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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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So! Today is the 10th anniversary of this LJ! And even though I am about to link you to a ton of stuff not actually on this LJ, I still consider it the mothership.

My second piece is up on The Toast! If you read it before, a Significant Correction has been made. It changes EVERYTHING. RUN, JULIE.

(The Toast is on fire generally today, btw.)

Over on my tumblr: a gorgeous new illustrated Hunger Games: Catching Fire poster, the Sleepy Hollow gang playing baseball (the follow-up), a few new Hannibal things (OMG), Old Maps of Paris, Kate Beaton's Halloween quiz, and Martha Stewart Halloween photography shut up.

Over on my new side tumblr: the lesser-known jacket of Anna Valerious, wonderful Dracula illustrations by Anne Yvonne Gilbert, and that POOF! gif I wanted.

And, in case you missed it, I finished the recap for the first episode of NBC's Dracula a couple of days ago (I need to go back and answer a lot of comments. ). I am SUPER, SUPER HOPING to make this November 1st deadline for my Black Ribbon story before the next episode that night, just in time to start the process all over again. Wish me luck!

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Congrats!!!! Just wanted to comment about how generally amazing you are and wishing you well on Black Ribbon!!

Woot! Happy Blogoversary!

WOO HOO!! Happy 10th LJ-versary! :D

*scatters rose petals* *possibly resembling those on NBC!Lucy's dress* Hurray for the anniversary, and for Hallowe'en hilarity!

I love your writing, and have enjoyed so much on this LJ, from linkspam and recaps to the Secret Life of Dolls and stories about your family. Thank you, and good luck with the deadines!


(That sounds terrible, doesn't it?)

Congratulations on your anniversary, and everything else!

Despite everything, I can't quite let go of LJ. So while I try to keep up with things elsewhere, I'm glad whenever you post something here.

While I love the mothership I'm really really glad you have Tumblr. It has your purple!

Echoing the sentiments of congratulations on your ljversary!

Happy 10 year anniversary! I always love your blog and your recaps and your Secret Life of Dolls stuff. I'm really glad I discovered you through your M15M! Good luck on your novel and I look forward to all future updates!

(Deleted comment)
Happi Anni House of Bark!

Happy Anniversary! :D

Everything's coming up Cleo!

Happy Anniversary!

I liked that piece on The Toast- Rosemary has a completely normal house and everything is fine, ok???

And Eddie showed up for filming! I knew he was coming back, I just didn't know when.

Happy Halloween for anyone celebrating, hope you have a good one and stay in good health.

What was the significant change??? I must know!

Also - a very happy ten years to you! I've been reading along for about 9 of those years and it's astonishing how often I have to preface random conversations with, "so I read this thing by Cleolinda...". Thank you for the many years of entertainment and openness - it has truly been a pleasure.

Edited at 2013-11-03 07:01 am (UTC)

I was a bit disappointed in the Flemish television stations, because they will be airing Dracula somewhere this month, but they haven't made a move for Hannibal yet.

But then I saw that they were doing a premiere show with the first two episodes and they have tickets if you are willing to donate... some blood (for the Red Cross, that is).

Oh, hey, I somehow missed this post, but belated congratulations!

Забыл где я уже встречал эту инфу да ладно

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