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Long-delayed updates

(I've had this drafted for several days and somehow just never posted it--as an upfront update, got a good amount of work done today on both the book and the short story, so that was a good time, and I am gradually flailing towards having another short fun piece somewhere.)

To follow up My Thoughts on Alana Bloom, I was asked to write up something about Beverly as well. OH LOOK IT'S JUST A WEEK OF HANNIBAL META, WHY NOT. (Please someone make me a spinning Wheel of Acceptable Meats.)

Did you guys know that the cast and crew wore out the fan flower crowns from SDCC? So they're making new ones themselves? Gina Torres is the first to try one on. Also, Amanda Plummer has joined the show (more on her character), and then there was that time when I psychically somehow knew that Martin Donovan had been cast five days before they announced it.

Also-also, I don't think I ever showed y'all this.

@sydk: Now I'm imagining Moro as Hannibal's shrink. Just a huge fucking white wolf god, listening to him pretend to be a man.

@cleolinda: "WILL GRAHAM IS A LOSS TOO," she says, crossing her giant paws. "THAT BOY WANTED TO SHARE HIS LIFE WITH YOU."

MEANWHILE: Part one: "You should totally marry a guy named Sharkkiller." Part two: "Reader, I married him." I have accepted my fate. *nods*

ALSO: I watched other people watch Reign the other night, and the best word I heard to describe it was "shitmazing." I don't know that I'll watch it regularly, but I gotta see this first episode now. (The Dracula costumes are also cracked-out, but at least you can't buy them at Free People.)

In conclusion, I was going to end this by noting that we're pretty close to meeting the War of the Seasons stretch goal that I agreed to write a short story for--

@LJmysticowl: Not anymore, you are now $0 short of your story goal #FistPump #Champion

@cleolinda: VICTORY LAP

@cleolinda: \o/ \o\ /o/ ~o~

As a reminder, the only way to get the story that I'm now definitely going to be writing (in addition to whatever else you choose) is to pledge at least $5; you won't be charged until November 6th, when the Kickstarter ends. And the more stretch goals the Kickstarter passes, the more goodies that get thrown in, so spread the word.

P.S. It's Sunday night. You need this.

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