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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Hey, just checking in to let you guys know that I'm still working on the Dracula recap, but have been slowed down by a throbbing air-pressure headache over the last, I don't know, five hours. For about an hour, I waited around hoping the Aleve would kick in (it... didn't), during which, on a whim, I decided to throw together a side tumblr. Basically, if it relates to Dracula, anything mentioned in Dracula, vampires in general (maybe even horror of any kind), the second half of the 19th century (and a smidge into the 20th), my Black Ribbon research, and/or steampunk, it's fair game as far as I'm concerned. Like, I know exactly the kind of things that would fit, even if I can't explain it to anyone else, so. I threw some starter reblogs out there and I've got a queue already going into Wednesday, because I, uh, already had all of this stuff on hand. So, sit tight with that while I try to shoo off the migraine demons and finish the recap; it'll probably go up tomorrow.

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I am reading Dracula for a Coursera class I'm taking. I have to try to figure out a theme and write a 300 word essay in two days.

But, so you know, you can read it for free online. http://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/s/stoker/bram/s87d/

Oh, I have it bookmarked on Gutenberg.org for quick reference, believe me. :)

I've had to break out the neti pot a few days ago since the air is colder and drier and Aleve wasn't doing diddly squat. Hope the headache goes away soon

Well, I figured out what it was--stupid unpredicted rain.

I got a tumblr to follow this. Just so you know. (Well, and nbchannibal, too now. Obviously.)

Aw! Well, obviously nbchannibal. nbcdracula isn't quite up to their tag standards yet, though.

They're certainly trying, though. You can do it, nbcdracula tag-writer! We believe in you!

Sorry to hear about the headache. Hope you feel better soon!

I have literally had the same headache. Asprin and Tylenol did nothing. >_<. I'm guessing it's going to rain tonight...bah....

i watched dracula. what the fuuuuuck steampunk vampires vs. oil barons!? i feel like i HAVE to keep watching, because... wha? whassa?

OMG I can't wait for a recap, just watched Dracula like 10 hours ago and boy it was the lamest thing I have seen in a log time.

Really hope that your insightful recaps make me feel less bad about "wasting" 45 minutes of my life :P

I actually came to really enjoy it over the course of recapping, but then, recapping has that effect on me.

Good ol' Stockholm Syndrome.

Air pressure headaches are awful. I get them quite often, and I hate it. So I can sympathise...

I'm not on Twitter or tumblr, so I can't say it there, but I hope you feel better! This is, unfortunately, the perfect time of year for colds and headaches.

Please know that we love whatever you write, whenever you write it, so take as much time as you need.

Fight-oh, OH! (hopefully this image works)

fight oh yankumi

My feelings about Dracula are mixed, but I know that Sudafed is the best thing for an air pressure headache. Especially since you can also take Aleve.

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