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Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Checkin' checkin' in
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Okay, things are about to get hellaciously (hella?) busy the next couple of weeks, sooooo let me lay it all out:

Yesterday was the #13HourDevour Hannibal marathon--I broke down and got the Amazon Prime free trial for other reasons, and it turned out to be a pretty good way to stream the show and watch along, although a lot of folks were using their DVDs as well. I kept meaning to walk away at some point and do non-computer stuff, but... I ended up sitting there through the whole thing. The whole thirteen hours. I mean, I was multi-tasking, but... thirteen hours. I am no longer afraid of the Oscars next Sunday. My fingers are ready.

The way I did it, though, didn't so much involve finging as a lot of gathering and organizing--I didn't necessarily livetweet that much myself, except towards the end. But I really wanted to put a Storify post pulling a lot of different things together, and I wanted it done before I called it a night, rather than let it take over today as well. So we ended up with three posts total (with single-page versions as well). A sample:

As far as I can tell, it was wildly successful--various hashtags trended all day long, sometimes things that the producers didn't even come up with. Like, within minutes. The Hugh Dancy Q&A was in the second hour (see first post); various cast and crew wandered in throughout the whole day, with @NBCHannibal doing giveaways on the hour and at least one producer holding down the fort at any given time. I was just super interested in the whole process from a social-media perspective, because I don't think anyone's ever tried anything like this before, and it was fascinating to see it actually work. I'm sure it looks super obsessive on my part, but I just really enjoy experimenting with what you can do with this kind of thing.

I did set up a second Twitter account, though--@cleolindajones--to spare casual followers from massive livetweetage. So I'll probably be on that second account for the Oscars, Hannibal on Fridays, whenever I get to livetweet the second Game of Thrones book, Sleepy Hollow next year, and so on. Feel free to follow or unfollow that as necessary; I try to be vague anyway, but hopefully putting livetweets on a separate account will help people in different time zones and/or countries avoid spoilers until they want to see them.

So! I'm recording with the Matter of Taste guys again tomorrow night; we have the season 2 premiere on Friday (DOUBT NOT), the Oscars on Sunday night, and God knows when I'll have the first episode recap up considering all that plus the fact that the show's moved back a day and I don't have a "long weekend" time frame anymore. (Links to the season one recaps are worked into the marathon posts, but they're also listed here, if you want to revisit them fist.) Also I have another couple of writing deadlines, which is exciting, but clearly I'm going to have to bring my time-management A game to all this. Fortunately, spring is coming, which will help a lot.

ALSO I have started watching True Detective, which surprised me with the King in Yellow thing that none of y'all told me about, if you would like to discuss that here. I'm catching up on the latest episode sometime today, if/after I have been productive.


ETA: http://cleolinda.tumblr.com/post/77736157319/hannibal-watch-season-2s-brutal-opening-fight-scene


Damn. So culturally unhip. Wish I'd known about this marathon although twitter is a Mystery to me. We've been re-watching on my flist. In Preparation. Looking forward to perusing what you've posted. Thanks for sharing!

Honestly, they really did not give us very much notice. A few days, maybe--a ton of people I know were like "Uh, I already have plans" or "Uh, I have to work" or "Uh, I kind of live in a completely different country six time zones ahead of you." Which is one of the reasons I wanted to put that whole thing together.

I was following stuff on Twitter though wasn't able to participate in the marathon (I've actually been intending to do one before the S2 premiere, but yesterday simply wasn't a good day). And yeah, it's remarkable. It's a pretty amazing example of how a show has identified its core fandom and figured out ways to interact, and still get the interest up for people who might be on the outside of it. Maybe this is something that is very specific to how fandom works on Twitter and Tumblr, I don't know. But it was definitely interesting to watch it from a media-sociology perspective.

What interests me is waiting to see how other shows try to copy this, and what success they will or won't have with it. Because I don't think this would suit every show out there. It would totally suit something like Sleepy Hollow (and they're also doing some awesome social media stuff, particularly Orlando Jones, obviously. They have totally turned Sleepy Hollow nights into big Twitter parties). I think there may be an essential silliness involved--a willingness to get fun and loose and joke around, which both those shows' crews and fandoms have. (The interesting thing is that I think the Dracula people had that sense, but... no one really came to the party?)

But yeah, it requires an understanding of the general Twitter/Tumblr tone, and the Hannibal social media team has just nailed that from day one. And they were willing to do the tags, make Hannigram jokes, post gifs, develop running fandom jokes of their own--I just don't know how many teams will have a feel for that.

I don't know precisely who figured it out first, but it's also incredibly smart, what Bryan Fuller said about realizing that a huge subset of their viewers is "well-read young women." Particularly given how relentlessly most networks pursue that 18-34 male demographic that supposedly makes the world go round.

I really, really hope HBO puts out a soundtrack for True Detective. I am about 500% too lazy to track everything down on my own. The music direction on the show is A+.

I don't think the show is quite as innovative as some seem to think, but I am a-okay with something fairly traditional but really, really well-made.

[Spoilers for episode 6]I am going to be kind of disappointed if this all ends up being a big conspiracy plot at the end.

I still haven't decided if I'm going to watch Hannibal when it first airs yet. I really love season one and my anxiety over season 2 is starting to get the better of me.

eta: to clarify the last bit, it's because of my own brain raccoons, not anything on the show end. Really liking things causes me a lot of stress.

Edited at 2014-02-24 08:18 pm (UTC)

I haven't watched episode 6 yet, but yeah, I was already getting that feeling from episode 5. Sigh.

I totally understand, though--I'm looking at more promo/slightly-spoilery material than I did the first time around, because I want there to still be surprises, but the suspense might kill me if I go in totally cold. Like, the first big teaser where they told us, "That scene is a flash-forward to the last episode," I was like, "Well, clearly that means that kind of thing isn't going to happen UNTIL then, and nothing's going to happen to [characters] UNTIL that point." I was also really anxious that the show would somehow just not live up to season one, but every single critic review I'm seeing is to the tune of "Holy shit, it got better."

Oh! Btw, when I did my five-episode catch-up marathon, I had the Shazam app open on my phone the whole time. It's not a curated soundtrack, but it'll recognize recorded music and give you the iTunes link to buy it if you want.

Edited at 2014-02-24 09:38 pm (UTC)

I've been utterly obsessed with Olympic skating over the past few weeks (I'm generally obsessed with skating anyway, but all the more so during the Olympics), to the point where I thought, "Everything will feel so boring and empty when this is over. What am I going to do?"

And then I thought, "But Cleo will be recapping Hannibal again!" and cheered right up.

True story.

I'll be honest, I spent much of the fall/winter fighting off back pain, various illnesses, holiday doldrums, SAD--and the show coming back is helping. This show in particular is a very social experience, you know? We all get together and talk about it and flail together. I remember last year, being wary of the idea of this show existing at all, but thinking, "I've just had horrible health problems and a death in the family. Maybe recapping this and hanging out with everyone will make me feel better." And it did.

You are why I'm gonna be watching Hannibal starting with the S2 premiere. I loved all the recaps through S1, but didn't want to add another TV show to my plate. Then a couple weeks ago, Psych announced that it's in its last episodes, and I was like, "Well, I kind of thought so. Guess I can watch Hannibal now!" So thank you!

Yay! Honestly, I had (shamefully) wandered away from TV after Lost ended, and watching this has actually helped me want to get into other shows (particularly ones just starting). So... I'm getting people into Hannibal, but Hannibal's getting me into other shows? It's weird.

The livetweeting can get a little overwhelming on my feed, so I appreciate the second Twitter account, but would it be possible for you to still link to your storifys (storifies?) from the main one? I watch Sleepy Hollow on Hulu the day after, and I really love looking through your storify after I've seen the episode.

Oh, absolutely! I'm more concerned about people getting sick of all the cross-posting. But my stuff is getting more and more decentralized as I figure out what you can do with different platforms, so I try to give everyone a heads up all around. I figure that the second account won't really have a stable following--I'm outright encouraging people, you know, mute it or unfollow it as you need to so that we can have the excessive or spoilery stuff over here. So I definitely want to give people following the main account the heads up that we're going over to the other one for the evening. And then afterwards, here's the big picture version over on Storify if you missed it.

The thing about Storify that always gets me? When you get to the bottom of the page and it asks, "Did you find this story interesting?" Responding with "I don't find you that interesting" is practically Pavlovian.

Just so you know, your excitement and recaps (and all the commenters and their excitement) have worn down my resistance and I have started watching Hannibal. I'm using your recaps as a gore warning because that was the main thing that put me off the show.

Alas, I was not able to keep up with the 13 Hour Devour, largely because Pink Eye is not kind to a lot of anything requiring eyes. :P

[Totally using the cooking icon because this show makes me hungry, WTF.]

yaaaay! See, this is how I'd rather fans "promote" the show--just have fun with it on our own, and if other people are like, "whoa, what the hell is going on over there?" and decide to try it, that's great. Rather than the really overbearing "recruitment" approach, which has always turned me off with other shows. It always warms my heart to check my Tumblr dashboard and see people saying, "I don't even watch this show but the fans are hilarious, I had to reblog this." Like, I've seen "I'm a fan of the fandom" and it always makes my heart grow three sizes.

And yeah, sometimes I feel kind of silly for having recapped at such length/detail, but then I go, "Well, they're kind of like transcripts that people can ctrl+F later if they need to" (I have actually needed to do this) "and it helps people watch the show who probably wouldn't otherwise."

So I only caught the last bit of the Hannibal Twitter marathon (but it was so much fun to follow what I could), however:



Clearly NBC is invested in everyone actually fighting.

Hannibal: Hunger Games for the Serial Killer in All of Us.

Seriously. I sat there for about a minute afterwards going "WHAT?" and "HOLY JUPITER SHIT".

No one pretends in Hannibal; it's all real, all the time.

I just cursed in delight through the whole thing. I can't. I just can't. Oh my God what did I just watch. And the choreography was totally off the rails, but what made it so OMG WHAT was how the actors sold it. omg. WHAT.

I did set up a second Twitter account, though--@cleolindajones--to spare casual followers from massive livetweetage.

Thank you for that. I don't actually follow you, but in general, I can get irked when people livetweet things for long periods of time. It's not so bad if they use a tag that can be blocked, I guess, but I think having a separate/fandom account would make things a lot easier for everyone involved. Yeah, we're all in charge of our own little spaces online, but that doesn't mean we can't be considerate about how our output affects others.

Yeah--it was getting to a point where I was trying to rein myself in a lot during various TV/movie retweets so as not to bother people too much, but it was still probably annoying on some level, so none of us were happy. Why not just get a separate account people can check in on depending on the subject, I figured? So now I can spam it up if I want (although I still don't want to be too explicit with spoilers), and it'll be easier for uninterested folks to peace out for the evening.

I don't watch Hannibal, but I follow your recaps. I just watched the fight scene and damn, you were not kidding about how inhuman Madds makes Hannibal seem. The way he goes from "furious intense fighting!" to "calmly walking across my kitchen" (to pick up a knife!) is unreal. Super creepy.

Oh, man, I don't know how these guys have the presence of mind/intestinal fortitude to keep acting while they're also beating the shit out of each other, but if you watch him closely, you can actually SEE that he's playing possum, because he keeps smiling to himself. You almost can't even see it. He did something a little similar with the episode 8 fight, where it was all "omg getting my ass kicked!" and then, once Hannibal had taken enough damage to make it look like he was just an innocent victim, he just totally dropped all pretense, punched the guy in the throat, and strolled over to pick up a murder weapon.

Ahhh the 13 Hour Devour was so much FUN! Even though it started at 3:30am my time, somehow I managed to stay for the duration. I really liked how there was a buffer between episodes so people could have a break, go get something to eat, or finish watching the episode if we started late/had to pause partway through. (I know I had to go take a walk during 1x05 because that episode hits so very close to home). And it meant other people coming late to the party could find out when the next episode started and hit the ground running.

I hope we get to do this again next year.

Commercials making a show's running time shorter: finally, a use for it.

God! I don't know how you did it, it started 11 am my time and I was struggling around 1x09. And I was racing back and forth doing the Storify post the whole time, so it's not like my attention was wandering or something. But yeah, it was great because I could be like, "I'm just going to leave and get something to eat now, I can just roll back in around five till New Episode and jump back in."

I joined the fans-organised livestream and stayed up till 4am, but then there were technical difficulties in the middle of Fromage, so I dragged myself away to sleep. Then woke myself up in time for Savoureux.

I mostly watched the show and didn't pay a lot of attention to the chat window, but, apparently, Fuller himself appeared in the chat several times. Then gave all involved a shout-out on Twitter.

Oh! Is that what he was talking about! He did mention a chat, yeah:


OH MY GOD TRUE DETECTIVE. I live right where the show takes place (although I think it was actually filmed more in the Shreveport and River Road areas)--they've mentioned my hometown of Abbeville twice and Erath, where they find the victim in the pilot, is literally down the road from me--and visually they totally, totally nailed it. The empty buildings and old foundations, the cane fields with a single towering oak, the tiny little churches and the labrynthine refineries. It's surreal to see the landscape that's all around me on TV.

I don't know the area, but you can really tell when someone knows what an area of the South looks like vs. "this is just our idea of what it might look like" or "we just threw some shrubs onto Vancouver."

Hi Cleolinda,

I just wanted to finally say that I really love what your Hannibal recaps, tumblr and twitter! Fandom is a pretty new world for me and I kind of fell into it because of your recaps and following links. I watch the show in Ireland so I have to wait (WAIT) for HS2 and last year, your recaps kept me sane!

I think Hannibal is a wonderful programme and it has grabbed me in a way no other series has--including ones I loved like The West Wing (I'm amazed by how much that's dated, especially with regard to the way it treats/uses women). It's so literary, so full of beauty (including terrible beauty) and sure enough of its self to face the world on its own terms.

Looking forward to your HS2 recaps.

Aw, thank you! I'm really excited about getting back to recapping. :)