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I wrote a thing! And someone who is not me posted it! It is at The Toast, and it is in response to "Men Apologizing to Me":

Of those [submissions from women], I’d guess about half begin with an apology for not pitching properly or having a half-formed idea or for existing in the first place.

Which means that every week, a lot of women apologize to me for wanting to write.

And it’s such a shame, because the pitches we get are wonderful — tremendous — bizarre — funny — and not at all something to apologize over. Sometimes I get a story or an idea that isn’t quite right for us, but even then I love getting to hear from readers and I’m always, always happy to read about something that matters to you.

You are not, and your thoughts are not, and your words are not, an imposition.

(This is going to sound really strange, but trust me on this: look over the (surprisingly entertaining) submission guidelines first.)

NOW you can read it. "Thirteen Ways of Pitching to The Toast" is here.

(There is a genuine pitch in there somewhere. SEE IF YOU CAN FIND IT before you get to the tags.)

Meanwhile, the War of the Seasons Kickstarter has already passed 50% of its goal with 27 days to go, so I'm gonna guess that we'll probably meet the stretch goal, which is where my story will come in. And basically any pledge option you go with, $5 or over, you'll automatically get the extra stories if their respective goals are met.

In conclusion, Alice Munro bless us, every one.

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