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Checking in
One of the more recent health issues I ever-so-vaguely mentioned is chronic back pain--I'm not sure if it's due to some stealth injury I don't remember or if it's related to PCOS--and it's just really hard to concentrate. For the last two or three weeks. (Not the best I've ever slept, either.) Basically I'm overdue on a deadline and I'm just going to have to put everything aside until I can get that finished. I can still take an hour to hang out on Twitter during the show tonight--I'm still keeping up with the show, for that matter--but I'm just going to have to remain cheerfully behind on the recaps for a while.

(Speaking of Twitter, I have been experimenting with Storify and Sleepy Hollow.)

I'm to a point where I go around saying "it is what it is" a lot. Like, if you're stuck in a traffic jam that you clearly can't do anything about, there's no point in rending your garments over it. You look at the time and the place that you're currently in and figure out what to do with that, the best way to move forward or the most productive way to pass the time, and that's the situation, and it is what it is. (I often say this to my mother during literal traffic jams, hence the example.) I've taken a good bit of Aleve and I'm rambling. (Man, you do not even want to know how much I took to drag my ass to Catching Fire last weekend.) My point is that I'm just trying to keep my priorities mellow, or something, and keep putting one foot in front of the other as best as I can. I am extremely, extremely lucky that my moods are pretty stable; my energy levels have taken a seasonal hit, but I don't feel "depressed," and I'm trying to hold on to that as long as I can.

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As always, doing what's best for you is what's important. Keep on keeping on.

So sorry to hear about the back pain. Hope you feel better soon. Take all the time you need and take good care of yourself!

You just take care of yourself! Back pain's a bitch!

Well that sounds like a deeply unfun situation. Take care, and I hope this passes quickly.

It's good to hear that things are holding in, if not a good place, a place you're coping with. I hope the pain gets better. Chronic pain is a bitch.

I'm sorry to hear it. Hope you'll get better as soon as it's possible.

Your health should be the main priority. Don't worry about recaps. (It's not like That Culinary Show will suddenly become un-renewed just because you can't recap Dracula every week.)

Oof, I hope you feel better soon. Chronic back pain is negative fun.

"it is what it is" is a very useful way of coping with unending crap. I have had my own times where "it is what it is" was the only way to deal with stuff.

I hope things get better soon though!

Thank you for the Sleepy Hollow links! Cool to see what you thought.

Do what you need to do and keep going, is how I've been handling it. *offers hugs*

Not even kind of the point, but: I'm glad you don't feel depressed on top of everything else, because I'm depressed enough for both of us lately.

I'm sorry to hear. I'm in the same boat: stupid chronic pain, stupid winter darkness "yet I shall be merry" as much as I can. Hang in there, hon; feel better; good luck with your deadline!

I know Helpful Comments are rarely helpful, but just in case: my back issues cleared up when I started sleeping in a hammock--no pressure points, or something like that. I sleep better now too, supposedly because the rocking of the hammock triggers happy brain waves. (Having a warm and fuzzy Grimace-purple furry hammock can't hurt either.)

I hope you feel better soon!

Sorry to hear about your health. Hope you are better soon.

Sorry you're not well, and I hope things pick up soon.

I know you have been dealing with this stuff a hell of a lot longer than I have, and probably know yourself a lot better than I ever could, but I was wondering if you take a vitamin D supplement to help manage the seasonal issues? I moved to Finland about 1.5 years ago and got terrible depression last winter, and this year I am making damn sure not to miss a day of my vitamin D supplement (or my anti-depressants - so it's not that the vitamin D is a miracle cure, but before I got the meds I noticed that days when I didn't take my vitamins were a LOT worse than days when I did).

i second this. since my GP put me on 5000iu of vitamin D a day (she did blood tests & my vitamin D was 40) I've felt so much better. It seems to help with everything.

PCOS & back pain are close friends. they both suck.

Some very wise words that are also a useful reminder to me. Hope you feel better soon.

Hope you have a happy birthday!

Hope you can get some help with your back pain too ... :))

Уважаемый продолжай в том же духе

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