iron".

Awww, I hope the mystery health stuff gets better for you soon! I thoroughly enjoyed the AMOT Silence and Hannibal podcasts, by the way! I'm sure my fellow commuters enjoyed my laughing and flailing as well, so thank you guys for making a hellacious drive twice a day much more enjoyable.

Thanks--I'm going into it in more depth, but it's basically "headaches, high blood pressure, and panic attacks." It's a system of problems, basically, that require attention or management or whatever, and I have to do something about it, but there are definitely things to do about it.

Sorry to hear about the health issues. Will be praying for you. But it's good to hear from you, as always!

Winston in a flower crown is beyond adorable.

Edited at 2013-09-12 05:57 pm (UTC)

Winston in a flower crown is my everything. I want to roll around in the grass and snorgle him. (Fortunately I have dogs of my own I can do this with as well.) I feel like pictures of Winston in a flower crown are medically indicated at this point.

WAT I was totally out of the loop with the flower crowns... however, Mads looks gorgeous as usual~

When were these, last week? This week? I have lost track of time again. But yeah, they started taking them during pre-production, and now they've started posting pictures from the set. I keep an eye on their social media.

Yaaay, I get to listen to Cleo talk about Hannibal for an hour again!

... th-that's not creepy, right?

Mads looks spectacular in that flower crown. Sometimes I feel like Brian is like the King of Fannibals and we're just his tiny Fannibal peasants.

I hope you feel better soon! <3

Well, then, are you gonna be in for a treat NEXT month, with the other two podcasts as well. Maybe once Dracula starts up I'll get to add another topic to my repertoire.

I saw people at Dragon*Con with the flower crowns, and I chuckled to myself because I wondered how many people would get it.

Heh. I am kind of wondering at what point the flower crown thing is going to hit mainstream awareness. I guess "cheerful and goofy" is a better thing to be known for than what Fancy Cannibal's fandom could be known for.

I added a flower crown to my Boltie (from the movie 'Super') costume and made a Fannibal's day. They 'got' it. I know Fannibals aren't the only ones who use/play with the flower crown, but it seems to have really taken off in this fandom.

I love how the producers themselves are the primary supplier of set pictures, rather than, like, fans hiding in the bushes.

It is pretty glorious.

Also, *runs from murder tie* You notice how it's hanging all by itself? The other ties want nothing to do with it.

Right? It totally can't play nice with the other ties.

I s2g Hannibal has THE BEST cast and crew and THE BEST fandom. It's just a big love fest all round, ya know? There is such clear dedication by Fuller & Co to produce the best show possible and such clear devotion from the fans to show their love of the end product. To me, it seems like there's a great deal of respect being passed back and forth from both sides of the TV screen. It's, it's...the best most magical thing ever. \o/

I keep hoping some inevitable backlash or breakdown or argument or something won't happen. It's pretty magical so far, though.

If anyone is thinking about doing some sort of Halloween Ravenstag cosplay, get thee hence to your local purveyor of cheap cosmetics. Wet 'N Wild's Fantasy Makers line is out again, and this year they have a set of false eyelashes made to look like stag heads with butterflies entwined in the antlers. I cannot make this up, y'all.

I am not generally a Mads fantasizer (great actor but not my type), and am decidedly not on the Hot Hannibal train (even writing that makes me go EW), but I find that photo of him throwing the horns weirdly sexy. I am troubled by myself.

And the flower crowns, I just can't even. I'm mostly amazed that Bryan Fuller seems to have somehow found the perfect balance of keeping a link to fans without either pandering or being overcome by it, and the pleasant weirdness of the fandom and meta-culture of this show that's rife with horribleness being so full of joy. It's all making me almost want to be actively involved in a fandom again. (So far I'm just skittering around the edges and picking up things second-hand.)

Is that a paisley tie under a 3-piece plaid suit under a brown jacket? Because I'm having trouble coping with it, devil horns notwithstanding.

I have to add, I saw two amazing Hannibal cosplays at DragonCon. I am posting the links to them below. And the "Hannibal" fan panel was close to full and lovely to behold, as well as being fascinating and awesome.




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