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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Moar updates
So! The Anglo-Filles episode I promised to do back in January, back when Kayleigh and I were all "NOT SURE IF WANT HANNIBAL. DO NOT KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THIS" in terror-squee, is now A Thing That Has Happened. I swear to God that this is the first time I've been on a podcast specifically to talk about the show rather than the movies, so I do not entirely repeat myself.

@cleolinda: If you've ever wanted to hear my impression of Savoureux's Tornado Siren From Hell, this is your chance.

Somewhat around 1:09:40.

@_abigala: It's a good impression. I thought it was a recording at first.

@cleolinda: I have a skill!

And then, near the end of the show, I happened to check Twitter because Reidan mentioned something that Bryan Fuller had just then tweeted, and we had BREAKING NEWS (I even made a little news-ticker sound. I was a little loopy by then) (I am not trying to break into the sound effects industry, I swear). The best write-up of the subject, however, appeared today:

@darklorelei: Did you read AVClub's article on Hunnam dropping out of 50 Shades? It's AMAZING.

@cleolinda: omg

Had Universal displeased Hunnam? The sense that it had disappointed him somehow made Universal tingle with dirty shame—shame that burned deliciously hot and low, deep inside the studio.

Speaking of loopy, I feel really bad about the end of the podcast--I realize now that I missed my cue to be like "Thanks so much for having me on, it was great!" (Which it was!) But my blood sugar had tanked by that point and I was running out of coherence, as you see (hear?) during the "Cleo, you have to say bye" part ("--Oh!"). Not that I am ever terribly coherent the rest of the time, but there you are.

Also, someone asked me yesterday to explain why I like Alana Bloom. WARNING: Do not ask me this unless you really, really want to know. At length.

Also-also, I had a weirdly productive streak last week, with "Thirteen Ways of Pitching to The Toast" and a strange little Sleepy Hollow iPhone fic. (You're damn straight I'm going to keep bringing up the fact that I actually finished things.) I am currently editing another little thing (sold and forthcoming), in addition to mulling over the (more serious) Pitchception within the Toast piece (mulling is an important step in the process), AND ALSO A SHORT STORY DUE ON NOVEMBER 1ST, WHY AM I NOT WRITING THE THINGS I AM SUPPOSED TO BE WRITING. I mean, short answer: mild manic upswing. Which I tend to regard as "make hay while the sun shines" time; I don't expect this to be the new normal. That said, finishing things and getting feedback has been existentially encouraging in itself. I CAN DO THIS.

OH AND: Welp, The War of the Seasons Kickstarter is already 100% funded after a week. So it's very likely we'll make the stretch goal that would result in me writing a (different) short story. (I'll be taking much the approach I did to the Sleepy Hollow thing, which is "trying to get into the voices of someone else's characters while making it something you'd enjoy if you're coming to it cold.") You'll only be able to get it by pledging, but you'll get it with any pledge $5-and-over. Janine wanted me to point out that I do actually get paid for this story as well, so if you've ever wanted to show your support for Cleolinda Industries, this is your chance, although spreading the word and sending powerful YOU CAN DO IT mindbeams are also appreciated. Really appreciated.

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first comment on a Cleopost? huzzah!

I think what I love about Alana can be summed up with "She feels real". Like you said, they drop so many little things about her here and there that she really feels like a... I don't want to say a real person exactly, but she's the kind of character you look at and go 'yeah, I could definitely see them existing in the real world'.

Her whole character just feels like a real person who might really work in the real field of medicine. She's definitely someone I'd like as my therapist.

On a semi-related note, I've been meaning to ask for a while -- what are your thoughts in the differences between Movie!Lecter and TV!Lecter? It was just something I got to thinking after rewatching SoTL the other night -- there's a million things that Movie!Lecter does that I just can't see TV!Lecter doing (not in the same ways, anyway) and I was curious as to your thoughts on the different portrayals of him~

Oddly, one of the realest things about her, IMO, is that she has a great wardrobe... but a limited one. You see her wear the same outfits, or slightly mix-and-matched, multiple times. So she comes off as someone who has a great, fun sense of style, but a normal human being's budget.

My blood sugar is about to bottom out, so let me go get some food and come back to you on the second part.

YOU CAN DO IT! You can TOTALLY do it.

I totally convinced someone, while talking on the phone, to give Sleepy Hollow a look-see based on your iPhone fic.

Me: I am sending you a link

Victim: Okaaaaay.

Me: Click it. CLICK IT. Have I ever steered you wrong?

Victim: Yes, that time-

Me: That's not the point. Click the-

(muffled laughter)

-you clicked it, didn't you?

Victim: Now I have to watch this show. See what you did?

Me: My work here is done. Until the next time.

This seems as good a place as any to ask. So I forgot to put in a preorder for Hannibal (womp womp) and I'm still waffling over whether to get the bluray or DVD. The downside that I can't watch bluray on my computer is a pretty big one, but the sound/music is also basically my second favorite aspect of the show. Is the sound still good on the DVDs? Any other pros/cons to either side?

As far as I know, the content is exactly the same (bless them). I can't really compare the sound, but I found it to be good, yeah. I've only (re)watched through "Sorbet" at this point; the real test is the last episode with the bullroarer in the sound mix, but so far, yeah--I heard some heartbeat sounds in the first episode that I don't know I'd ever noticed before, so I'm guessing the sound's pretty good.

I admit that I left in the "Cleo you have to say bye" bit along with the ensuing giggles because I thought it was funny.

I did not leave in "My blood sugar is so low" "I have to pee." "I have to find pants!" Though that also would have been funny!

Heh, I figured that's why you did (it was). That pretty much always happens to me by the end of a podcast, actually. I need to find something I can eat silently.

I loved the Leaky take (I think it was) on the 50 Shades news - something like "Charlie Hunnam regains sanity, backs away from 50 Shades" and then "he cited scheduling conflicts; yeah, let's go with that."

Finishing things is always something to be proud of. :) I really, really enjoyed the Anglo-Filles episode, especially since we didn't really get to pick your brain about the TV show on our episodes--beyond the Mikkelsen/Hopkins comparisons and the Horror-Inducing Details We Didn't Notice.

I think I already said it on a previous post, but I'll say it again: Good luck with all your endeavors and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Aw, that's good! I always feel a little anxious about what I talked about with whom and did I repeat myself and is anyone upset that I went on more than one show. And I'm doing Made of Fail next weekend (DIFFERENT FOCUS THOUGH), so it's turning into the Extremely Niche Blogger equivalent of doing the talk show rounds. I also feel kind of bad (weird?) that I seem to have so very much to say on the subject in the first place.

By "tornado siren from hell", do you mean the bull-roarer? I was instantly fascinated by that sound. On the commentary Fuller talks about it.

Heh, yeah--they also talk about it on the featurette about the music, how it's a board you swing over your head on a string. (They don't show it, sadly.) That's just what I called it in the Savoureux recap (in addition to quoting his tweets on what it actually was). And what's really unnerving is how much more you hear it if you have headphones on while you're watching.

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