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I'm this close to going outside and eating grass

Okay, I want to go ahead and mention a few things rather than try to wait to put them with the Dracula recap, which is running hellishly late, because there is an increasingly good chance I am going to throw up in the next five minutes and I have no idea why, and that is somewhat alarming.

1) Less than twelve hours left on the War of the Seasons Kickstarter--it's definitely funded, and if you want to get the short story I'll be writing (in addition to Janine's book and the other stretch goal rewards), now's the time to pledge at least $5 (depending on how many of the other items you want), because I don't know if the story will appear anywhere else.

2) Last week I did actually post one Dracula recap (one little recap! ah ah ahhhhhh!) and a new piece up on The Toast.

3) They found me.

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