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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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This is just to say that I'm okay, everything's fine, but I'm obviously running incredibly late with the episode 3 recap, which will be done soon but not before episode 4 tonight. I am also finding out that the Sky Living version of episode 3 overseas was INCREDIBLY DIFFERENT, so I will be working in reports from my Irish correspondent to that effect. In conclusion, I'm still here, just really behind.

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Glad to hear you're okay!

Foreign correspondents and everything! This is getting to be quite the global operation!

So Cleolinda Industries has a foreign office? She really is expanding her operations!

Sending positive thoughts and Pallas Cat Patronus vibes your way!

Well, now you have to incorporate a Daily Show-type segment with your Irish correspondent, where they make fun of the prudishness of Americans, and crow over the fact that JRM is from Ireland. (Yes, I now associate the word "correspondent" with Jon Stewart.)

In all seriousness, you go, Cleo. We're rooting for you. We know you don't just do some slap-dash summary and call it a day. Your shit is researched and cross-referenced with, like, every piece of Dracula-related media ever, not to mention historical info. I, for one, am perfectly happy to wait longer and get a superior product.

And if the seasonal depressional blarghs get you down, we'll still be here, ready with cookies and Woodchuck (although you should definitely try Angry Orchard cider if it's available in your area...)

I second this, especially the 'happy to wait longer and get a superior product' and the recommendation of Angry Orchard!

Your stuff is welcome whenever it arrives. :)

Cleolinda Industries caters to the discriminating consumer, who prefers an abundance of links to a rushed, slapdash reaction post.

Incredibly different, huh? I hope someone torrents it...

But it's a good time to be behind! You've got two weeks for the episode 4 recap.

(Man, I know it's a nice round anniversary year for the JFK assassination, but there's something so sad about American TV that even a 10 ep show can't air without some sort of hiatus.)

O rly? Are they skipping Thanksgiving week? No, it must be the week before that--they're skipping it for a JFK thing? Well... that would seriously help me a lot, because I've got something else I need to prioritize at the moment. And I really want to see this through, once again, Just To Say I Did, and not get so behind that I drop out, like I have with other shows.

AV Club says it's back on the 29th.

No worries! ♥ I shall be patient.

When you need a tiny break you can take a look at what is, I am reasonably certain, an unlicensed Mads Mikkelsen doll (link is to BJDcollectasy, a ball-joint doll collectors' news site).

I must admit, that is one fine looking doll head there.

Oh man, it even manages to convey intense, creepy staring while having no easily-indentified facial expression. Now that's quality.

I think it'd be interesting to see just what kind of differences are between the overseas version and the US version.

В принципе, хозяин сайта оригинально накропал.

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