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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Checkin' checkin' in
So the last month has been such that I haven't even been able to stop by and say "hey guys it's my 35th birthday!" or "hey guys, happy holidays!" or "hey guys, I have a Black Ribbon story coming out in the Athena's Daughters anthology!" It was... that kind of month. Some kind of pinched nerve or pulled muscle in my back, a conglomeration of flu and blarg shortly after my birthday, other health issues, then two weeks off the grid partly to get things done and partly just to recuperate (and then my phone died again yesterday). So I feel like we need to catch up, although let it be noted that I've spent three days trying to put this entry together while feverish with a new rebound blarg--in fact, shit, it's only a few hours until the Kickstarter ends. Well, it's been an amazing success--over $40,000 at this point, I don't even know how. Anyway--here's a bit more about the final version of my story: a photoset of reference images, a little back story, and the idea of strength as a choice.

(I believe there will also be an Apollo's Daughters companion, with female protagonists by male writers, which certain accusers of ~misandry~ seem not to have noticed.)

Also, I started rambling on about That Time I Mailed In An X-Files Script, Or: Why Creators Can't Read Your Stuff, and ended up on Geekosystem? (That's got to be one of y'all. O hai!) Here's a longer version of the Twitter conversation we had, now on Storify.

Meanwhile: Dracula recaps: I don't even know, you guys. As of last Friday, I'm four episodes behind. I don't know if it's seasonal affective blarg or my own personal issues or this show genuinely not clicking with a lot of people (apparently I'm not the only recapper who's wandered away), but... argh. I want to give the recaps another shot, so I'm trying to think of a different format that's less labor-intensive than "8000-word recaps, wtf." Bullet-point outlines in Comic Sans with screencaps? I don't even know.

Because I want to save up my strength because Hannibal is coming back early! Hannibal is coming back early! HANNIBAL IS COMING BACK EARLY, THIS IS NOT A DRILL.


(Also, I am still trying to figure out the username of the person who sent me one of the Wound Man sketches from SDCC, because that arrived a few days before my birthday when I was really down and it was like my favorite thing I got that week.)

Also-also, our vacuum cleaner died (House of Bark honors its service) and our washing machine is in its dying throes, so apparently we're doing the All the Household Appliances Dying at Once thing again. I'm at that point where I have tons of ideas--which are also possible sources of income--but no energy to write them down (untangling my illness bedhead was a major accomplishment today), so we'll see what happens next.

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I'm glad you did mention the Kickstarter again, because donating was on my to-do list and I'd forgotten!

I actually feel really terrible that I didn't mention it sooner, but I've been sleeping feverishly a lot. Again. Some more. (Thank you!)

(Deleted comment)
Thanks--I hope I do too, since I was admittedly a little chagrined that the show would be coming back so early in the year, as much as I'd missed it. I'll have to spend extra time under the full spectrum lamp.

I have every intention of having My Little Ravenstag finished and mailed before the second season starts (although there is some Life Upheaval going on over here that may delay me some). I was actually planning on sending my most recent photos later tonight when I have time to futz with my camera card.



Welcome back Cleo! That Hannibal poster is like the most tremendous piece of tv advertising I've ever seen. It was like a gut-punch that then caused a distressingly girlish giggle, and I was both ashamed and delighted. Hannibal! Can't wait.

Oddly, that is pretty much the exact same reaction that I had.

Also, I hope Will gets the mask because he bites Hannibal. I hope he bites him on his smug face and I hope he bites him HARD.

I find the first few episodes of Dracula a drag to get through. But it has gotten better especially if they don't focus as much on Mina. My favorite episode was the Renfeld/Dracula-centric one (DraFeld? RenCula? Lol!). That's the real love story, IMO.

Heh, I do love Renfield. I can't even remember which one I liked the most--actually, maybe the last one I recapped with the absinthe trip, or maybe the one with Josef right after that. Again, I can't tell if it's the time of year and my health, or if it's the show, or if it's my very personal likes and dislikes (I HATE LOVE TRIANGLES, ARGH. THIS ENTIRE SHOW IS NOTHING BUT LOVE GEOMETRY). And like, I like Lady Jayne and I like the actress, but I don't know that I like Lady Jayne as much as I'm supposed to; they seem way in love with their original characters, and that's not who I came to see. So I keep feeling this weird pull towards "not what I want out of this show," while still wanting to give it a chance on its own terms.

If you're looking for an easier format for your recaps, why not storify/clean up your live-twitter? I don't follow twitter generally but I always look your account up as/after I watch. Just insert a small amount of context and you'd be golden. :-)

Heh, I thought about that a little too late--I could have tweeted a bit more if I'd thought of that as an option. I may go a bit more tweet-heavy, yeah.

Argh, I missed the Kickstarter by 31 minutes! So sorry :( Will there be another way to throw money at the book later on? The backstory you gave sounds fascinating :)

I have to think they'll sell the anthology in the wild, as it were, when it comes out in June--they mention that the hardcovers can only be bought through the Kickstarter, which implies that you'll be able to get the paperbacks (and ebooks, certainly) elsewhere/later. Thank you for wanting to back it, though!

I'm super enjoying Dracula (and hoping Lucy becomes Jayne's vampire-killing protegee) but I have to admit that Dracula himself is the weakest part. Renfield, however, is awesome.

Because I want to save up my strength because Hannibal is coming back early!

If I had to choose, I'd say screw Dracula and focus on Hannibal recaps, lol.

Dracula didn't click with me at all, so I'm slightly biased.

That's true from a sense of original-material-merit.

The thing is, Cleolinda, your Dracula recaps are what I had most fun reading in all of latter 2013.

Sometimes the critic bests the material. There's no argument for you to keep going. I kind of feel bad wanting you to keep going. I ALSO REALLY WANT YOU TO.


I'm so pumped because this is the first time I get to watch the series as it's happening since I only properly got into Hannibal after the season one finale. So this time I get to experience the pain and horror firsthand, alongside everyone.

*begins stockpiling vodka and whiskey to get through it*

Oh man, I hope it's just as good and doesn't disappoint the new viewers. I mean, I have faith in them, but I still hope.

(Man, the first, I don't know, twenty minutes of us sitting around on Twitter after the finale was just amazing. Just trying to process what we all had just seen. Everything was terrible forever and yet SO SATISFYING. And they made that episode NOT KNOWING THEY WOULD GET RENEWED. I still stop and think about that last scene sometimes and just shake my head at the glorious nerve of it.)


Everyone I know has some low level blarg right now. This winter has been miserable and it's only January! (At least Hannibal will be airing mostly in the spring, premiere aside?)

Yeah, I'm pretty reliably sick around Christmas, but the back injury was just a new low. My energy tends to return in fits and starts--oddly, I get some kind of burst somewhere around January/February, traditionally, so I'm hoping I'll be able to transition from one of those into the new Hannibal season. I mean, not that my biorhythms are interesting to anyone else, but I almost kind of view it like a game. Or maybe like surfing--catching a wave vs. being pounded by one.

I think it's "Dracula", sadly. I am likely one of the biggest Dracula geeks on the planet, having read nearly every book on the subject that's out there (srsly, some several hundred), have all the movies, etc....and as much as I love:

1) The Look
2) The Actors
3) The Whole Idea of Dracula a la "Hannibal"...

...the NBC Series is leaving me really meh, too. My own opinion is that they've garbled the storyline so much (which normally doesn't bother me) and had so many WTF? moments (for me, like the whole He-Was-Created-By-The-Order-That-Wants-Him-Dead-as-a-PUNISHMENT thing...) that I finally had to throw up my hands around the fourth or fifth ep and now I just watch it for all the pretteh and the general 'feel'. But I no longer even ATTEMPT to make sense of the storyline, so that's left me waving around in the wind.

It's become eye-candy, and as such, I'm starting to lose concentration on it.

If I had to try to explain what is going on in "Dracula"...well, I can't. And it's not even easy to parody a la the whole CW's old "The Secret Circle" series (which became The Continuing Adventures of Bad Daddy and His Daughters and gave my circle of friends much mirth, esp. as that one managed to shoot itself in the foot so much by the end of the first/only season that basically the weekly "You have to do this OR SOMEONE WILL DIE!!!!" became "And Now You Must UNDO EVERYTHING YOU DID OR SOMEONE WILL DIE!!!" No surprises it was cancelled!)

I love all your M15M stuff and Hannibal recaps...but I find I even gloss over your "Dracula" recaps.

My suggestion: Give yourself a present, stop recapping "Dracula" and focus all your joy/love on "Hannibal"!

Grey :)

See... yeah. I am also a huge Dracula geek (as demonstrated, so this is restating the obvious), and it just... isn't what I want out of a Dracula adaptation. I think I need more Gothic romanticism, maybe? Or more psychological horror? And less Order of the Dragon machinations? Seriously, I do not give shit #1 about the Order, and I have tried to, so many, many times. It seems like a show that's a bit eat up with its own love of the new characters they came up with, so it keeps spending way too much time on them.

The Wound Man poster finally arrived! I'm glad it got there before your bday! I had to do some cousin wrangling in order to get two instead of just one (because I wanted one, too. They're gorgeous.) I am relieved it got to you safely.

Happy belated birthday! I hope you're doing well and wish you luck on your writing endeavors. I'm not watching Dracula, because it just didn't seem like something I could get into and I hate destined OTP with a passion of a thousand burning suns... I did enjoy your recaps of it though, they were both informative and amusing. I can't wait for S2 of Hannibal and having Will fight back and give as good as he gets. Plus I'm looking forward to your recaps, which I only discovered late in S1 and RL permitting, I can't wait to read more of them.

Happy birthday! And happy upcoming Hannibal. I don't actually watch it (I have enough conniptions watching Walking Dead with my brother as a ~bonding~ thing) but I adore your recaps. And oddly enough, they helped me small-talk a fellow bridesmaid at my sister's wedding last summer, so... thanks!

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